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Abigail K

"I am very grateful to Abigail for all her help in my final year. She helped me to achieve a high 2:1 in both modules. I always felt so much more confident in my ability after going through a topic with her. "

Emma, Undergraduate Law Tuition.

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Academic History

University of Southampton: LLB International Legal Studies (English law and Singaporean law), 1st Class.

Christ The King Sixth Form College, A*/A.

La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ Secondary School, A*/A

About Me

I have worked as a private tutor since 2014. My subject specialisms include Law, English and History. In addition, I can provide support for French and Art

My personal style of tutoring ensures that I make learning fun for the particular tutee. My strong organisational skills ensure that I am well equipped for each session. I am extremely emphatic and always looking to encourage students who are shy. I like to provide constructive feedback, and praise students for their accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem in their eyes. My students make progress and are successful through their own merit, I aid them by gaining their trust and leading to them enjoying sessions with me. Furthermore, I teach my students to enjoy the subject for itself, not for a test, which enables my students to develop a broad in depth flexible understanding which can be fluidly applied in assessments.

My style of tutoring is extremely personal. I start off by finding out what areas of the subject the student likes and dislikes, the areas they are most confident in and the areas where they struggle. Then I look at the reasons why, to understand the student’s approach to studying. Next, I discover how the student learns best. For example, are they a visual, kinaesthetic or verbal learner. Following this, I apply knowledge to help the student better understand and apply the content of the subject. I like to briefly start study sessions with areas the student enjoys, to give them a confidence boost and help them ease into the session. Finally, I conclude the session on a positive note with an area the student enjoys.

My main focus is on encouraging the student to understand the subject, and its application in everyday life, so that they are actually learning rather than memorising facts for an exam. At the end and beginning of each session, I have the student teach me what they have learned so far, through a conversation rather than prescribed questions, to assess their understanding of the subject. This allows me to identify the areas where we need to deepen that understanding and praise them on their acquired knowledge and articulation.

Recent Tuition

I hold 150 hours tutoring experience, I provide support to students across a range of academic levels from Key Stage 2 to GCSE. This is a sample of my most recent tutoring experience.

Year 5 English and 11+ Exam Preparation

I originally started teaching Izzy to support her English as she moved into Year 5, as she found it boring and didn’t like to sit and work on it by herself. I soon realised she found it difficult to structure her creative writing, often beginning with big ideas that were too difficult to develop within the space of a few pages and getting lost in them. She also found it difficult to draw inferences from a text. We worked together on keeping her writing simple. Izzy particularly loves reading fantasy, so we had a guide of one fantastical element, which is based in the real world, as she didn’t have time to set up a world with a new set of rules. We worked on planning and structuring her writing. We looked at examples from different pieces of fiction she enjoyed and explored why they worked well, then explored how Izzy might use them. I taught Izzy for 1-2 hours each week, for 2 years. Her concentration span was a challenge, so we worked on short exercises with breaks. Izzy was successful in gaining a place at Wycombe Abbey in her 11+ exams.

Year 5 English & 11+ Exam Preparation

I originally started teaching Honor when she was going into Year 5 because she was struggling with English. Her parents had established that she was extremely long-sighted in one eye a few weeks before our lessons and they believed it was having an effect on her English ability. I noted that Honor was not confident with punctuation or vocabulary, even though she had read a lot. When she read aloud, the sentences were not separated, and she explained that she didn’t pay much attention to punctuation. Frankly, I think it is because it was so blurry before! We worked on basic grammar skills and punctuation skills, as well as word puzzles for synonyms to expand her vocabulary. We also looked into comprehension skills, as she was happy to read but did not like to offer an opinion or explanation about what was going on. Honor’s parents decided to prepare her for the 11+, to move her from the state sector to the independent sector. Her school did not prepare their students for the 11+ and Honor did not have some of the relevant skills or knowledge. We covered the maths syllabus, as well as english skills. We also covered verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions together. In the lead-up to the exams, Honor would do a maths paper and an english paper each week. We would mark them together in our lessons and work on tricky areas. We also worked through practice papers together, as Honor had a tendency to panic and drop any technique we had developed. We worked for 2 hours each week, which moved to 4 hours in the run-up to the exams. Energy and positivity were crucial elements to these lessons, to keep Honor feeling motivated and fulfilled by the work, rather than resenting it. She was always happily to go into our lessons together, which was a lovely feeling. Honor worked very hard and secured a place at Kew House following the 11+ exams.

Year 6 English & 11+ Entrance Exam

I started teaching Siena in the summer before Year 6, after she had missed a lot of school in Year 5 due to illness. She is a very capable student and, while she had missed out on certain skills, she mainly lacked confidence. We worked together for 6 months in the run-up to the 11+ and covered comprehension skills: structuring her answers; including point, evidence and explanation in each answer; time management; drawing inferences and addressing the question with relevant detail. We also covered creative writing skills: writing letters; structuring writing; planning the piece; describing pictures; figurative language and addressing the question. Siena was happy to work away for an hour and was very motivated in our sessions, so we worked together through the techniques and then, in the approach to the exams, she would cover a paper each week in her own time, which we would go through together. Eventually, I had Siena mark her own papers (because she got to use my coloured pens) and identifying where she thought she could have picked up more marks. We would then investigate that together. Siena gained places at Putney High and Kew House through her 11+ exams.

11+ Entrance Exam

I worked with Hector as he approached the 10+ exams. We studied Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. His focus could be distracted, so we did little bits of each subject over a one-hour lesson each time. The variety helped keep him engaged. We also did lots of creative writing around Vikings, which he was always keen to write about. We went through the syllabus together and when Hector didn’t know what something was or wasn’t sure how he would answer a question on it, we would stop and work on it together. We also worked on his proof-reading and formed a checklist, so that he was using the correct punctuation, phrasing and tense. Hector’s parents went to visit the school before he took the exams and decided they did not want him to take the 10+. Hector and I are now working on his Maths and English skills for the 11+ next year. We are working through by topic for both subjects and are aiming to develop better understanding of creative writing most intensely at the moment. He understands narrative shape but can be reluctant to include description very much (unless he is describing a dragon), so we are trying to go through the writing together and add the description once he has the structure. For some reason, this lands better with him than stopping midway through a sentence or paragraph to add it. The next step will be fusing the two elements together.

English GCSE

Georgia was in her first year of approaching her GCSE exams at Francis Holland and felt “stupid” in English lessons. We worked together for a term, developing her understanding of poetry analysis, while she studied The World’s Wife. We looked at the context of the poems, how their structure influenced their meaning and figurative language. We broke each poem down line by line, so Georgia really had the time to understand them and form opinions on them. After our lessons, Georgia said she felt more confident in her lessons and felt prepared to write an essay on the poems.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy designing, making and styling clothes. I enjoy expressing my creativity through mixing different fabrics, and being inspired by different eras, to create and wear outfits which represent various moods and occasions. I am also an avid acrylic painter in the style of Lucian Freud. I enjoy painting because it allows me to focus in detail on a subject, to appreciate its beauty and create a visual representation of that beauty through my own eyes. I enjoy reading fiction novels to immerse myself in a fantasy world. I also enjoy reading self-help books to learn lessons and tips and tricks which can be applied to improve my daily lifestyle. I enjoy exercising through running, skipping, weight training and boxing because health is wealth. Exercising always makes me feel happy and provides me with energy for the day. I also like boxing with friends as a social way to stay fit.

Client Testimonials

“Abigail is kind hearted, diligent and always willing to help you succeed.

In our final year at university, we studied two mutual modules, namely Family law and Conflicts of Law. During the run up to exam season, despite being inundated with revision herself, Abigail spent time helping me to understand certain topics, within these two areas, which I was struggling to get to grips with. Her visual learning technique simplified complex areas of the law which enabled me to easily understand and retain the information. Abigail also provided me with logical steps to follow in answering problem questions on individual topics. This method streamlined an abundance of information and assisted me in answering the problem question accurately and efficiently.

Abigail was always very committed to ensuring that I understood the topic after she had gone through it. Not only would she ask me to relay the information I had learned back to her but she would also ask me to answer a past exam question on the topic. This perseverance ironed out any remaining confusion or uncertainty I may have had.

I am very grateful to Abigail for all her help in my final year. She helped me to achieve a high 2:1 in both modules. I always felt so much more confident in my ability after going through a topic with her. ”

Emma (University of Southampton LLB International Legal Studies Graduate 2:1)

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