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Alex H

“Alex has been tutoring my daughter, after she decided to take advance Maths at the end of her first term of A-Level subjects. I have found that his help had a very positive impact on her, and I rate him highly for her progress in Maths, Economics and TSA that got her accepted ultimately in Oxford in Economics & Management."

Parent of A Level Maths and Oxbridge student

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Academic History

2010-2011: University of Oxford: MSc Maths (1st Class)

2007-2010, University of Oxford: BA (Hons) in Maths (1st Class)

2002-2007: Dean Close Senior School, Cheltenham

A-Levels: Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Physics and Economics (A)

GCSEs: 9 A*s (including Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and 2 As

About Me

I have been working as a tutor since 2014, and my main subject specialisms include Mathematics (all ages, abilities and exam boards) and entry tests (from 11+ to Oxbridge level). I also teach Economics and Physics. Furthermore, I have extensive experience in mentoring students for their university applications, covering personal statement writing and interview preparation and have taught revision classes at schools in London.

I am a patient and enthusiastic tutor, with an approach that focuses on developing areas of weakness, reinforcing knowledge and practising example questions, while building confidence in the student to make sure that they achieve the best results possible. I always provide parents with feedback to let them know how much progress is being made and aim to conveniently fit my sessions into my clients’ busy schedules.

Recent Tuition

Please find a snapshot of my recent tuition experience below.

Entrance Exams:

Several years ago I spent a month teaching maths and English in China to a class of year 5-6 students, to increase their chances when applying to Western secondary schools. I am also currently writing a book of tips and tricks for the maths component of 11+ entry tests to top UK secondary schools.

In 2022, I was invited to India for a two week residential for in-person sessions with a pair of twins I had been preparing remotely for the 11+ ISEB tests. Both achieved entry into their target schools (Downe House and Summer Fields).

11+ / Pre ISEB tuition in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning

Ongoing tuition with a very bright student, in preparation for exams that will take place towards the end of the year. The aim of these in-person sessions is to make sure the student achieves the top marks he is capable of, in particular for Verbal Reasoning, while also helping him to focus under exam conditions (an area that he has struggled with in the past).

11+ English, Verbal Reasoning & Maths (Harrow entry test)

I worked collaboratively with the student, going through past papers, with a focus on comprehension questions to improve his confidence in this area of weakness. The entry test was passed and the student was accepted by the school.

13+ Verbal Reasoning (school to be decided)

With a foreign student, who struggled interpreting exam questions in English, I spent ten hours teaching the methods and tricks to performing well on a range of verbal reasoning 13+ questions. This greatly approved his ability to understand and correctly answer a large number of questions that he initially had been unable to attempt.

16+ Entry (Rugby & Shrewsbury)

For six months I had online weekly maths and physics sessions with an international student, preparing him for his iGCSE exams as well as 16+ entrance to UK boarding schools (including the interviews). The student successfully moved up several IGCSE grade levels (from the range of 4-5 to 7-8) in school tests, and gained admission to both schools he applied to.

16+ Entry (King’s College & Westminster School)

In October-November, I had several tutorials with a year 10 girl (who I had previously been tutoring in maths) in her 16+ applications to King’s College and Westminster School. We went through a collection of relevant past questions on areas where she was less confident (maths, economics and also “thinking skills assessment” type questions) to prepare her for the entry tests.

GCSE // AS Level // A-Level 

GCSE, Mathematics (Edexcel)

In the run up to his Higher Tier maths GCSE exams, I helped this student to build his confidence in several areas (graph drawing, statistics, factorisation) and ensure that he was fully prepared. His approach to answering questions, speed of solution, and enjoyment of the subject all improved significantly over the three weeks that I spent tutoring him.

GCSE, Mathematics and Physics

With only a few months to prepare for exams, I worked with this student multiple times each week. During our sessions, we reviewed the key content, identified knowledge gaps, and provided strategic exam advice. Ultimately the student managed to get a 9 in Maths and a 9 in Physics (Edexcel exam board) which he was extremely pleased with.

GCSE, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics

For three months I had weekly sessions with a year 9 student in maths and the three sciences in preparation for GCSEs. This student was very low in confidence in science subjects, so I used video footage of things we see in daily life to explain very dry concepts to boost his knowledge in a way he easily understood.

A-Level, Mathematics, C1-C4, S1, M1 (Edexcel)

Amelie was a good student, aiming to secure top marks in her A level exams. Therefore we focused on the hardest types of questions that can be seen in these units. I also pushed her further with occasional questions slightly beyond these units.

A-level, Economics, Papers 1-3 (AQA)

I have so far had more than a dozen two hour revision sessions with this student, focusing on the areas where he was weakest: essay writing and the analytical/graphical questions. He has made strong progress over this time, and is more confident that he will perform well in his upcoming exams.

Oxbridge Preparation

Over May/June I provided 13 hours of tutoring for a student’s internal school exams. Both her and her parents were very happy with my progress so I was invited back to prepare her for her University of Oxford application, from refining her personal statement, to intensive preparation for the TSA entry tests and finally for interview. She successfully received an offer from Oxford to study Economics and Management.

Hobbies and Interests

My main hobbies include travel, writing and films. Outside of teaching I am also a freelance writer and editor.

Client Testimonials

“Alex prepared our son for an 11+ entry interview at Winchester and accompanying maths test. Being from a country where few people go to UK boarding schools, the process was entirely new to us and Alex was instrumental in helping our son understand what would be required. Alex taught him via Zoom lessons in a very systematic manner over several weeks, with great patience and effect. We were delighted when he gained an offer. I would highly recommend Alex as a tutor.”

Parent of 10 year old international student

“Alex has exceeded our expectations in his tutorial sessions. Over the past year, he has given our son the confidence and tricks to tackle all areas of the ISEB examination. Alex’s approach is to provide the right amount of encouragement to enable our son to find the answers on his own. His guidance in verbal, non-verbal, Maths, English and interview practice has enabled our son to secure strong results in his exams and offers at all the schools we applied for: Eton, Wellington, Radley and Marlborough. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

ISEB pre-test and 11+ preparation – April 2024

“Your tutorials were very helpful as you guided me rather than just told me the right answer which was useful as it meant that I could think about my answers. What was especially useful was going through the sine and cosine curves and figuring out the values of them (?/3 ?/6 etc), as I have found that way of thinking beneficial when doing my non-calculator papers. Overall, I found the lessons extremely helpful as I now have a better understanding of the concepts and how to apply them.”

IB student

“Alex has helped me a lot when it comes to my overall understanding of maths, and with my IB coursework (IA and EE). His familiarity with the topics that I wanted to write about helped make our sessions very productive, and he was very accommodating to last minute schedules. He is able to easily communicate complicated mathematical ideas; I feel as though Alex has genuinely helped me to not only improve my work but to gain a greater understanding of my course. I would highly recommend him as a tutor for any curriculum, including IB maths.”

IB student

“Alex has been tutoring my daughter, after she decided to take advance Maths at the end of her first  term of A-Level subjects. I have found that his help had a very positive impact on her, and I rate him highly for her progress in Maths, Economics and TSA that got her accepted ultimately in Oxford in Economics & Management.”

Parent of A Level and Oxbridge Maths student

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