Private Tutors for Philosophy

We introduce Philosophy tutors for GCSE, A Level and University.

We introduce Philosophy tutors for all the key academic levels, including undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Every tutor we introduce has an infectious passion for Philosophy and thorough knowledge of the main exam boards. These qualities enable them to make even the most complex philosophical ideas clear and easy to understand – from reason and experience to theories of knowledge and morality.

The tutors we recommend will create a programme of tuition to ensure your child has the best possible preparation for exams, including guidance on exam techniques, thesis work and effective studying habits. Our bespoke service will also ensure that your child is introduced to a tutor that is suited to their learning style and personality.

To find the right Philosophy tutor for your child, please contact one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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Philosophy Tutors

  • Antonio


    Antonio is a Classics specialist, teaching Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Archaeology. He also teaches English, History and Philosophy.

  • Dario


    Dario specialises in Maths, Physics, Italian and Philosophy tuition. He is an IB specialist and teaches both Standard and Higher level courses, along with Theory of Knowledge.

  • Emma P

    Emma P

    Emma has a DPhil in Classics from Oxford University and specialises in Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation and Philosophy.

  • Isaac


    Isaac specialises in English, Philosophy and Maths tuition, while also supporting with History, Drama and Science.

  • Jeremy


    Jeremy is a Classics graduate from Oxford and specialises in Latin, Greek and English Tuition. He also tutors Maths, Science, French, History and Philosophy.

  • John N

    John N

    John is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises particularly in Biology and History tuition. He also teaches Psychology, Chemistry, Physics Philosophy, UCAS, Geography, Maths and English.

  • Leon


    Leon specialises in English tuition, and is an Entrance Exam specialist, supporting from 7+ through to 13+. Leon also supports with Maths and Essay based subjects such as History, Geography and the Social Sciences.

  • Madeleine


    Madeleine is a qualified teacher and a French specialist. she also supports Religious Studies and Philosophy up to degree level.

  • Mark


    Mark specialises in Philosophy, English, History and IB Extended Essay Tuition, having taken the IB Diploma himself.

  • Natasha S

    Natasha S

    Natasha specialises in English, Philosophy and Theology up to A level, and also guides students through the UCAS and Oxbridge process.

  • Robert


    Robert is a multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises in English, History, Philosophy and Geography. He also specialises in Exam preparation for the 7+, 11+ and 13+, teaching Maths and Science at these levels.

  • Sarah B

    Sarah B

    Sarah specialises in English and Philosophy tuition, and is one of our specialist Home schooling tutors.

  • Sebastian


    Sebastian specialises in Philosophy and English LIterature, and also supports with 13+ Entrance Exams. He is also a trained Career Mentor.

  • Xanthi


    Xanthi teaches Maths, English and Science, specialising in GCSE Maths and English. As a writer, she is well-equipped to teach essay writing and has proven success in this area at a wide range of levels. She also specialises in Philosophy at A Level and above.

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