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Melanie Tham

Melanie Tham is the Founder and Practice Manager at Educational Potential, an Educational Psychology practice in central London. Educational Potential administer assessments to identify a child’s strengths and gaps in learning, and then provide a comprehensive report with bespoke targeted interventions for schools, ensuring that the child is understood and able to achieve their full potential.

Melanie has worked in the SEN sector for over 10 years, and is well versed in the practises and professional aspects of Special Educational Needs. Before establishing Educational Potential with an Educational Psychologist, Melanie worked for over 9 years at Fairley House School, a specialist school for children with specific learning difficulties. There, she established and ran a multi-disciplinary assessment clinic. Additionally, Melanie holds a Person-Centred Counselling (BA Hons) qualification, specialising in work as an adult and child counsellor, from the Metanoia Institute. She has significant experience and insight into the benefits of specialist provision for those children who need more in-depth educational support.

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