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"Akshay, we thought your lessons were great! Akshay taught my son over the entirety of his Year 13 for Maths, and we definitely saw an improvement in his confidence with Maths and fluency. It will set him up nicely for his transition into university."

Parent of A-Level Maths student

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Academic History

MSc Finance, London School of Economics – enrolled for 2023-2024

BSc Economics, London School of Economics – First Class (1:1) awarded 2023

A-Levels: Maths: A*, Economics: A*, Latin: A, EPQ: A* AS-Level (1): Further Maths: A

GCSEs: Maths: 9, English Literature: 9, English Language: 7, Physics: 9, Chemistry: 9, Biology: 8, History: 9, Geography: 9, Latin: 9, French: 8, Economics: A*, German: A*, Religious Education: A*, Statistics: A

About Me

I aim to make all my lessons very interactive, using a whiteboard system, even in online tutoring environments. I believe the best way to teach my students is a proactive approach, and will help and guide them through discussions, solving problems and theory. This has proven to be an effective teaching method for me, across all my students, as it allows for flexibility according to individual learning styles. I try to tailor my classes to fit the learning needs of my students, whether they are a visual learner or kinaesthetic learner. I adapt my teaching style to match my students.

My lessons follow the structure of the student’s courses, but they are completely flexible depending on if they want to study a particular topic for an upcoming test or if they feel less confident in certain areas. I go over content for the first half of the lesson, then turn to discussing any questions the students may have, then we focus on applying the content in the latter half. This structure makes sure students stay attentive and helps them focus. I help my students to understand the content rather than write down the answer, and guide students so they can arrive at the answers using their own understanding.

Recent tuition

GCSE Economics

I tutored T in GCSE Economics (OCR). This was over a 2-year period, for her year 10 and year 11 studies. T was an excellent essay-writer and so it met all the exam-technique requirements. She wanted to improve her graph understanding. This is where the whiteboard system really helped her, as I was able to draw, label and annotate the graphs with ease, and it allowed T to visualise the theory much better. With her already solid understanding of the subject, she was able to achieve the Grade 9 by improving on the graphical analysis of her work!

GCSE Maths / Further Maths

I tutored B in GCSE Maths and Further Maths (AQA). B was a great student, very proactive and eager to learn more. He wanted some help with his Further Maths course as well, and so we did these two simultaneously. I tailored the lessons to focus on whichever subject he wanted to, he would just let me know the day before! B responded really well to my guided solutions when going through problems, and I found that talking through the answers and doing practice was the best method for him to improve exam technique. He knew the content well, and so my focus was improving his performance in a pressurised environment. I used past papers, and created my own questions to test his knowledge on specific subjects, and his confidence improved, especially as I tried to time his answers. He achieved an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths, testament to his quick improvement over a 4-month period!

A-Level Maths

I tutored S in A-Level Maths (Edexcel). We started lessons at the beginning of his Year 13 for the entire academic year. S struggled mainly with trigonometric theory and so we focused on that, but I made sure to incorporate other subjects into the lessons. I made sure to adopt a visual approach to my teaching, going through graphs and drawing out the problems, which helped him conceptualise the Maths. This really helped him, and he soon became more confident in solving problems with my guidance and then by himself. I taught him the necessary Edexcel exam techniques to help him achieve his A grade he needed.

A-Level Maths

I tutored T in A-Level Maths (Edexcel). We tutored for a 6-month period, in the run-up to her A-Level exams. She had achieved a C in her mocks, and wanted some help to improve. I talked through a plan of what subjects she wanted to focus on in detail, but made sure to discuss how her other topics were going, and provided some resources to help with those in her own time. Given the relatively shorter timeframe, I adapted the lesson style to include more exam practice, given she had covered much of the content in class. Understanding how to answer the questions was the biggest area of growth, and I made sure to guide her through solutions until she was confident to tackle them on her own. I helped her learn content, providing useful mnemonics and anecdotes. T saw a massive improvement. While she knew the content, she would often make silly mistakes, but I helped iron those out by giving her tailor-made problems which we discussed together. By making the questions myself, I am able to tailor it to the students, and help them see where to improve. Overall, T achieved an A in her Maths A-Level and is now studying Medicine at university!

A-Level Economics

I tutored J in A-Level Economics (Edexcel). We had 1 year of lessons together, in year 13, and the main goal was to help with content. I made sure to follow the structure of content that was delivered in school, so that every week, J was confident with the material covered in class. This really helped him see improvement in confidence in answering questions in class! Making sure to interact with Economics is important, and so I would ask J to draw graphs, write down the bullet points for essays and talk through some calculation problems. J maintained excellent focus and was determined to get a high mark. His understanding grew alongside the class teaching, and I was able to guide him to improve his essay marks, through clear logic and structure. J did in the end receive the A* grade he was hoping for!


I am currently studying in the fields of Economics and Finance, hence my passion for tutoring Maths and Economics, all very quantitive disciples. I am always curious about new developments in Economics and how we can apply them to our real world scenarios today. It is the applicability that really draws me in.

Aside from academia, I love playing sports and music. I play a lot of badminton, mainly mixed doubles, and the intensity and coordination required together is a unique trait of the sport, which I really like. I have also been playing the drums and piano for over 11 years now. I regularly play drums as part of a band, and the environment of creating new music and figuring out sounds that work together is a fun and rewarding journey.


“Akshay, we thought your lessons were great! Akshay taught my son over the entirety of his Year 13 for Maths, and we definitely saw an improvement in his confidence with Maths and fluency. It will set him up nicely for his transition into university. Akshay was always prompt and reliable, and his lessons were engaging. We would recommend anyone to tutor with Akshay in the future!”

Parent of A-Level Maths student

“Akshay was a great tutor for me! I needed help with Economics and understanding the graphs was really hard for me. The whiteboard system Akshay used really helped me visualise these graphs and understand the concepts. I had online tutoring with Akshay, but it was great, I was able to draw and write at the same time Akshay did, and he helped go through essays and problems. Would recommend!”

A-Level Economics student

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