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I am an accredited maths teacher with extensive experience.


About Me

I was awarded a teaching prize by the Mathematical Institute in 2015 and was voted the most outstanding overall tutor in Mathematical, Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences throughout Oxford University in 2016 (out of several thousand tutors and over 650 nominees). I am the only mathematician and youngest ever recipient of the award.

It has been a real pleasure for me to teach some of the best undergraduates in the world. In addition to those studying at Oxford, I have tutored students from other universities including Harvard, Cornell, Michigan, Chicago and New York. I am also a trained interviewer for Oxford undergraduate applicants, and have been invited to give career advice to PhD and postdoc students in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Education is a passion of mine, and a subject about which I have written several articles. I have an active role in mentoring and supervising third and fourth year university students, and oversee matters concerning welfare and well-being for all undergraduate years. I have also established a series of student-run workshops to teach others mathematics and computer programming, and am currently promoting an initiative within Oxford to improve teaching standards.

I’m regularly invited to schools as part of outreach projects to inspire school students in areas of mathematics and science. I’ve helped primary school pupils get into their secondary schools of choice, and the overwhelming majority of previous students at GCSE, International Baccalaureate and A Level have gone on to achieve the highest grades. In one particularly pleasing instance, I coached a student to get into university even though they had not taken any A Levels beforehand. He went on to achieve a high First Class degree and is now undertaking postgraduate studies.

Aside from my teaching roles, I run a mathematical modelling consultancy company. From this position, I oversee a number of internships which are designed to show students how mathematics is applied in industry, and to provide them with skills that will help their future employability.

Industrial Research Fellow at the Oxford Mathematical Institute

Advisory Fellow at the Oxford Mathematical Institute

Lecturer and Tutor at St Catherine’s College, Oxford (pure and applied mathematics)

Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Math: Oxford University (First; highest average exam and dissertation marks across all mathematicians)

BA: Oxford University BA in Mathematics (Double First)

A Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics (all A).

Prizewinner in Perceval Maitland Classics Competition (Corpus Christi, Cambridge).

GCSE: 10A*s. Top student nationally in English Literature.

Recent Tuition

Whilst a lot of my teaching is focused on higher education, either for students who are already at university or for those who are wishing to gain a place at Oxbridge, I have taught extensively at all levels beginning at primary school. Below are some short case studies of recent tuition spanning a large range of ages, though more details can be found in the testimonials section.

Primary school: Currently tutoring a nine-year-old girl with hopes of gaining a place at a prestigious private school. After six months of tutoring, her mathematical ability has progressed from a weakness to a key strength.

Early secondary school: Currently involved in several school outreach programmes in order to inspire young teenagers in areas of mathematics, computer programming and science. A selection of feedback is presented in the testimonials section.

GCSEs and IB: The overwhelming majority of previous students have gained an A* at GCSE level. A recent student taking the International Baccalaureate initially disliked mathematics but ended up achieving the highest possible score (7).

A Levels and university preparation: Over 90% of students tutored have gone on to gain places at their first-choice university (usually Oxford or Cambridge). One recent student attained the highest possible grade in his exams at the Open University, which led to an offer of a full-time place at university, despite having stopped school after GCSEs and having no A-Level qualifications. I have guided over 15 students through their UCAS applications in total, with over 5 maths students offered places at Cambridge and over 5 to Oxford.

Undergraduate and postgraduate: Extensive tutoring at Oxford University. Voted the most outstanding tutor across mathematical, physical, engineering and life sciences.

Hobbies and Interests

Education is a real passion of mine. Outside of work, I am involved in a number of outreach projects to inspire underprivileged schoolchildren in areas of mathematics and science, and am currently leading an initiative to improve teaching standards within Oxford University.

In my spare time, I give classical guitar recitals and compete internationally in racketlon, a multidisciplinary sport combining table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. When I’m not playing sport or music, I spend some of my time giving card magic and hypnosis shows. As a teenager, I was invited to teach the top magicians in Tennessee, USA.

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