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  • Answers to the Most Common Parenting Questions

    Child and adolescent counsellors Child in Time offer their advice on how to address some of the most common parenting questions - from managing screentime to supporting a child who has low self-esteem.

  • EdTech and AI – Good or Bad?

    In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping our world, how should our educational system use AI to evolve? And what do we want this evolution to look like?

  • Harrow School
    The Harrow Test

    Harrow School, long revered as one of the UK's leading boy's Boarding School's has a highly competitive entrance process. In this SLT Advice for Parents article, we provide guidance on when and how to prepare for the Harrow Test.

  • IB vs A level
    Supporting Anxious Learners

    Meredith Husen, a guest writer with a background in psychology, teaching and counselling, explores the ways we can support students who are feeling anxious, no matter the cause.