Science Private Tutor: Aly

This tutor’s profile is reflective of the high standard of subject-specific private tutor we introduce. When you contact us, we will recommend a shortlist of tutors who will be carefully matched to your child’s learning style and academic requirements.

Aly is a fantastic tutor. He has great scientific knowledge as well as impressive linguistic proficiency. He utilises all these skills to the fullest when he’s teaching.

Engineering Physics
Chemistry German
Maths Arabic

About Me

The skill of teaching is a quality which I hold in high esteem. It is an activity which I have always regarded as noble, fascinating, and fulfilling.

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in chemical engineering at Imperial College. Throughout my education, I have continuously been ranked among the best students. I was ranked 3rd of my class in my A-level examinations as well as among the top 9% of my master’s degree programme. I passed both degrees with distinction.

Throughout the years I have developed essential skills in teaching difficult principles and subjects to a variety of students. What is equally important is motivating students and strengthening their confidence, which I also try to focus on. Quite often, intelligent students struggle due to a lack of motivation or confidence.

My specialist subjects are mathematics and physics. I also teach German, Arabic and undergraduate level fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

Currently – PhD student in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, Topic: Clean Energy Technologies, Waste Heat Recovery

June 2011 – Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Technical University Munich, Germany.

Emphasis: Sustainable Energy Systems, Flight Propulsion and Turbo

Machinery, Grade 1.5 (Top 9% of class)

2001 – 2005 “Abitur” (German equivalent to A-levels) Gymnasium München/Moosach, Munich, Germany.

Grade 1.4 (Ranked 3rd of Class)

Recent Tuition

I have been active as a tutor since 2004, when I began giving lessons to pupils having difficulties in mathematics and physics. In 2007, I co-founded a registered non-profit organization in Munich,Germany where highly-qualified tutors and I gave lessons to pupils in a variety of subjects. The goal of our organization was (and still is) to provide excellent tutoring to adolescents from difficult backgrounds whose parents cannot afford cutting-edge tuition. All tutors, including myself, were volunteers working for free.

Hobbies and Interests

I like to continually work on my knowledge of French, a language which I truly enjoy. I am still dreaming of spending some years in a French speaking country. Additionally, I enjoy mechanical design and am currently working on a designing and building a simple device.

Jogging, cycling and basketball balance out my intellectual activities.

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