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Wimbledon is a terrific place to live all year round, not just when the tennis championships are in progress.  Wimbledon is also home to a selection of excellent schools, such as Wimbledon High and King’s College Wimbledon. These schools have stringent entry requirements and we introduce tutors who are experienced in helping students secure a place to the school of their choice.

How can Simply Learning Tuition help?

We provide a bespoke tutor introduction service for every stage of a student’s academic life. We provide introductions to tutors to help students with any subject at any level. The tutors we work with all have at least an undergraduate degree in their subject and have extensive experience helping students with Common Entrance exams, GCSEs, A Levels and beyond.

However, our services encompass far more tutor introductions. We also offer educational consultancy. This gives parents invaluable advice on every aspect of their child’s education, from choosing the right school, to academic assessments and school entry advice. We can even introduce mentors who will help your child through the stresses and pressures of school life. Finally, we offer Boarding School Plus and University Fast Track services, which are designed to help students through seminal changes in their academic life.

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King’s College Wimbledon is a school with impressive pedigree, founded in 1829, it has a reputation for excellence. Today, it is a day school for boys aged 7-18 and for girls aged 16-18. It is one of the most academically successful schools in the world. Last year it was in the top five schools in the country for GCSE results, and 48% of IB Diploma exams sat were graded at Level 7, compared to the average of less than 10%. The school also has a strong focus on pastoral care, aiming to develop its students as individuals, as well as excellent students. It is a selective school and requires students to sit a Common Entrance exam prior to entry.

Wimbledon High is another long-lived and successful school, founded in 1880, it has been educating girls ever since. It is a school for girls aged 7-18 and consistently secures exceptional academic results. Last year a quarter of girls secured three A or A* grades in their A Levels. The school is about more than purely academic excellence, it has very good facilities and frequently excels at sport and puts on regular theatrical productions. Wimbledon High is a selective school and students have to sit a Common Entrance exam, usually at 7+, 11+ or 13+ prior to entry.

  • Thank you so much for all your help Jess. I feel like I can go into my exams with confidence and so much more prepared!

    Miss E, GCSE Spanish

  • Sam was very enthusiastic. He clearly enjoys teaching. He was genuinely interested in my ideas and encouraged me to share them. If I did not understand something he was ready to teach it differently without getting irritated. Sam is very patient, kind and also funny. He is...

    Miss K, IB English London

  • Amy is great, well prepared, quick in assessing my son's knowledge and hands on. I was so pleased at the end of the session that I almost gave her a hug.

    Mrs B, 7+ prep South Kensington (Kynan, 7+)

  • I found Erin to be an excellent tutor. She engages with her student and has a clear understanding as to how best to teach the child using methods they will relate to. Within a very short space if time Erin understood how my son approached English and...

    Mrs. G, 11+ prep

  • Natasha was very supportive, solid and thorough in her teaching and really helped our son to get a grasp of the missing parts of the jigsaw. We are very grateful to her.

    Mrs. H, 11+ prep

  • My son Ivan was very glad to meet Max and appreciated the opportunity to study with him. For the short time Max was with him, he gave him some important information for past exams (CE) for Sciences, Religious Studies, Geography and English and could explain the complicated...

    Mrs. M, 13+ Maths and Science Skype tuition Moscow

  • Jack came to tutor our 13 year old son for his Common Entrance exam for Eton College. After a day or so his charisma had attracted all 5 children to request tutoring! He turned Timothy from a predicted/mock Grade C to achieving a grade A and the...

    Mrs. Wilkinson, Eton 13+ Common Entrance Wilts

  • Doing an A-level online as an adult learner was difficult but Femke made the lessons really fun.

    Miss Y, A Level Philosophy

  • Ellie is extremely patient, very helpful and organised and really knows her stuff. She will find a way for you to understand something even if she has to explain it in 100 different ways.

    Mr. Trugo, A Level Further Maths

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