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“Before Aisling’s support I didn’t think I was very good at Maths, my confidence was really low. Now I’m doing Maths A Level…something I thought I’d never do.”

Ellie, A Level Maths Tuition

  • 11+

  • 7 +

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2015, Qualified Teacher Status

2012- 2013, Canterbury Christ Church University, PGCE (Teach First)

2008 – 2012, Trinity College Dublin, BA Mathematics (1st)

2005 – 2008, A Level Equivalent, 6 Subjects at Higher Honours including English, Maths, Geography, Art, Accounting and French.

About Me

I have been a qualified teacher for over 3 years, and have been tutoring for over 5 years. I specialise in Maths tuition from 7+ to A Level.

An understanding of maths is a vital tool for your child’s success not just academically but in life. Skills in decoding and problem solving will set your child up for their future jobs that are yet to be created. That said, maths can be, and should be fun!

I always begin my first lesson with a child by discussing their interests and motivation for tuition, ensuring that their expectations are met and often surpassed. This helps to build a positive teaching relationship with the child, which is essential for effective learning to take place.
I use chunking to ensure that activities don’t become a drain on children and their engagement is optimised throughout our lessons. Many of my activities require children to be up out of their seats moving around the room to solve mathematical puzzles while stimulating their brain. With my extensive mathematical knowledge, I thoroughly believe that maths shouldn’t be rote learning, it should be recognising and understanding patterns. The learning of maths is elliptical and so if gaps exist in a child’s learning I ensure that these are filled before moving forward. I engage all learning styles in my lessons including auditory, visual, verbal and kinaesthetic. I am very patient and believe that a lot of progress is made in building children’s confidence when they are given the allowed time in an encouraging safe space to develop and flourish.

When working on exam technique I encourage the students to see exams from the examiner’s point of view, what is the examiner looking for? What would make their job a little easier? How can we make sure they are in a good mood when marking our paper? Can we impress them? As an examiner I know how important this is during the marking process but this also humanises the exam for the child, making it less daunting.

I am a good tutor because I love maths! I have a strong passion for my subject and this is very clear during my sessions. Together with the child I explore new problems and possible solutions and am always looking for new ways to challenge myself. I also think I make a good tutor because I love working with young people, nurturing them and seeing them grow in confidence. I take a lot of time over planning my lessons with each individual child and their needs in mind. I always take the time to check in with each child at the beginning of the lesson, see how they are and ensure that I am catering for their bespoke needs. I have a lot of experience in the classroom as well as with private tuition and this gives me a level of expertise that allows me to plan effectively and alter lessons as needed. I also make my lessons enjoyable and fun! I love my lessons as much as the children do and this makes sure that we both engage fully in the lesson, include a lot of praise and reassurance and leave with a smile on our faces having learned something new and exciting.

Recent Tuition

I have worked with over 60 individual students, please find a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

Year 3 Maths Learning Support (SEN)

Roger has autism and dyslexia and this makes it difficult for him to learn at a fast pace at school. By giving Roger the space he needs to think through his learning at his own pace with short engaging activities he was able to catch up with his peers at school. The safe space he has to learn during our lessons and the work he puts in afterwards with his homework ensures that his learning needs don’t create an obstacle that is too high to climb.

11+ Common Entrance Maths

Ronald is very intelligent and often Maths comes quite naturally to him. After years of being top of his class he was becoming slightly bored and detached from his learning. This saw a dip in his results due to lack of engagement and effort, making silly mistakes and not checking his work. I supported Ronald to reengage him in his maths learning, extending him well past his learning at school but also enriching his learning and digging deeper instead of just accelerating his learning. Ronald won a scholarship to Dulwich College and is doing exceptionally well.

Year 6 Maths Learning Support (SEN)

Liz was let down by the state school education system. She is an extremely vulnerable child with several special educational needs including autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. By year 4 she was working one-on-one full-time in mainstream school with a teaching assistant, with not interaction with other students her age. Her parents moved her to a school specialising in supporting her needs but the gaps in her knowledge were severe, being able to only complete year 1 work. I began working with Liz on her maths skills to support her to narrow the gap in her learning. We worked on her school homework together as well as reinforcing her learning through more dynamic activities. Liz has now stared secondary school and is thriving. She is a very hard-working girl and through building her confidence and repetition she was able to close the gap in her learning in just over a year.

Year 9 Maths

Our sessions focused on building engagement and confidence. Sam really disliked Maths when we started, he was not very happy to be doing even more maths outside of the school day. When I explained to Sam that we would be doing a maths treasure hunt his eyes lit up! Through interactive maths games Sam began to enjoy our lessons and even started engaging more in school as his level improved. Now Sam always comments on how quick our sessions go and how he can’t wait until our next lesson.

GCSE Maths

When I met Lan she was very anxious about her exams, in particular her Maths GSCE. She explained that maths wasn’t her strong point and she found her other subject subjects easier. We worked on building Lan’s confidence through building exam technique and Lan’s independent work, as well as keeping her engaged with interesting new problems to solve. Lan is now taking A Level Maths and is doing extremely well.

Hobbies and Interests

When I’m not playing Sudoku or number puzzles I’m cooking in the kitchen. I love food and run a food education charity working with families to nourish their potential through their tummies. I also love to exercise and keep fit, including yoga and weight training. I love to travel and I can’t wait to go to Sardinia for the first time next year…mainly for the food!

Client Testimonials

“Aisling is the best teacher ever. I really look forward to our sessions every week” – Evie, Age 10.

“Starting at a new school was very scary and I found Maths really tricky. Aisling really helped me to build my confidence in maths and now I’m in top set.” – Susan, Age 13.

“Lessons with Aisling always go so quick!” – Samantha, Age 14.

“Aisling makes Maths really fun, I can’t wait for our next session.” – Rory, Age 7.

“Before Aisling’s support I didn’t think I was very good at Maths, my confidence was really low. Now I’m doing Maths A Level…something I thought I’d never do.” – Ellie, Age 17.

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