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Aspergers Case Study

Asperger’s and Autism on the spectrum requires a particularly patient tutor. With that tutor you can see you child enjoying learning, feeling they can cope, being creative, expressing themselves and relieving frustration.

Leo’s family asked us to provide home schooling. Leo, 7 years old, was two years behind his peers in terms of literacy. He had suspected mild Asperger’s and needed help with boundary setting and consequence. Leo also had a problem discriminating sound: he could hear normally but found it difficult to discriminate between different sounds, making blending and rhyming and phonological awareness very difficult. The tutor we introduced worked with him each weekday morning to bring him up to the level at which he could rejoin school.

“Leo completed two test days at Fairley House yesterday. He loved the school and fortunately the feeling was mutual. We had a meeting with the headmistress yesterday afternoon and Leo will start there after half-term. It would of course be lovely to stay in touch as Leo may well need more help in the future, but while he is at Fairley House this seems unnecessary as the teaching there is already tailor made and he is lucky enough to be in a class of 5 pupils. Thank you so very much to both of you for all your hard work and expert help! Many, many thanks!” Kind regards, Nina.

We introduce specialist tutors with the qualifications and relevant experience in the area you need. We can also draw from our network of professional educational psychologists and speech and language processing specialists.

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