A bespoke education, wherever you go

For families who are constantly on the move we can introduce international private tutors who will travel with you.

  • Allows your children to follow even the most demanding academic curriculums anywhere in the world
  • Provides a continuity of education, delivered by an expert tutor
  • Incorporates the local surroundings to bring learning to life
  • Can be a perfect match for your child’s academic needs as well as their character and your requirements

In addition, we can provide additional support in the form of educational consultancy and ongoing assessments.

We have a wealth of experience introducing Travel Tutors to families. In every case, the children made excellent academic progress in spite of the fact that they were travelling for long periods of time. Here is just one of our case studies:

Students on Steps in Helsinki

Colorado, USA

Brothers, 10 and 12 yrs, traveling the world for 12 months. Parents were concerned about loss of learning. We introduced a tutor to travel with the family. Potential learning loss was turned around and boys scored highly in CE on their return to the UK.

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Our clients had planned the holiday of a lifetime; to travel the world with their children, aged 10 and 12, exploring foreign cultures and exotic landscapes. They called us because both boys had entrance exams coming up when they returned to London and they were concerned about jeopardising their chances. We introduced a tutor who would travel with the family and be tasked with keeping the balance between holiday, adventure and committed learning.

The tutor kept the children motivated by relating the places they visited to the subjects they were learning. By combining accelerated one to one learning with targeted preparation for the Common Entrance exams, the children arrived back in the UK a year ahead of their peers and passed their entrance exams with flying colours.

From Sweden to Sussex

A boy about to sit his 13+ exam for King's Canterbury. He and his parents travelled from Sweden, to Geneva, to Austria, to London, and then to Sussex.

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A young boy and his family were about to take a busy trip around Europe, from Sweden, to Geneva, to Austria, to London, and then finally, to Sussex. He was due to sit the 13+ exam upon his return, and his parents were worried about him falling behind his competitors for places at top schools.

The tutor travelled with the family, and managed to incorporate the cultural experiences and sports they were doing into daily tuition. The boy returned to the UK well-cultured, and secured his place at King's Canterbury.

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