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ADHD/ADD Case Study

Misdiagnosis and over-prescription are common. In many cases a tutor who provides stability and confidence building will help children develop sustainably.

Fred, 10 years old, had been through a series of schools in the last 12 months. He had problems with the use of language and had weak social skills in general and a high level of anxiety. However, he was very strong at numerical processing and had a photographic memory. He was also extremely good at one to one work. In the past he had been excluded from several schools and had run away from one. Several of his school teachers had overreacted to his ADHD and caused him great distress. As a result he had lost trust in his teachers.

We introduced tutors to provide a two month period of home schooling to settle anxiety, continue academic progress and the time for us to help his parents find a more suitable school. Within a few days, the difference was evident: “Just to say to both of you, thanks for all your help this last week. Fred has had a terrific week of learning, which is amazing really, given that he only left school last Wednesday”. Our education consultants were able to secure Fred a place at Fairley House school, and after several weeks his parents wrote to us: “He feels like he fits in and is no longer the odd one out or the naughty one. They’ve said that by 13 he’ll be able to transfer back into mainstream”.

We introduce specialist tutors with qualifications and relevant experience in the area you need. If you are searching for a private tutor for your child, please call one of our tuition consultants today.

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