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Exam Preparation

  • SAT Tests
    SATs in the UK

    What are SATs in the UK? Everything you need to know about Standardised Assessment Tests.

  • Westminster School
    The Westminster Challenge

    The Westminster Challenge is the traditional name given to the Westminster School 13+ scholarship admissions assessment.

  • Harrow School
    The Harrow Test

    Harrow School, long revered as one of the UK's leading boy's Boarding School's has a highly competitive entrance process. In this SLT Advice for Parents article, we provide guidance on when and how to prepare for the Harrow Test.

  • IB vs A level
    Supporting Anxious Learners

    Meredith Husen, a guest writer with a background in psychology, teaching and counselling, explores the ways we can support students who are feeling anxious, no matter the cause.

  • Back to School Advice

    With many pupils returning to school after months of closures, we share our expert tips on navigating the return & summer exam grades.

  • singe-or-co-ed-school-thumbnail
    Summer 2021 GCSE and A-Level Assessments

    Following the government’s announcement that GCSE and A-Level examinations have been cancelled again, we outline what we know so far, and why it is important to keep on learning.

  • 5 Tips To Boost GCSE & A-Level Mock Exam Performance

    Mock exams are not only a vital warm-up for your real GCSEs or A Levels, they can also be a key piece of information in producing your all-important predicted grade. In this article we provide 5 tips to boost GCSE and A-Level mock exam performance.

  • Post-Lockdown Education

    After six months of widespread disruption to students’ education, private tutoring is more popular now than ever. We explore the post -lockdown proven benefits of tutoring, as well as how it may be more financially feasible than many people realise.