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“I always felt that Ahmad did genuinely care about how well I did. He always went out of his way to answer all questions I had about a topic, even outside of sessions. He also gave me a lot of confidence in believing that I could tackle any problems that at first glance seem very difficult.”


  • A Level

  • Biochemistry

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • GCSE

  • Maths

  • Physics

Academic History

2017-Present. Imperial College London: Graduate Entry Medicine.

2013-2017. University of Oxford: Master of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (1st).

2011-2013. St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College: A-Levels: Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Mathematics (A*), History (A*), Extended Project Qualification (A*).

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2014. I provide tuition in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and University applications (including BMAT preparation, interviews, personal statements and specific Oxbridge preparation).

My education has provided me with so much beyond qualifications; it has given me an attitude towards life of solving problems with rationale and pragmatism, as well as genuine passion and love for the sciences. One of the things that provides the biggest impetus to tutoring is the desire to share that enthusiasm with others. I think it is so rewarding to be able to help a student discover a love for understanding nature. Moreover, I am a tutor who is always willing to answer questions and adjust my style to ensuring the student can maximise their potential. I have been a tutor for quite some time now and with all my students I have seen clear progress. This approach I think is something that sets me apart as a tutor.

The students I tutor have differing requirements, some struggle with English and need extra support outside of the classroom. Others have a lack of confidence and need help reconnecting with their work.  I do believe my open and empathetic approach assists their progression and helps provide additional support on the road to success. I find my role as a tutor presents a unique opportunity to provide one-to-one support to students, distinct from the school experience. I use flexibility in my approach, however underlying all my tutorials is an aim to challenge the student, making them think and ensure they fully understand key concepts.

Recent tuition

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience, working with students from GCSE through to A-Level. Additionally, I provide support for students with their University applications, including BMAT preparation, interviews, personal statements and specific Oxbridge preparation. I also have some experience of tutoring at Undergraduate level.

GCSE Science

Artem was a student whose first language was not English and for a subject filled with technical terminology, Science seemed daunting. In our sessions, in which I constantly strived to give analogies that might make the subject easier to think about, his confidence slowly built up. Whilst he felt that at school he was unable to keep up at first, by the end of the year we had not only kept up with their progress but had actually started revising for his end of year exams early, by doing a few extra sessions to cover material not yet covered in school. We did this so that Artem could more easily follow the lessons in school, and also so that he could feel confident when it came to exam time.

A-Level Chemistry & Biology

Joshua was a student who needed to be stretched and challenged beyond the A-Level syllabus. Our sessions were conducted in an Oxford-tutorial like fashion to facilitate thinking beyond the specification and also fill in any gaps in specification knowledge. We also did practice interviews designed to replicate the University of Oxford’s rigorous interview process. Joshua went on to complete the Chemistry Olympiad and Biology Olympiad, in which he achieved Gold awards and was successful in being offered a place at the University of Oxford. Having achieved this, we turned our focus to the end of year exams, at this point I began tutoring him both Biology and Chemistry. He achieved an A* in both subjects on his first attempt.

A-Level Chemistry

Deena was a student who was struggling to get her head around the fundamentals of Chemistry, and so was not enjoying the subject at all. I found that whilst Deena worked very hard, she had not yet grasped some fundamentals principles in Chemistry, which meant she was not achieving the grades she was in other subjects. This led to her feeling quite despondent and low in confidence. In our sessions we quickly addressed this and began to work towards an improved understanding of concepts like molecular stereochemistry. This culminated in her achieving an A in her final Chemistry exams, despite a prediction of a C.

A-Level Biology

Lakshman was a student who found he was simply memorising lots of facts and was struggling in A2 to piece the different pieces together into an overarching framework. Our sessions continued throughout the year. Lakshman was aiming for a B grade. In our sessions I worked on one topic at a time teaching it in a way that made sure that he understood all the concepts. Lakshman achieved an A grade in his final exams.

A-Level Biology

Sasha was a student who wanted to continue on to study medicine at University. She wanted someone who would aid her revision and help her enjoy it, by making it more interactive – Sasha did not enjoy revising from her textbook. Our sessions involved a lot of interactive discussions. A major effort for me with Sasha was that I wanted her to be able to see the bigger picture of what she was studying, I felt that was particularly important in applying for Medicine. I did this by constantly linking the various topics we had studied about. Sasha was offered a place to study medicine and achieved an A* in Biology.

A-Level Maths

I began working with Misha in December of Year 13, just six months before his A-Levels. He had been really struggling with his Maths, getting Ds in his mock exams and homework, and the aim was simply to pass at the end of the year. However, by going slowly through each difficulty he encountered and explaining why we were taking each step in solving a problem, I was able to improve his confidence and ability beyond his expectations. He ended up getting a B in his final exams.

A-Level Maths

I started to work with Lily halfway through her final year before A-Levels. We focused on Core Maths, C3 and C4 papers. I took a targeted approach with her, going through her schoolwork to see where she was struggling and explaining each topic to build up her confidence and understanding. We then started to work on practice exam questions to improve her ability and exam technique before her A-Levels. It was great to see the strides she was able to make in such a short space of time.

BMAT Preparation

BMAT is a source of great anxiety for students applying for Medical School. Having supported multiple students in their BMAT studies I find that each student struggles with something different, and at first feel very apprehensive about their potential performance. With Edward we made a timetable of revision in our first session where we discussed a schedule for revising BMAT and practicing papers so that we could maximise our time together and to help give him direction when studying independently. Edward certainly became more confident over the 3 months of BMAT revision.

Medical School Interviews

Medical school interview styles are numerous and with a plethora of advice online some students struggle to know how to prepare. With a group of fellow medical students, I set up a programme in which we visited schools that had a low progression to University. We worked with students interested in applying for Medicine/Dentistry at University. We conducted a range of sessions, including personal statement support and mock interviews in a variety of formats.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of tutoring I love to read, particularly learning more about science. I also enjoy sports, I play a lot of football and run a lot.

Client Testimonials

“Ahmad is an excellent tutor. My son enjoyed his tutorials. Ahmad developed an easy rapport with my son and they calmly achieved a lot in the time that they worked together. Consequently, I recommend Ahmad as a tutor for anyone studying A-level Chemistry or Biology.”


Artem struggled because English was not first language. Ahmad was helpful for confidence and pushed him to apply himself more to his studies.


I always felt that Ahmad did genuinely care about how well I did. He always went out of his way to answer all questions I had about a topic, even outside of sessions. He also gave me a lot of confidence in believing that I could tackle any problems that at first glance seem very difficult.


  • Oxbridge Specialist