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Speech and Language Processing Case Study

Tutors use visual and kinaesthetic learning techniques to overcome processing and auditory difficulties. We work closely with a team of SEN specialists, as well as specialists already working with families.

Aidah, aged 9, has been raised internationally, living in a number of countries across the Middle East and Europe. She has been struggling to get to grips with three languages, among them English. Her family asked us to provide home schooling tuition for a full academic year, with a view to reintegrating her into a British independent school in September 2015. After the first term of home schooling, Aidah was making slower progress than expected. A full academic assessment with a speech and language therapist revealed that her receptive and expressive language skills were delayed by 2 and a half years. With a limited vocabulary and working memory, she was also struggling to make progress in all of her subjects. As well as introducing weekly sessions with the speech and language therapist into Aidah’s home schooling programme, we were also able to incorporate the therapist’s recommendations into the tutor’s curriculum. Her language needs are now being targeted on a daily basis, and she is now making much faster progress towards school reintegration.

If your child has speech and language processing, they may also benefit from a private tutor. We introduce the highest calibre of private tutors who have the experience and expertise to help your child develop their skills and flourish. To discuss your child’s requirements, please contact one of our tuition consultants today.

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