Maths Private Tutor: Yanpei

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Yanpei is an exceptional tutor. She uses her formidable linguistic expertise to inform all of her teaching.

MathsFurther Maths

About Me

I specialise in teaching Mathematics and Economics.

I also teach English (language and literature), French, and Chinese Mandarin.

Born in London and completing my undergraduate university education in the US, I have always believed education is the best way not only to improve one’s future opportunities, but also to better appreciate the richness and diversity of the world around us.


BSc in Economics

BA in International Studies (minor in French)

SAT Scores: Mathematics 800, Writing 790, Critical Reading 710.

GRE Scores: Verbal Reasoning 162, Quantitative Reasoning 163, Analytics Writing 5.0 (on 6.0 scale)


Mathematics – grade A
Further mathematics – A
Economics – A
Geography – A
Chinese (Mandarin) – A
Mathematics – A*
English Language – A*
English Literature – A*
Science (double award) – A*, A*
French – A*
German – A*
Latin – A*
Chinese – A*
Geography – A*
Classical Civilisation – A*

Recent Tuition

I have experience tutoring mathematics and economics to peers at university level. As an undergraduate study, I have also been involved with various initiatives that included mentoring local school children and teaching financial literacy. Most recently I have also taught Chinese Mandarin to a professor’s child which was a hugely rewarding experience.

During sixth form at St. Paul’s Girls School, I took on a volunteer teaching position at a local primary school for a year and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. In addition, I have experience working as an independent college and university consultant, providing online tutoring and application services for clients in Greater China. This involved meeting students one-on-one and providing specialized expertise and consulting experience for the US and UK university tracks.

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about learning foreign languages and other cultures. In addition to English, I speak Mandarin and French to a native level and I am also proficient in Spanish.

I have also an insatiable appetite for international travel, to apply the skills acquired in class toward a practical application in serving the wider community. I believe a thorough understanding of different cultures has provided me with the depth and breadth of experience that is necessary in creative problem solving, by allowing me to bring to bear international and cross-disciplinary insights to meet bespoke client needs.

In my spare time, I play the piano and flute and enjoy film and musical theatre.

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