Maths Private Tutor: Simon

I am a fully qualified maths teacher, with experience in Years 3, 5 and 6.


About Me

My experience as a qualified teacher has reinforced my belief that delivering bespoke learning based on the student’s needs is vital. My own particular strength lies in inspiring, encouraging and developing young and struggling students. I have a passion for teaching maths and english and this always shines through, as I like to use personalised problems, texts and stories, written by myself, to help focus students’ learning. This lets me target any problem areas and link the work into the child’s interests.

My education history is as follows:

Sept 2011-2012 – PGCE in Primary Education – 1 Grade

Sept 2004 – 2008 Sociology and Film Studies – 2:1 Ba Hons

Sep 2003 – A Level: Economics B, English C, Geography D

2001 – GCSE: A in English Lit, Maths, Economics, Geography, Classics and Physics. B in Biology, English Language, French and RE. C in Chemistry

Recent Tuition

I am currently tutoring a year 6 boy, aiming for Highgate, Dulwich or CIty of London, for his 11+ examination in January. I have been focusing on developing his confidence and ability in maths. We began in September and so far he has made excellent progress, enjoys our lessons and his parents have expressed their delight in his change in attitude and confidence.

I also work with a younger boy, aged 6, who is working towards 7+ examinations to Colet Court and Latymer. The boy is Russian and struggles with English and his parents feel he is not getting the support in school. His progress has been good and my experience in working with children for whom English is a second language has helped a great deal.

Since September I have been working with a year 6 girl to develop her writing and reading. I was brought in through a recommendation based upon my skills as a creative writing expert, and to begin with my task was to build her confidence and help her develop her abilities as a writer. She has made terrific progress and now regularly does extra work for me out of her new love for writing. Since then we have moved onto to working on discursive essays and reading comprehensions.

My reputation as a writing specialist also helped me get a job working with a year 5 boy to help build his confidence. His parents were concerned after a difficult year at school and asked me to help catch him up. It took a few months to get him up to speed and now we are working on pushing him in his maths, a subject he is strong in and making sure we prepare him for his 11+ next year.

I work with twins, whom I teach separately, on their English and Maths.They are currently in year 5 but we are making an early start in preparation for their 11+ next year.

My eldest student in a 13+ maths student who is working towards her entry to Kings Canterbury this January. She really struggles in maths and I have had to take her back and make sure that we build a solid foundation and understanding. She is now doing much better, and although there is a long way to go her confidence and ability is on the rise.

Last year I tutored a struggling boy, focusing on creative writing and reading, preparing him for his 11+ to Whitgift. His parents were delighted when he was accepted and told me that without my involvement they highly doubt he would have passed.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy sports, especially rugby and football as well as training for various endurance events such as tough guy. I also like to write and I am currently working on my second full length novel, as well as keeping busy writing short stories and poetry. I am a bit of a film buff too and do like to keep on top of the latest box office hits.

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