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Fulham Senior and Sixth Form

1-3 Chesilton Road, London, SW6 5AA

Fulham School is a warm, kind, co-educational community, with well-established and thriving Pre-Prep and Prep stages, and a rapidly developing new Senior stage, that offers a distinctive and remarkable curriculum developing tenacity, creativity, and life skills. Fulham Sixth Form welcomes...
Fulham Senior and Sixth Form

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Fulham School is a warm, kind, co-educational community, with well-established and thriving Pre-Prep and Prep stages, and a rapidly developing new Senior stage, that offers a distinctive and remarkable curriculum developing tenacity, creativity, and life skills. Fulham Sixth Form welcomes its first cohort in September 2021. Fulham School is independent and co-educational, providing a rich and diverse curriculum to boys and girls from the age of 3 to 18. Above all, at Fulham School we believe in co-education in its broadest sense: not just girls and boys learning together, but learners of all abilities understanding that they have much to offer each other, and teachers as keen to learn and evolve as their students. Good schools achieve consistently strong results. Great schools help each individual achieve his or her best outcomes. Situated in the heart of Fulham, our locations are a wonderful place to work, play and grow.

Notable Academic Facilities

The Senior and Sixth Form School is based within our new site on Chesilton Road (opened 2021). The building is purpose built, with modern glass architecture adding brightness to the urban school environment. Features include a wide range of modern classrooms that have been designed to accommodate age-appropriate teaching for year groups 9-13. The new school also features a bespoke drama studio and art room, two science labs and a spacious dining hall. Senior students will also have access to their own social spaces.

Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Pupils see their tutor every day and the tutor is the first point of call for pastoral issues. Some of the difficulties pupils experience can be addressed via this everyday support. For other issues, tutors involve senior pastoral specialists who work closely with pupils and families to help them deal with the complex challenges young people can face at this stage of study. The wellbeing of all pupils in our care is our first priority, and we all work together as a community to explore issues around health and resilience. Good support is as much about positive mental health and equipping young people to face challenges as about responding effectively when times are tough. The wellbeing of all students is our priority, and we work together as a community to build their confidence, strength and resilience. We are non-selective and celebrate students across a wide range of abilities. No student is ever overlooked or left behind, and we keep a careful and close eye of each individual in our care.

Advice For Parents

Entry to Fulham Senior is automatically available for pupils from the Prep, who reserve places in March of the year they turn 11 (school year 6). External applicants to join from ages 11 and 13 (school years 7 and 9) must register by 31 October in the year prior to September entry. Applicants for the 6th Form (school years 12 and 13) must register by 12 December in the year prior to September entry. All registered candidates complete a process of assessment and interview by the January of the school year before they start. The process is designed to help us maintain a balanced cohort with a diverse mix of abilities. Academic ability is one element and helps to inform the support we offer successful applicants but in line with our inclusive approach children are not selected on purely academic grounds. Non-academic abilities and aptitudes are given significant weight in the process.

Typical Child

We are a School in which each pupil’s personal talents are identified and developed, and where all pupils learn the confidence to embrace what they find hardest and join in with everything. From the most academic to the most creative, the most driven to the most supportive, we want each pupil to take delight in what they do, not where it will get them, and to be driven on by that delight to achieve more than they ever expected.

Highly Regarded For

When asked what they most love about their school, our children are quick to talk about their teachers and for good reason. At Fulham School we are fortunate to have such a professional, committed and caring staff who share their sense of fun and joy with the pupils as they seek to support each child in an individual way. When our pupils come to think of their future, they will face a dizzying array of options. Some will continue on to university, others will seek vocational courses or enter the work place. Wherever they go next, we want them to face their futures full of confidence and good heart, with dozens of adventures under their belts, with great friends, well-informed minds and with the intellectual confidence and resilience not only to take on the challenges ahead of them but to actively seek them out. Fulham School children are ready for anything.

Leavers' Attainment

The Sixth Form opened in Sept 2021. University destinations included Edinburgh University for our first Year 12 cohort. For us a hallmark of a successful school is not that many of its students go to the same destinations, even if they are competitive or sought after; it is that each pupil has the confidence, self-knowledge and sense of purpose to find the course, university or employment opportunity that is right for them.

Type: Senior School, Sixth Form

Day/Boarding: Day Only

Setting: City

Gender (sixth form): Co-ed

Religious Ethos: Inter/Non-denominational

SEN: Limited range of SEN support

Sibling Policy: Yes

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Entry Routes: 11+, 13+, 16+

Selection: Not Academically Selective

Languages: French, Spanish


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