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Ritu is a remarkable tutor. She uses her academic and artistic skills in tandem to really engage her students in the work that they are doing.

Maths Physics
Chemistry Biology
English Drama

About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths, Physics and English. I also teach Chemistry, Biology and Drama. I have over 2 years of experience teaching these subjects from Primary – Sixth Form and have successfully helped students with their 11+ and 13+ common entrance exams.

Having both an academic and artistic background, I get on well with my students; I think it is important to have a good relationship with your teacher. I’m a well-rounded, hard working and enthusiastic teacher and I do a lot of preparation for my lessons to make sure we get as much out of our time as we can. I also encourage my students to email me any questions that they are having difficulty with in between our lessons so they know I am always here to help.

Postgraduate Diploma in Acting

2:1 BSc (Hons) Physics with Astronomy (First Class Thesis)


A levels
• Physics B
• Maths A
• Theatre Studies A
• Biology (AS) A

Recent Tuition

11+, 13+, 14+:

I am currently tutoring a very bright student in Maths in preparation for her 11+. In the first lesson I could see that she could do the work very easily. I decided to put away the questions that I had prepared and I made up much more difficult questions to really challenge her. She works at an alarming rate and at a much higher level than her age. I therefore prepare twice as much work for her and bring topics and questions at a higher level than her school requires.

I helped a young girl with her 11+. She was applying to Henrietta Barnett, Latymer, South Hampstead, North London Collegiat and St. Pauls. Her mother asked me to help with all subjects but I could see her English was weak so we worked closely on that. We would begin by doing a practise question and if she found it difficult we would visit that topic. She had slight memory issues so we had to work hard with revising the same thing over and over until it stuck. Her mother could not do lessons twice a week so I asked her mother to give her a spelling test mid-week. She was already doing 10 minute multiplication exercises / bond papers every morning, which showed why her mental maths was so quick. She received a place at several of the schools listed.

I helped a student from October- January with his 13+ common entrance exam. He was below average in his class due to lack of confidence and discipline. I saw his potential in our first lesson and made a strict lesson plan for the following weeks to make sure we got him back up to speed with the class. As he saw his own improvement, he became enthusiastic about our lessons and his subjects. I set him homework and told his mother to make sure he did it before the next lesson. I would see him twice a week and do different activities to keep up his excitement. Towards the exam we worked on past papers, which he, quite quickly, started finding easy. He received a place at one of his desired schools and was over the moon. I am still tutoring him now but only once a week.

I helped a student recently with his 14+ Entrance Exams with 10 hours of extensive revision and exam practice. Few schools do this exam so I called the school and, following their advice, used 13+ past papers and developed the questions further as practice for the student. His mother informed me that he received a place at the school.


I am currently helping a student with GCSE Physics (AQA) who is currently in year 11. His mock exams are in 11 weeks and he has had a difficult time at school with his Physics lessons due to a change in teachers. He wants to do Physics at A Level so needs at least a B at GCSE. We are working on Physics topics in an engaging, fun and memorable way.

I have been helping a boy with his GCSE English. As English is his second language he, naturally, fell behind in class and lost his motivation to do his homework. His mother was trying to help him by making him do past papers which was making him more reluctant. The first few lessons we had I found ways of exciting him about the subject by firstly putting the book away and describing things around us in detail. Then things he liked doing. Then ways to persuade me to like those things too. Very quickly he gained his confidence and enthusiasm back so we were able to move on to some more challenging exercises to help with his school work. Every week I bring something separate to the school’s syllabus such as a poem, song lyrics, comic or funny story. He looks forward to our lessons and his work is dramatically improving, not just in vocabulary and accurate grammar but detail and creativity. As it gets closer to his exam we will start looking at past papers.

I taught GCSE English to a student who, at first, said that he had no interest in the subject. After a few lessons, his mother told me that he really looked forward to our lessons and after a few weeks he told me that he found enjoyment in reading and creative writing. He now stays focused for much longer and reads by himself. Previously, he had been predicted a D. In his last ‘Of Mice and Men’ mock paper he received a high B.

I am teaching all 3 sciences to a GCSE student. He found it difficult to concentrate after one hour so we do 45 minutes on each subject and take a 5 minute break in between each one. Every session we cover a new topic, revise an old topic (by asking him to teach it back to me) and work through a few questions. At the end of the lesson I leave 5 minutes where he can ask me questions about anything in Science that he is curious about. When I do not know, we look it up together. This has increased his interest in the subject and also helped him get into that habit of researching answers he does not know.


I tutored a student for 4 months studying A level Physics and his mark was raised from a C to an A. We went through the syllabus thoroughly, and always returned to the fundamentals. After explaining certain topics I would ask him to explain it back to me simply and in his own words. We looked at practice questions and found quick, easy methods of strategy for each type of question.

Hobbies and Interests

In my free time I play the drums and guitar. I like painting, reading, going to the cinema and love seeing live music.

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