Why do Tutors love Working with Us?

We offer a personal service; naturally we treat tutors, parents and students with the same level of professionalism and respect
a fair and transparent fee structure
We introduce lovely clients and students
The majority of our senior team have also been successful tutors
We host regular tutor drinks and networking events
Working as a private tutor can be incredibly rewarding. You inspire young minds, build confidence and reassure parents that they are doing all they can to support their children’s education

What type of work do we introduce tutors for?

Hourly London tuition (up to a few hours in each session)
Full time home schooling
Short and long-term UK and international placements
Online tuition for our global client base
Academic Assessments

How high are our standards?

Our Managing Director, Nathaniel McCullagh, was a tutor for 15 years. He sits on The Tutors Association panel for professional standards, along with several other passionate thinkers in supplementary education. Together, this group of agency directors and tutors has developed a series of standards that we think all tutors should adhere to. This is what we believe in. Have a look – do they empower and inspire you? Do they sound like you? If they do, we’d love to hear from you!

A job as a private tutor requires commitment

We introduce you to clients who are looking for a range of help; from weekly sessions over many years, to homeschooling (typically a few hours every day) and online or residential tuition for children who live overseas. Many tutors pack their day with a mixture of each. Some tutors work with us for a year or two and then take a break, coming back when they see a job they particularly want, or when their circumstances change.

It is important to remember that when you accept a job from a parent, you are making a commitment to them and to their child. This is a moral bond. If you are continually late, flaky, or if you decide to give up part-way through a course of tuition because something else comes along, you will let down a young child who has come to rely on you.

What is special about the students and parents we work with?

We work with some of the most academically demanding families in London and around the world. We work very hard for them and so will you. As a self-employed tutor you can work full-time, or just a few hours a week. It’s up to you. The work is fun, challenging and totally inspiring. You set your pay rates, you decide with whom and when you want to work. You are a free agent but you have our support: a team of education specialists, many of whom have been tutors and know exactly what you are going through.

Why choose us?

We work hard and care about the success of the tutors we work with and the families who instruct us. We know there are other excellent tutor recruitment agencies in London. We suggest that you apply to several to see which you prefer to work with. Many tutors work with multiple agencies.

We are looking for tutors with an abundance of three key skills:

1. Empathy and Proactive Approach

Parents expect you to change your teaching style to work with their child. Can you gain the trust of a child who is having difficulties? Can you understand how they feel? Can you demonstrate this to us?

2. Passion and Enthusiasm

Do you have what it takes to get the kind of testimonials parents send to us? Do you care? What would the last parents you worked for tell us about your tutoring style and ability?

3. No Limitations

We work with private tutors who are high fliers. We love confidence and creative, imaginative thinking.

We hope you’ll feel inspired to join us. If you would like to, then please follow the link below to send your CV. Please use the subject heading, Private Tutor Jobs London.

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