Maths Private Tutor: Nehaal

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I am an experienced maths teacher, who is flexible and engaging in her approach.


About Me

I recently completed an MSc in International Relations Theory at Royal Holloway. Before that, I worked at a small company in Oxford for a year after finishing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Recent Tuition

Macsen (10 years old): Homeschooling twice a week, with a focus on science and humanities, to supplement his teaching in maths and English.

Mimi (8 years old): An hour of Maths per week for six months, focusing on times tables, decimals, capacities, time, and money.

Alexander (11 years old): Exam preparation for end-of-year tests in Year 7 in English, Geography, History, Latin and Science, with a view to preparing for the 13+ Common Entrance exams the following year.

Avi (16 years old): Pre-exam preparation for 16+ entrance exams, taken in Year 11.

Harriet (18 years old): A month of AS- and A-level Chemistry revision for June AS-level resits and A2 exams, to bring up AS grades in line with a University offer. Harriet sat the OCR Salters’ exams.

Lauren (15 years old): After-school French conversation in preparation for her GCSEs, focusing on improving listening and speaking. Some work on grammar and tenses.

James (17 years old): Pre-test sessions for the SAT I and SAT II (subject tests) for US University entrance in Maths and English. Worked on approaches to different types of question, and strategies for time management and scoring.

I have also taught English, sports science, and conducted sessions on Health and Youth Issues with classes of over thirty students, ranging from the ages of 7 to 18, while volunteering as a teaching assistant in Kenya for two months teaching daily.

Hobbies and Interests

Apart from teaching, I enjoy rowing, running, and cycling, as well as watching films, reading, and travelling.

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