Physics Private Tutor: Christopher

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Christopher is a terrific tutor. He draws on his extensive experience as well as his personable character to bring Maths and Physics to life.

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About Me

I specialise in IB/A-level subjects with a focus on Mathematics, Sciences and especially Physics.

A good tutor must both improve the students exam results and help develop a well-rounded understanding for the student to put into a wider context. Instilling confidence in a student is also crucial whilst making a subject enjoyable. Any progress in a subject needs to be maintained.

I’m currently a PhD student in Particle Physics at Oxford University (Balliol College). I completed my Masters in Physics at Imperial College London and spent an Erasmus exchange year in Paris.

For the past three years, I have been spending school holidays with the same family. They live up in Doncaster where I stay with them for a couple of weeks (or sometimes even just a few days) to work on whatever exams they are preparing for. Sometimes, we just focus on general school work, which I think we all find to be more rewarding – there is less pressure and it feels as though we are able to go into more depth. It helps that I really like the family and that they have become more like friends than clients. I think part of the success of the residential experience is that we do things together outside of the ‘classroom’ (or kitchen!), like going for walks, hitting the gym, and more.

Recent Tuition

Having studied as a full scholarship student at Cheltenham College not only do I know the pitfalls for Common Entrance but also techniques to shine in scholarship exams. My tutoring experience ranges from 11+ to A Level/IB predominately in Maths and Science.

Hobbies and Interests

My interests include travelling, languages and culture. I enjoy socialising, debating and all kinds of sport from football to dodgeball. Last year, I was the President of the Imperial College Dodgeball club. I strongly believe a work/fun balance is key to maximising potential.

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