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Dyscalculia Case Study

Is your child doing brilliantly in most subjects but struggling with numbers? We can test for dyscalculia and other specific learning difficulties.

Georgina is in Year 5 at a leading London prep school, and is working hard towards her 11+ Common Entrance exams. However, her progress in Maths has been held back by her mild dyscalculia. She was struggling to gain an understanding of Mathematical concepts that may come more naturally to other children, such as comparing fractions, percentages and decimals. We introduced Richard, a very experienced tutor. After spending some time going through the concepts she was finding most difficult, it soon became apparent that Georgina’s confidence in Maths had been knocked, as she was doubting her judgment in even the most simple calculations. Richard has incorporated repetition, short activities and rewards that have helped Georgina to regain a sense of achievement. She is now much more comfortable in approaching new Mathematical problems and ideas, managing her dyscalculia well in the run up to her 11 Plus.

If your child has dyscalculia, they may also benefit from a private tutor. We introduce the highest calibre of private tutors who have the experience and expertise to help your child develop their skills and flourish. To discuss your child’s requirements, please contact one of our tuition consultants today.

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