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About Me

I work with a wide range of ages and abilities, ranging from prep school students to graduates. I specialise in Biology and Psychology at A Level and IB and Neuroscience up to postgraduate level. I can also teach IB HL English, SL Environmental Science and SL Biology. I attained 6’s or 7’s in every IB class and full marks on my Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. The optional courses I took included Business & Economics and History, in which I also received grade A’s.

I’m a good tutor because having grown up travelling I have experienced a vast number of schools and teaching styles and I am quick to adjust a strategy to suit the learning style of a student. Having also grown up with learning disabilities myself I am able to find the right methods to help every student achieve their very best.

I am also an artist and I often encourage students to draw out a complex idea, and the combination of physical movement and verbal explanation set an idea much more firmly in someones memory than sound or writing alone. I am a very determined woman, and have prevented a variety of setbacks from interfering with my academic career.

I truly believe that with the correct support, guidance, and just a bit of stubbornness, everyone can succeed no matter what they feel may be holding them back. In terms of learning disabilities or personal struggles, I also think it’s a big help for young students to work with a tutor who not only knows their subject but has overcome difficulties themselves as opposed to someone who has always managed effortlessly. I believe it helps students see that there is no reason they cannot also achieve.

I am currently a medical student at the University of Edinburgh.

I completed my MSc Neuroscience at Kings College London (Merit)

Dissertation Title: Role of tripeptidyl peptidase 1 in neural crest development in LINCL.

Specialisation: Addiction Biology (Distinction)

Before my MSc, I attained a BA in Psychology and Neuroscience in 2012 from a prestigious liberal arts university in America, Smith College. Before that, I lived in Windsor and attended ACS Hillingdon International school in Middlesex. I completed the full IB (40 points) in 2008.

IB Subjects: HL English (6), HL Psychology (6), HL Art (6), Maths (6), Environmental Systems (7), SL Spanish (6), TOK (A), Extended Essay (A)

I tutored neuroscience at university level for two years, and I tutor now because I really love to teach. I think science is awesome, I love literature, and I’m convinced that with the right help everyone can succeed. I am dyslexic and when I was a small child I received lots of help, and I love to work with people (with or without special needs) and figure out what learning styles suit them best.

Recent Tuition


IGCSE English: Worked with student with Aspergers, worked on exam technique and improving confidence.

Year 1 English: Worked with 6 year old girl for several months, focusing on creative writing and composition skills. We also covered general reading and comprehension skills.

Year 1,2 English & Maths- Worked with 5 and 7 year old girls with dyslexia on reading, writing, and maths including confidence building and homework help.


Foundation Level Psychology- Intensive daily tuition over Easter to prepare student to return to foundation course on a strong note.

AS & A Level Psychology: Worked with 17 year old revising to re-sit her AS and revising for her A level. Her worst subject was biological psychology and at the end of our revision period she scored 15/16 on a mock exam in this area and greatly improved in other areas as well. She earned an A on her Psychology A level exam.

A Level Psychology: Worked with 18 year old regularly for a month prior to his exams, focusing on content and exam skills for dyspraxia, and he achieved a place at his first choice university.

A Level Psychology: Worked with a 19 year old woman sitting her A Level to fulfil a conditional offer from UCL. She achieved her A and will be reading Psychology at UCL this fall.


Neuroscience: I tutored undergraduate Neuroscience at my university for two years, and was able to improve the grades of all of my students by very wide margins. One student was almost failing, and ended up achieving an A in the introductory Neuroscience course after working with me.

Introduction to Neuroscience student: I tutored Sylvia (19) 2-3 hours a week for a few weeks in a subject entirely out of her experience (she was an English student) and her marks improved dramatically.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a medical student and tutor part time. I have just moved to Edinburgh but still spend weekends in London. I have taken up horse riding again. I enjoy forensic dramas and travel, especially visiting my family in Sweden and Lebanon, and diving — I am a PADI Advanced Scuba Diver. I speak Spanish, and a bit of Swedish – and hope to eventually be fluent in both! I’d also love to learn BSL and am hoping to start a BSL course soon. In the long run I’d love to become a plastic surgeon and work with reconstructive surgery after accidents/ congenital malformations, specialising in paediatric surgery.

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