Thank you for using SLT’s School Finder – an adaptive search tool to help you find the best school for your child.

How objective is your data?

We have tried to remove any subjectivity from our data. We do not rate schools, and we have tried to use search terms that apply equally to all schools. However, “SLT Recommended” schools have more data available and you will be able to search even more accurately by limiting your search to schools within this group.  Where a school profile contains detailed qualitative information, this will have come directly from the school. We have checked it before adding to the search, but cannot take any responsibility for its accuracy.

Where are your data sources?

In order to create a search that is easy to use, but also as accurate as possible we have, wherever possible, used data that is supplied by the schools themselves. This is either from their website, or the school has completed our detailed questionnaire. We have also made limited use of freely available data from the Department for Education.

What is an SLT Recommended School? 

In the course of our consultancy work, we have visited and worked with many schools. Naturally, we feel more confident recommending these to parents. Other schools who have completed our School Finder Questionnaire have also been included in this category. We do not necessarily believe these schools are better than other schools in our list, but we know more about them.

Have you excluded any schools from School Finder?

We did not feel it was helpful to include schools that had less than 50 students unless they are a nursery, or a school that we feel is so good it needs to be included. In this first iteration of our School Finder, we have predominantly featured independent schools because these are what we know best.

How do Year Groups work in School Finder?

We are aware that UK Year Groups can be confusing. Your child may be in a different year than that determined by their chronological age. To help with this, we have provided two filters ; age and year, you can use the one that is most likely to be helpful.

How does School Type work?

We have used the following age ranges to differentiate the various types of school:

Nursery – Age 3-4 yrs

Pre-Prep – Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Ages 4-8

Prep – Year 4-8, Ages 8-13

Senior – Year 9-13, Ages 13-18

Sixth Form – Year 12 – 13, Ages 16-18

Some schools in the same ‘School Type’ have intakes in different year ranges, for example, although they bill themselves as a Senior School, they have an intake in Year 8, which most schools would list as a Prep School. For this reason, it is best to also filter by the year group you want to enter into and this will bring up a more useful list.

How have you recorded School Fees?

Most of the schools we have included charge a fee and we have represented this as a ‘Fee Range’. We have not listed fees for nursery places because not all schools have a nursery and it would skew the results. Fees for Pre-prep and Prep Schools start with Reception and go up to the final year at that school. However, if the school is an all through school, the fees might have a much wider range. Please only uses fees as a guide when comparing like with like. Sibling discounts or fees for international students have been ignored, as this does not apply to all schools.

How do you treat the different types of Boarding?

Very few schools in the UK offer exclusive full-boarding.  Under “SLT Recommended” schools, we have identified those who offer weekly, flexi and full boarding. For others we have only been able to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and you should look at the school’s website. Confusingly many, ‘Day’ schools also offer flexi-boarding.

How do you establish a school’s SEN provision?

Many schools have some provision for children with Special Educational Needs, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. This is a ‘limited range of SEN support’. Others have a deeper focus on SEN support, with dedicated SENCO’s and support staff within the school. We have classified these as schools with, ‘comprehensive SEN support’. Others cater exclusively for children with acute learning needs. These are generally classified as, ‘Specialist Schools’.

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