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When students make the change to university, their learning style and structure changes drastically. At university, students are expected to take charge of their own learning, and do almost all work independently. For some, this change can be disorientating. For many, the seemingly endless opportunities for cultural and spiritual development mean that assignments can be neglected. For others, the steep increase in subject complexity and difficulty, combined with a massive increase in the volume of reading required causes anxiety and academic blocks. We introduce specialist university tutors and mentors for students to help smooth the transition, allowing them to develop healthy work habits and fulfil their academic potential.

We introduce university tutors for undergraduate and postgraduate level in all of our main subject areas.

University Academic Support

A university tutor will be chosen because they have a particular academic skill-set. However, it is still vital that they have the empathy required to understand each student’s personalised learning style and teach in a way that can be easily understood. Through careful vetting, we ensure that all the university tutors we introduce have a proven track record of successful teaching – and are not just good at the subject in their own right. Tutors charge between £80 and £105 per hour.

University Mentor Support

As well as providing first class academic support, a university tutor can support a student in other ways. University is a challenging environment and many students benefit from help with time management, dissertation planning and supervision, exam technique and essay writing. University tutors are able to provide this kind of moral and practical support – which several of our clients believe has been transformational.

Many of the university tutors we work with are based in London and work with students who study in London. However, an increasing number are providing their services online, to students around the country and overseas.  This means that teaching and mentoring can continue during term time, when it is most needed.

University Mentoring Programme

Our specialist university preparation programme is delivered by mentors who will help you to settle in quickly, get the most out of your time at university and prepare you for a first job after graduation.

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University is often a young person’s first real experience of independence. Even if you’ve spent years at a British boarding school or have studied overseas, starting at university is always a major change. It is also an increasingly important gateway to the world of work. Simply Learning Tuition’s university mentoring programme matches you with a mentor who knows what you’re going through. Your fast-track mentor will help you to settle in quickly, get the most out of your time at university and prepare you for a first job after graduation. Good advice before you start university makes all the difference to your experience. In fact, you’re over 50% less likely to drop out if well informed about your course beforehand. A mentor’s advice sets expectations, provides reassurance that “you’re not alone” and helps you navigate the challenges of everyday life at university. What might my typical week look like? How easy will it be to make friends? Which halls of residence are right for me? How easy is it to change course? How much money will I need to spend on what? Where are good places to buy the food that I like?

Your mentor will visit you at your family home or UK school before arrival. He/she will talk you through what university life is really like and help you with any questions – no matter how big or small – that you might have.

University Mentoring programme is offered as part of our international tuition service:
o Two day “before you start” programme*: £600**
o Termly mentoring package (2 hours per fortnight): £770 per term o Additional support on hourly basis: on request

* At your family home or school. London study centre available on request ** Any mentor travel or accommodation costs are additional

Advice for Settling In

Once you achieve a place at the university that is right for you, we provide mentors to help you get the most out of your university experience.

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Research shows that most undergraduate students feel A- Levels have not prepared them for their degree. Students used to a highly structured or supported approach to learning at school tend to find this change particularly challenging.  However “learning to learn” – i.e. developing the self- management of learning – is a skill that can be improved to ease this transition. Essay writing and critical analysis skills can also be developed. For students with special educational needs – like dyslexia and attention deficit disorder – we can make sure that the right help is at hand to provide additional support.

Furthermore, it can be tough to know how you’re really doing at university – often the only feedback you get is an occasional essay mark and a grade at the end of each year. It is no wonder that “assessment and feedback” is the lowest scoring area of satisfaction on the UK National Student Survey.  A mentor can help you keep track of the academic progress that you’re making. You will be supported in reflecting on the feedback and grades you receive. He/she is also there to help you get most out of your interactions with the university’s teaching staff.  In addition, your mentor can put you in touch with SLT’s network of subject specialist tutors, if you have detailed questions about your course that need deep subject expertise.

Careers Preparation

Once you have settled into your course, we provide advice on your next steps, from internship applications to making your CV the best it can be.

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There’s no doubt that 100% of university careers services are under-resourced. And yet, as global competition and the multiplicity of jobs increases, so too does the importance of careers advice that’s tailored for you; i.e. advice that starts with your aspirations rather than fits you into a pre-existing box.But what really is the right job for you? And how do you maximise your chances of getting that job? What kind of extra- curricular activities will help you?

How important are internships? Who can tell you what a career in the city is like in reality? What does a great CV and cover letter look like? How should you best prepare yourself for interview? A mentor can act as an independent advisor throughout your university experience. He/she can ensure you have the additional support – providing introductions and developing applications – to help you get the internship and first job that’s right for you. Information about our comprehensive Careers Advice Programme, which includes advice from experts in specific fields (film, banking) and mentoring, can be found here.

Film Career Advice

One of the big questions you might ask yourself when starting out is: do I need to go to film school? What you really need to do is ask yourself: what do I want to do in the business? If you aren’t sure, we provide consulting on every aspect of your journey into a film career, whether it's choosing a school, interview preparation, or script consulting.

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  • Anna's input into my son's university application was absolutely superb. She made him do all the work, but gave him an excellent framework and fantastic feedback. Anna also spent several sessions working on his essay technique prior to taking up his university course. She is passionate about...

    Mrs Paige, University Appliction and Course Preparation

  • Simply Learning have been excellent, they were helpful, interested, efficient and quick to try and find the best tutoring match for my son. Thank you for your help and please give my regards to everyone at the office - they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.

    Mrs Paige, A Level Tuition and University Application Preparation

  • Kit really helped me with my undergraduate dissertation. From feeling totally lost after only five sessions I had a really interesting topic and a plan of how to research and write it.

    Mr. J, Oxford University student

  • Kit’s tutorials not only inspired me to write my undergraduate thesis on Margaret Thatcher, but also prepared me to tackle wider problems in history and contemporary politics.

    Mr. Z, Oxford University student

  • A trustworthy, personal and bespoke service which has suited our ethos and provided helpful support.

    Jacqueline Hampton Principal of Connaught House School London

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