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I am an accredited maths teacher and a passionate mentor.

Maths Business
Finance Accounting

About Me

I teach the following subjects

Beyond A-Level: Accounting, Finance, Business, Interview technique, mentoring, numerical and verbal reasoning

Up to A-level: Maths & Physics

Up to GCSE French and the Sciences

11+/13+ – all of the above subjects plus English diction / grammar

There are two things that make me a great tutor:

– I love understanding how people learn and what they’re interested in – what makes them tick, their interests, how they learn, concepts they understand.

– I have the strong academic base knowledge across a range of subjects that allow me to draw on my experience to facilitate both of the above.

2004-2007: Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales – ACA (First time pass)

2000-2004: Imperial College London – Physics with a Year in Europe MSci (First )

1995-2000: City of London School –

A-levels: Maths (A), Physics (A), French (A), Spanish (A) – note the A* grade at A-level did not exist at this time

GCSEs: Maths (A*) French (A*) Spanish (A*) German (A*) History (A*) English (A) English Literature (A) Physics (A) Biology (A) Chemistry (A).

Recent Tuition

Case studies include:

GCSE (French)

Dani was struggling with her GCSE French, consistently achieving an E grade despite working hard. I was asked to help at the start of the Easter Holidays. After our first session I laid out a course of the key areas she needed to focus on to learn, in her case with a particular focus on grammar. Over the following three sessions (approximately every two weeks), we worked on improving her vocabulary, writing technique and grammar, as well as her accent and confidence. At the end of the tuition she achieved a B grade.

Degree-level (Physics)

Nathan was tutored over a number of hourly sessions during his Physics degree at Imperial College, London. In his own words, “his tuition helped me to understand a number of complex topics that I had previously found difficult to grasp; of most value however was his support in my approach to studying. I had previously struggled to know what to study or how to prepare for exams; [Sam] was very supportive and outlined for me step by step what I needed to do when in order to be as prepared as possible, including specific exam technique. His coaching was also of tremendous value and gave me the confidence to take my exams without fear, and allowed me to focus on the next exam instead of dissecting the last one”.

His grades improved (by a couple of levels) from what he would otherwise have achieved.

A-level (Maths)

Vinay is doing A-level Maths. I have been providing support in areas where the teacher is unable to explain the answers in past papers, and also going over fundamentals to ensure he is in the best position possible to answer.

Degree level (Business studies)

Max wanted some assistance with his university project to model a football club’s financials and to write an essay on the factors influencing their finances. I helped him to identify the factors he would need to think about, the basic excel techniques needed, and some of the useful reading he could do to get himself in the best position possible.

13+ / Winchester Scholarship – Science

H comes from a home schooled background and needed an assessment of how prepared he was for the 13+ exam. I ran through the syllabus with him and identified where improvements were required. I am expecting to now help him catch up the areas he needs to.

13+ Mill Hill – Science Scholarship

I recently tutored a student aiming for entry into Mill Hill. I worked on reinforcing concepts with the pupil and practising questions and papers. They were successful in gaining a Science Scholarship to the school.

Other experiences include:

– Helping two underprivileged children (8 and 10) with their maths.

– Double entry book keeping for an AAT exam

– Showing my friends how to ski

My voluntary work generally mentoring children includes:

– Volunteering at an inner city school whilst at university

– Being a youth leader at a summer camp for three years in a row

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies I enjoy include skiing, scuba diving, a capella singing, cycling, travelling, and comedy improvisation.

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