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I am an experienced maths teacher for Key Stages 1 and 2, and SEN, who makes each lesson fun and interesting.


About Me

Here are just a few of my qualifications:

Sept 2007 – Aug 2010 – University College London BA Philosophy Upper 2:1

Sept 2004 – Aug 2006 – Farnborough 6th Form College – A Grade A-Levels: Philosophy, English Language, Music Technology

AS Levels – A Grade: English Literature, C Grade: Music

Sept 1999 – Aug 2004 – The Winston Churchill School Woking GCSEs awarded: Biology – A*, Music – A*, History – A*, English Language – A*

Religious Studies – A, Chemistry – A, English Literature – A,

German –A, Physics – A, Mathematics – A, IT – B

Recent Tuition

I am currently working in a Prep School as an LSA to a boy who is visually impaired and also providing Key Stage Two maths and handwriting sessions. The role has required me to develop a very good personal rapport with the student that I work with, given that I spend the majority of my time in the classroom with him. I have been instrumental in providing a system of incentive and support that has enabled this child to develop independence in school and to be able to use technology to provide access to the curriculum.

Over the last few years I have worked as a maths tutor with Simply Learning Tuition across a range of tutoring roles at Key Stage Two and Early Years levels, often with children with Special Educational Needs and I have proven myself to be a motivational and engaging tutor who who is always highly recommended. I seek to build a good rapport with my students, identify their needs and to find fun and interesting ways to help them progress and achieve their goals.

Previously I have also been a freelance LSA to a boy in year 5 who has ADHD and OCD with resultant behavioural difficulties. This child had exhibited challenging and anti-social behaviour, particularly at break times and so my main role at the outset was to help him develop more positive relationships with his peers; nurture greater impulse-control and find active and constructive strategies to help him deal with his anger and emotions. I have also been helping this child in the classroom where his complex self-esteem issues and difficulties with memory and attention have contributed to him not reaching his considerable potential. I have implemented a simple and effective reward system for him based upon targeted behaviours that are crucial to his attainment across the whole school experience and have used regular 1:1 sessions to give him feedback and support and to work through specific strategies to ensure his social life at school is more balanced and positive. I also feel I have developed a great trust and rapport with this pupil, which is something I see as absolutely crucial to any successful intervention.

I have also worked as an LSA in two other primary schools; I worked with a boy in year 6 who has complex speech and language and behavioural needs and a boy in year 4 who has Asperger’s and ADHD. I helped both students mostly in the mornings with all aspects of their classroom work, but mostly with Maths and English. I also helped them with their behavioural difficulties and implemented speech and language and other SEN interventions in consultation with school professionals. In addition I was a Maths tutor for a girl in year four and a boy in year two and I was also a music and Guitar tutor for a boy in year 8 who also has Asperger’s.

I have also worked with a year 4 boy who has dyspraxia. I worked within the classroom, mainly helping him with Maths and English, but also with other areas such his personal organisation and discipline. Alongside this work I undertook a six month home schooling placement with a reception level child. I helped him with all areas of the creative curriculum, including art, drama, music and science.

I have also spent three years as a full time teaching assistant at an independent primary school in Mill Hill, London called Goodwyn School. During my time there I have been a permanent TA in two year three classes and one year four class.

Throughout the experience I learnt many things that I believe would be of great benefit to me as a tutor. Firstly I found that kindness, empathy and patience are the most important qualities in a teacher or tutor and that the ability to calmly and methodically work with children is the key to real success. I also gained fantastic experience at explaining concepts to children that they might otherwise have found very challenging and I’ve found that being creative with language is something for which I have a natural affinity. I have also learnt that to make education fun and exciting, where possible, is also incredibly important to successful teaching, and I would always endeavour to frame any lessons I am involved in with a bit of fun and something a little unique. Further, I understand the need to always present children with an achievable challenge because I believe this is one of the very best ways to motivate them to learn and to get the very best out of them. I think that if one sets high expectations and clearly defined standards, children are far more likely to meet them. Finally, I have a keen interest in child psychology and motivation, and I am also very excited to further explore research I have done into Bloom’s Taxonomy and differing levels of questioning and thought.

As a TA I would mainly work one to one with children, helping them as I went around the classroom, but I also worked with small groups in intervention sessions, particularly for literacy and maths. In addition to this I have very good experience working with children in larger groups as I ran a philosophy after school club for one year. I learnt valuable skills from this, especially in how to direct a debate and plan lessons, but also in challenging thought in hypothetical areas, something that children very rarely do in every day school work. I was also very lucky to be given eight days’ full class teaching experience in the absence of the teacher, which was something I learnt an incredible amount from, especially in terms of behaviour management, clarity of expression, and planning.

I have a 2:1 degree in philosophy from UCL and I believe this has been hugely helpful so far in my teaching. Philosophy is a discipline that encourages problem solving and an ability to think laterally in a critical manner, skills that I think I have put to good use when engaging students and communicating new and difficult ideas to them. Philosophy is also about developing analytical skills, and I feel that I think clearly and precisely and can look at situations from many different angles. Further, in writing philosophical essays I had to collate a very wide range of research and present it in clear written English. I believe that so far in teaching this has helped me to communicate better, as it has enabled me to efficiently locate the most important aspects of a concept or topic. In addition to my degree I have excellent A-Level and GCSE results and very good knowledge of the Key Stage Two curriculum, particularly with regard to Maths and English.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a keen musician and writer and spend the majority of my spare time recording music, writing songs, writing poetry and am also in the middle of writing my first play.

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