• Macsen has immediately clicked with Russell and they are off to a great start which is so encouraging.

    Mrs. P, home schooling for a year 5 boy with ADHD

  • Russell is an intelligent, thoughtful and impressive young man. He has encountered some resistance from our son but is working through ways to deal with him and get to know him. We are impressed with his kind and gentle approach, through which he is starting to make some early progress.

    Mrs. C, SEN mentoring

  • Laura was lovely and clearly holds the interests of SEN pupils to heart. She showed great fortitude getting here on public transport after being misdirected and she did not let this inconvenience impact upon her availability and input to the lesson. I think my daughter and Laura will get along well once they become more familiar with one another.

    Mrs. K, Year 7 SEN

  • Thank you for such a positive report. It is good to know that Hassan can be supported back into an academic education and learn at what stage he should begin the process.

    Mrs. W, Academic SEN Assessment

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