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Gifted and Talented Case Study

Children’s horizons should never be limited. The Gifted and Talented tutors we introduce will challenge your child academically but also develop their life and social skills.

When Charles’ family came to us when he was aged only 14, he had just been named as the Most Multilingual Child in Britain, speaking an impressive six languages. As well as his mother tongue English, Charles was fluent in Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, French, German and Spanish. He was studying the IB Middle Years programme at Le Foley in Switzerland, and needed extra support in his English. We introduced the family to a residential tutor, Valerie, who joined the family on their Scottish estate over the Summer. Alongside academic support, Valerie establish a strong pastoral relationship with Charles, developing his social skills so that he could talk more confidently and articulately about his linguistic talents in university interviews. We also brought in a second tutor, Jeff, who honed Charles’ analytical skills through teaching Economics and Humanities.

If you are searching for a Gifted and Talented tutor for your son or daughter, please call one of our tuition consultants.

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