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“John is brilliant. He is always very polite, conscientious, punctual, very smart, funny, patient.”
Francesca, GCSE Science Tuition




“Before Russell, Doug had 35% in Science…I have just received his results and they were amazing. Science 93%, overall 70%. Thank you!”
Mrs Lipman, Common Entrance Science Tuition
John, one of Simply Learning Tuition's expert private tutors

Science Private Tutors

An expert Science tutor will make even the most difficult scientific concepts and ideas easy for your child to get their head around. From the cell and material classifications beloved by Common Entrance examiners, to the chemical formulae and electromagnetic spectrum that feature prominently in GCSE exams, a Science tutor will bring the subject to life.

All of the private tutors we work with are entirely familiar with the main exam boards. They are able to give guidance on exam technique and revision methods that ensures the best possible performance in these important exams. Alongside this, they try to build confidence in Science to foster a genuine and productive interest in the subject.

Why Slt?

A Typical Expert Science Tutor

John graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences from Durham University, a subject which bridges the constraints of sub disciplines to provide a holistic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Following this, he went on the complete a PGCE with distinction, after which he worked as a secondary school teacher for two years. He specialised in curriculum design, giving him the best possible resources to create a bespoke programme of science tuition.

Alongside his classroom experiences, John has spent over a thousand hours privately tutoring more than 35 different students. Whilst he teaches a range of subjects and levels, John specialises in GCSE and 13+ science exam preparation.

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A Bespoke and Personal Service

It is important that private tutors be exceptionally qualified. For this reason, all of the tutors that we work with have at least an undergraduate degree in their subject. However, this is not the only factor that is important. The personality of the tutor and their teaching methods are important as well.

Every child learns differently, this means that a teaching method that works for one child might not work for another. So, one student might benefit most from a teaching method by which they are being stretched and questioned all the time. Whereas another student might require a gentler, more nurturing approach. It can also be useful to source a private tutor with a similar academic background or similar interests to your child. The tutor can then use these similar interests and perspectives to inform their tuition.

We understand the importance of recommending private tutors whose personalities and methods will fit well with your child. For this reason we have developed our bespoke method of introducing tutors. This method is rooted in the personal relationships that we build with each of the private tutors that we work with. We know exactly how each of them works and this knowledge allows us to recommend only those tutors that we know will work well with your child. This personal approach can be the difference that leads to an exceptional course of tuition.

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  • It is very difficult to express how grateful we are to you for what you've achieved with our son. The challenges he has encountered along the way have been met with patience and respect.

    Mrs Carfax, Holland Park, 13+ prep

  • John is brilliant. He is always very polite, conscientious, punctual, very smart, funny, patient.

    Miss F, GCSE Science

  • Joseph has been accepted to Radley College. He scored all ‘A’s on his exams. Thank you very much for your kind help; you are a very good, organised tutor.

    Ms. Jones, 13+ Radley prep

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