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My specialist subject is Mathematics. I teach online and cover all levels, specialising in post GCSE.


About Me

I am a fun loving individual who is extremely passionate about Mathematics and helping children learn it in a fun way. I really enjoy showing students that it is actually an easy subject and building up their Mathematical confidence is an important part of my lessons. I believe that the main key to be successful in Maths is self-confidence!

I have excellent communication skills and am very approachable. Students are always comfortable in asking me as many questions as they need to in order to understand the subject. I always remind them that “There is no such thing as a silly question! The more questions you ask the quicker you will learn”.

Each child is different which means that I tailor each of my lessons to suit each student. I have many different teaching techniques to ensure that I am able to explain, what may seem like a complex topic, in a simple and effective manner.

I encourage students not to rely on their memory to learn. Instead I focus on developing a deep understanding of the subject, so that they understand it. Once they understand it, they do not need long hours of intense repetition as it is now engrained in their way of thinking.

I like to think that instead of just teaching Mathematics, I inspire students so that eventually they begin to like Maths and no longer need my support.

2007-2012 Institute of Actuaries: CT1. CT2, CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6, CT7, CT8 and CT9

Sept 2003-2006 University of Nottingham Bsc (Hons) in Mathematics, Grade 2:1

Sept 2001-2003 Chigwell Schoo STEP I Mathematics: Grade 2

Sept 2001-2003 Chigwell School A Levels: Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A)

Sept 2001-2003 Chigwell School AS Levels: Further Mathematics (A), Economics (A)

Sept 1996-2001 Iford Ursuline High School GSCEs: Mathematics (A*), Double Science (A*, A*), French (A*), Geography (A*), Religious Education (A*), English Literature (A), English Language (A), Business Studies and Graphics (A), Art (B).

Recent Tuition

Subject: Mathematics

Level: Year 8

Name of Student: Jonathon

Details of Job: I tutor Jonathon on a regular weekly basis via Skype. I used to teach him face to face when I was based in Dubai but now I have moved back to London I have continued to support him over Skype. He is working towards his IGCSE at Repton School, which he will take in the summer of 2019. When I first Jonathon he was in one of the lower sets at school and not doing very well at Maths. After having lessons with me he has now moved up to the second set and achieved the highest score in his end of year exams (81%).

His confidence has improved greatly and he now finds Maths fun. He now always aims to get a good mark in all his tests as he can now see that he is able to achieve great results. I work through the school syllabus with him in our lessons and I help him to consolidate what he learns in school so that he is fully prepared for the next topic he will learn at school.

Maths is like building blocks and the foundations are very important. If a student falls behind in a lesson then they will most likely struggle with future lessons as new topics are based on previous topics. It is very important that students keep on top of what they learn in school so that they do not lose confidence.

Subject: Mathematics

Level: 11+

Name of Student: Stuart

Details of Job: I started tutoring Stuart at the start of the summer holidays. As they were away in Spain for the summer I tutored him four times a week via Skype (as opposed to a residential placement). Now that school has begun I now tutor him on a weekly basis with one lesson a week. I work through past paper questions with him in our lessons. When he finds a particular question difficult I take step away from the paper and we work on the theory behind the question and similar style questions until I am happy that he has now mastered the concepts. I also teach him exam technique, what the examiners are looking for and how to manage his time efficiently in the exam.

Subject: Mathematics

Level: IB Standard

Name of Student: Sophie

Details of Job: I tutor Sophie twice a week via Skype as she is lives in Dubai. Sophie got in touch with me in May 2016 as she had seen a recommendation on her school forum. She really enjoys my Online lessons, so much so that she recommended me to two of her friends whom I also now teach via Skype (one of whom lives in Switselrland).

Sophie is struggling with IB Maths and so I am helping her work through the syllabus so that she is ready for her exam in May 2017. I spend the lessons going over the theory followed by examples and how best to approach the questions in order maximise her marks. I then expose her to exam questions straight away so that she gets a feel for the style of questions and what the examiners are looking for. So my lessons is not only about learning Maths but it is also about learning exam technique.

She really finds my notes beneficial and that is the great thing about my Online lessons. Students are able to receive a copy (via email) of all the notes and example questions that we cover in each lesson.

Subject: Mathematics

Level: Maths and Further Maths A-Level (OCR)

Name of Student: Alice and Matthew (Twins)

Details of Job: I am currently tutoring a set of twins who have just started their AS Levels. They both go to top schools in London (St. Pauls and Godolphin and Latymer) and both achieved all A*s in their recent GCSE exams.

They are finding that the pace is a lot faster this year since they are studying towards a Further Maths A-Level which requires them to complete six modules this year. As a result they have sought my support and I now tutor them once a week face to face at their home in Chelsea. Throughout the week they keep me updated about what they learn in each lesson on school so that I can prepare the relevant material to target their weaker areas. It is vital that they do lots of practice every day and so I create them homework that will give them all the practice they need.

Hobbies and Interests

When I am not tutoring I spend my free time keeping fit and looking after my nieces and nephews. I enjoy running around Battersea Park and going for City walks around London.

I have recently learnt to crochet and this is now one of my favourite hobbies. I make lots of Amigurumi toys (namely Minions) and presents for all my friends who have had babies recently.

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