"Aleisha taught me English, Religious Studies and Biology every week for 18 months and my grades all improved. She also helped me with my UCAS application so I felt really confident and I was over the moon to receive an offer from Cambridge University. I looked forward to our sessions and really enjoyed my time learning new things with her that my teachers didn't spend enough time on in school."

Livia, A Level English, Religious Studies and Biology Tuition

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Academic History

I have recently embarked on a PhD, having studied for my Masters in Law (LLM) at King’s College London and completed the Bar Professional Training Course at BPP in London (2012) with a 75% average (Very Competent). Prior to that I undertook a European Law (LLB) at the University of Leicester and Université Paris Sud XI in France (where I sat all my exams in French).

About Me

I have tutored since 2005 after receiving 96% for my A-Level in English Literature (the highest in the county) and was asked by the Cambridgeshire Council to assist with reading and writing programmes. I thoroughly enjoyed helping students and seeing their progress. Since working on this programme I have continued to tutor, increasing the subjects I teach.

I have taught Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, French and Sociology up to GCSE and A Level and have been very happy to achieve a 100% success rate of As and A*s with my students, with some improving from D grades. I also prepare students for the 7+, 11+, and 13+ Entrance Exams. I particularly enjoy working with younger students and encouraging their confidence within an academic environment. The schools I have helped children gain entry to include City of London, Eton, Francis Holland, Harrow, Highgate, Latymer and UCS.

I tutor Law modules up to post-degree level (GDL or BPTC) and gain a great deal of satisfaction from explaining legal concepts and case impact with older students. I have assisted students with exam technique and how to maximise potential essay marks, receiving consistent feedback for my efforts.

I also have significant editing and drafting experience. I have been able to use my skills and experience to assist students with university applications (personal statements), CV improving and essay editing. My years of exposure to marking boards have allowed me to share knowledge and have helped students turn rough diamonds into polished diamonds. I am also able to assist with interview technique.

Recent Tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

English as a Second Language

G (6) & A (4): French children who were learning English at school. The parents wanted G and A to improve quickly whilst still young and I worked with the siblings twice a week. Both improved hugely over the year I was with them and A soon took on a British accent despite never having travelled to the UK.

I (4): A half-Greek, half-Indian child whose English vocabulary was limited despite attending nursery in London part-time. I worked with I to build up her repertoire of words, confidence and ability to engage with peers of a similar age.

J (5): A tri-lingual child (English being the weakest of his languages). His mother was keen for support as his Russian was excellent and she was concerned he was falling behind with English. J was very receptive to play so we focused on props (including cars, Lego and building toys) to accelerate his language. J’s English improved exceptionally quickly and he jumped several stages at school within six months.


– Amalie – Amalie did well with English but couldn’t approach reasoning questions. We worked together for several months and she successfully sat her 7+ for Highgate.

– Taliyah – Successful 7+ tuition for Highgate – her first choice. Taliyah found writing and maths very difficult – once we conquered these, her overall marks at school leapt up.

– Vaia – Solely responsible for preparing Vaia for entry into a school in Enfield. Vaia’s marks at school have improved through our sessions (some on Skype) and her teachers are confident she will be successful with her 7+ exams given the confidence boost our sessions give her. Via regularly writes short essays for topics I set her and her mother emails them to me for regular feedback. Specific focus on reasoning.


– Edward – Successful 11+ tuition for a number of schools but the family decided to move back to Berlin. This was a success case with Olly’s English as he had previously very much struggled with writing coherently. Olly needed to be taught the UK system and I worked hard with him to put together a holistic schedule with regular homework. We occasionally still have Skype sessions for English.

– Sara Rose – 11+ Francis Holland offer after taking over Sara Rose’s preparation for the exam. Sara Rose’s mother was very ill for the year before her exams and so I was completely responsible for her preparation, homework and progress. Sara Rose did brilliantly and we worked very well (and closely) together to make sure she was ready for the exams.

– Rami – 11+ tuition for a student struggling considerably with spelling, writing by hand under exam conditions and structure of sentences. Intense 3-hour sessions weekly. Rami worked so hard and was thrilled to be offered a place at Latymer School. Some sessions were via Skype.

– Ranya (Rami’s sister) – Ranya was an exceptionally bright student who needed specific help with exam technique. She was able to answer questions but her grammar was quite poor. Her spelling also failed her on several occasions. We worked together each week for an hour and a half and she was offered a place at Highgate.


– Oscar – 13+ Shrewsbury School entrance. I was solely responsible for Oscar’s 13+ entrance exams. Oscar was receiving Bs and Cs predominantly and I was asked to work him with for over a year (predominantly on Skype although we did some week long sessions together which were very helpful). Oscar received straight As for his 13+ plus with over 90% in: English, history and all three sciences. He received +80% (previously his weakest subject) in maths. He received an award for the highest results in his year.

– Klaus – Tuition for all 13+ subjects for a week prior to his exams. Klaus gained entry to Harrow Boys school and obtained As for all his subjects.

– Joshua and Vincent (twins) – Responsible for 11+ tuition for brothers. Both gained entry into Harrow Boys (Vince received a scholarship for an essay).

– Alice – Tutored for all 13+ subjects ahead of her exams. Alice received A’s across the board. Excelling subjects included Maths, English, Science and Geography.

– James – attended a Prep School just outside London we worked together and he managed to achieve A’s in all subjects with the exception of French (B) – in which he lacked confidence. Subjects I taught included Maths, English, Science and Geography.

– Luke – I worked with Luke to secure him a place at Shrewsbury. He achieved all A’S with the exception of two B’s in languages. Subjects I taught included Maths, English, Science and Geography.


I have taught over a dozen English Language/Literature students all achieving A*s/As at GCSE/ IGCSE and A-Level.

– I would say my biggest feat was teaching Luke for IGCSE. Luke felt poetry was for girls and because of his lack of engagement he was doing very poorly on poetry questions. I worked with Luke (who is home educated, so I had full responsibility for his IGCSE) for 6 months and he became increasingly confident with poetry and even bought a poetry book of his own accord. It was brilliant to see him engage and do so well, his A* was the cherry on the cake as his confidence was boosted throughout the process to the extent that he looked forward to the exam!

16+ Preparation – I have supported students with 16+ entry and have assisted in securing places for: Sevenoaks; City of London; Oakham; Forest; Felsted; and Charterhouse. My students accepted places at City of London and Charterhouse.

IB English

I worked with T online to increase his IB English (Language and Literature) scores from a 4 to a 6. We worked together for 3 months and he was able to secure entry to his first choice university.

IB English

E had missed a number of English lessons at school and we worked intensely to raise his grade from a 5 to a 6. We focused on Literature (though he also scored a 6 for Language too).

IB English

EJ had put a huge amount of effort into her work and found the barrier between achieving a 6 and a 7 almost impossible. We worked together to address her writing, comprehension and analysis together. She was delighted to achieve a 7 and her written work went on to be used by her school as an example of best practice. We focused on structure of written work.


– Student S – A-level French at Francis Holland. Achieved an A grade.

– Student K – AS level French at City of London school. Achieved an A grade.

– Student H – A-level French at King’s School. Achieved an A grade.

– Student S – A-level Biology at Francis Holland. Achieved an A grade.

– Student N – AS level Biology at St Paul’s School (lessons via Skype) achieved an A grade.

– Student D – AS level Biology at Corelli Sixth Form College. Achieved an A grade.

– Student Z – AS level Biology at a distance learning college (owing to illness, she studied from home). Achieved an A grade.

– Students A and B (siblings) – A-level and AS level Biology at Wimbledon College. Both achieved As.

– Student T – A-level Biology B grade I assisted him in the very final run up to the exams as a last minute assistance provider. He had been in schedule for a C/D grade.

UCAS Applications and Personal Statement Support

I have assisted students successfully apply to: Oxbridge, UCL, LSE, King’s College, LSE, Durham, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, East Anglia, Warwick, Exeter, Sheffield, York, Queen Mary, Manchester, Newcastle, and Reading, amongst others. Courses which my students have applied for include: Medicine, Law, English, Philosophy, Economics, Journalism, maths, Business, International Relations, Anthropology, Biomedical Sciences, Geography and History amongst others.

– Jack was applying to study Mathematics at Sheffield. We worked on Jack’s statement extensively to ensure his acceptance chances were maximised at a number of universities. Jack secured his first choice.

– I worked with Leyla on her personal statement to apply to study Law at Oxford. With international qualifications, Leyla had to make a persuasive argument as to why she wanted to study the English legal system.

– Clementine was applying to study Law at UCL. Her initial draft of her statement was quite weak, so we worked together intensively to fine tune her statement into something more streamlined and academic.

– Yusuf was applying to study Biomedicine at Imperial. We spent a day together working on Yusuf’s statement to persuasively convey his ambition to study at Imperial without causing offence to other universities he applied to.

– Ally was hoping to study International Relations at Yale, U.S. Following her application she secured entrance on an incredibly competitive programme.

– I worked with Sarah to improve her statement on a very tight time frame to meet the UCAS deadlines. Sarah was applying to study History at Nottingham.


I worked with a young student who suffered from a Sensory Processing Disorder. This student found certain textures difficult. She couldn’t touch anything ‘slimy’ and the sight of anything damp was very distressing for her. She had a weighted blanket for her legs which helped centre her and I was careful to avoid reference to anything which could be a trigger for her (specific foods, sights, concepts etc). She couldn’t be touched without notice and permission (ie. hand on her hand to show her how to write) as the sensation terrified her and we had to avoid excessive sensory input (nothing too noisy or strong in sensation). While she was a challenging student,  I did enjoy my time with her and learnt a lot about accommodating previously unknown issues.

Hobbies and Interests

I adore travelling (and have lived in 3 continents) as I enjoy seeing different cultures.

I am also passionate about human rights and attend conferences where key speakers highlight how the voice for global peace can become louder.

I read a lot and enjoy books I can lose myself in. At the moment I am a big fan of Milan Kundera, Ann Patchett and Khaled Hosseini.

Client Testimonials

“Aleisha taught me English, Religious Studies and Biology every week for 18 months and my grades all improved. She also helped me with my UCAS application so I felt really confident and I was over the moon to receive an offer from Cambridge University. I looked forward to our sessions and really enjoyed my time learning new things with her that my teachers didn’t spend enough time on in school.” Livia

“I was predicted Cs and Bs for 4 of my GCSE subjects so my parents wanted me to get a tutor. Aleisha helped me get all A*s and I really liked how she used everyday examples to explain complicated things to me. I am certain I would not have passed Science without her. After a while Aleisha became like a friend who taught me things.” Sarah

“We really loved Aleisha: she was gentle, lovely and very good with my son, who seemed to learned quite a lot on the subjects that Aleisha focused, which were Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She was very good at training my son (and my daughter) on how to approach exams and pondering the importance of each question (and its value), which for the exams is an invaluable lesson. We would have her again in a heartbeat if she would be available for March.” Mrs K, Ireland.

“I really didn’t think I would get a scholarship but Aleisha showed me what the examiners want. After that, things became a lot easier. She always gave me advice and I hope she will help me with my GCSEs.” Oscar

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