Statistics Private Tutor: Nicolas

This tutor’s profile is reflective of the high standard of subject-specific private tutor we introduce. When you contact us, we will recommend a shortlist of tutors who will be carefully matched to your child’s learning style and academic requirements.

Nicolas is a superb tutor. His deep, specialist knowledge allows him to impart confidence to his students.


About Me

My specialist subject is Statistics, but I also teach Maths. My approach to tutoring is to motivate my students and make the subject exciting and interesting, while at the same time providing lots of examples and exercises for the students to practice and build up their confidence. I am very patient and able to adjust to students’ needs.

I am currently completing a PhD in Statistical Science at University College London. I completed an MSc in Finance in 2009 at Imperial College Business School after completing my BSc in Statistics, Computing, Operational Research and Economics at the University College of London in 2008.

Recent Tuition

I have been a private tutor with Simply Learning Tuition for two years and in that time I have tutored both students and adults alike. This has encompassed teaching Maths, Economics, Statistics and Quantitative Methods at various levels.

I have also taught the IB Higher Level Maths, Statistics Paper and am currently teaching the IB Maths Studies Standard Level.

I am also currently a Teaching Assistant at the University College London London. This encompasses assisting a lecturer with student enquiries during the statistical programme computer workshops.

I previously held the role as Lecturer at the Tudor College London, where I taught the Quantitative Methods for Business and Management module for the ABE Diploma in Business Management.

Hobbies and Interests

I possess a number of IT Skills including; MS Office, Adobe Products, Minitab, SAS, R, PcGive, SQL, Internet, Website building, Databases.

I also am great with languages and speak Greek (Native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate), Polish (Intermediate).

I have completed a 25-month Cyprus military service with discharge rank of second-lieutenant.

I am also a member of the Royal Statistical Society.

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