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Expert Maths Private Tuition

Mathematics is a key life skill and a core part of every education syllabus. Simply Learning Tuition strives to find and place tutors make even the most complex formulas and equations crystal clear.

Tutors adapt their style and delivery to match the student’s particular needs, ensuring that younger students retain their love of learning while older students develop a deeper understanding of maths and of exam techniques.

Tuition begins with the creation of an individual learning programme. To begin this process, please contact our London-based team today


“He was really patient and explained things so that I understood them, even when I’d found them impossible before.”
Bethany, GCSE Maths Tuition



“Ellie is an Maths amazing tutor. After a few months input from Ellie, my son moved up 2 sets and from a predicted ‘C’ to a predicated ‘A’ – ‘A*’ grade at GCSE. He now actually enjoys Maths!”
Mrs Keppler, GCSE Maths Tuition

max-maths-tutorMy specialist subjects are maths and physics. Most of my experience has been teaching these subjects to ages 15-20 (GCSE to University) and I have always enjoyed it very much.  I motivate students by using real examples they can relate to when explaining a topic and showing them applications of what they are learning. Once I become familiar with a student’s strengths and the way they learn I can adapt how I teach to take advantage of this. I encourage understanding before memorisation because where memorisation might help for an exam, understanding will help for the exam and their future.

Max specialises in A-Level Maths. You can read his full profile here.

xanthi-maths-tutorI am a creative tutor, keen to see the individual personality of a student and find the most suitable way of getting him or her interested in the subject. I encourage children to see the learning aspects in all their activities and to apply their school-work to daily life situations. I am sole teacher for a Year 11 homeschooled pupil. I have been responsible for drawing up the Scheme or Work and following this, introducing past papers and exam style questions as appropriate. With this student, we are working on confidence boosting in addition to core content. Maddy is a very able student but regularly doubts her own ability and struggles to work independently. She achieved a B grade.

Xanthi is a particularly creative maths tutor who specialises in GCSE Maths. You can read her full profile here.

simon-maths-tutorMy specialist subject is Maths, although I also teach both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. I like to use my student’s strengths to help build on areas they find more challenging and create work which pushes them without damaging their confidence.  I have experience tutoring Maths at 11+, and working with younger students on the 7+ examinations. I’m also confident in my ability to teach Maths for 13+ and even GCSE maths. Having already attained an A at GCSE Maths I have decided to go back and get my A level too, something I am currently studying for. I have a strong grasp of both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. I am committed to being a great teacher and pride myself on my work.

Simon specialises in 11+ Maths tuition. You can read his full profile here. 

rory-maths-tutoI am a graduate of King’s College London with a first class degree in mathematics. I have a wealth of experience tutoring GCSE, 11+, 16+, Pre-U, IB, A-level and AS-level mathematics and further mathematics, working with students of varying abilities both in one-to-one contexts and group sessions. I have experience working both privately and as a specialist maths tutor in schools.

I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher who is passionate about helping students realise their full academic potential. I’ve always found helping students to understand and enjoy maths an extremely rewarding experience, particularly if they have previously struggled with the subject.

Rory has a 1st class Maths degree from Kings University, London. You can read his full profile here.

Greg Maths TutorI am a passionate maths tutor and have been registered with Simply Learning Tuition for several months. I believe that learning maths is a vital life skill that is also deeply rewarding and satisfying. Generating the intellectual curiosity of a student is inspiring, and a positive feedback loop will invoke both satisfaction and enthusiasm. Here is a small selection of my maths tuition:
University Maths – Liza is a first year maths student at a London University. I have spent many hours with her going over a diverse set of subjects, including Analysis, Calculus III, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, and Statistics.
A Level Maths – Weekly Sabin is an A Level student wanting to join the military and he is focussed on improving his facility with differential and integral calculus, especially integration techniques.

Greg is an expert Maths tutor. You can view his full profile here.

joana-maths-tutorI am a maths tutor specialising in home schooling and children with additional educational needs.

Being a mother of three young children (12, 9 and 3) I understand the pressures of wanting to give youngsters the best education, supporting them and helping them succeed. I started tutoring young children when I was doing my GCSEs and A levels, helping my friends and neighbour’s children. I have also worked with adults teaching them Portuguese (my mother tongue) at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Newcastle (where I did my PhD). Recently I have taken a SEN Teaching Course which will support me in working with children that need that extra hand.

Joana is a maths tutor specialising in Home Schooling. You can read her full profile here. 

ellie-maths-tutorMy degree is in Mathematics and Philosophy from Cambridge University. Before university I achieved 4A’s at A-Level in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and History. I have 400+ hours of tutoring experience across more than 20 different students at Primary level.  At Secondary level (up to 16yrs) I have completed over 100 hours of tuition, both through a range of one-off revision sessions as well as ongoing long-term tutoring relationships. I have experience teaching GCSE (AQA and Edexcel) and iGCSE.

Ellie teaches Maths to University level. You can read her full profile here.

john-maths-tutorJohn uses his extensive experience and deep knowledge of Maths to really help students to improve their maths grades as well as building their confidence.  He has delivered over one thousand hours of maths tuition, working with more than 30 clients and 35 students. He teaches a range of subjects at different levels from Key Stage 1/ primary level to degree level. As a former maths teacher and with a PGCE I specialise in curriculum design and home schooling John is well placed to help children of all abilities.


John is a dynamic and inspiring Maths tutor. You can read his detailed profile here.

nils-maths-tutorMy specialist subject is Mathematics and I cover the following curricular: Maths 11+, Maths KS2, KS3, Maths GCSE (Edexcel; OCR); Maths IGCSE (CIE and Edexcel); Maths IB (Higher and Standard Levels); Maths A-Levels (Edexcel; OCR) and Maths Pre U. Mathematics is a maze of many concepts. Too often students try to memorise them which requires intense hours of repetition with little understanding. Instead, I like to bring these concepts into an understandable reality so that the student does not have to memorise.


Nils is an online tutor who specialises in Maths. You can read her full profile here. 

We Put the Relationship Between Student and Teachers First

A strong relationship with your teacher is key to achieving academic success. This holds true for maths tuition, and is the reason that SLT takes the background, personality and teaching methods of every experienced professional teacher and private tutor into account.

Everyone learns differently. Some students will respond to a younger postgraduate with a passion for her field. Some may prefer a seasoned teacher with decades’ of classroom experience. We take pride in matching the correct tutors to students, and it is this approach that has delivered outstanding results for our tutees.

SLT will introduce teachers to help improve mathematical understanding at all ages and key stages all the way up to degree level. No matter you or your child’s level of education or understanding, we’ll be happy to introduce a qualified, expert maths tutor anywhere in London, the UK or beyond.

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  • Ellie is very committed, communicative and an interactive tutor. She detects problems of her students very quickly and helps her students in overcoming them step-by-step.

    Mrs. H, AS Maths

  • Ellie is an amazing tutor. After a few months input from Ellie, my son moved up 2 sets and from a predicted ‘C’ to a predicated ‘A’ – ‘A*’ grade at GCSE. Her now actually enjoys Maths!

    Ms. K, GCSE Maths

  • He was really patient and explained things so that I understood them, even when I'd found them impossible before.

    Miss B, GCSE Maths