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I am a specialist maths teacher with a flexible, tailored teaching approach.


About Me

In addition to Maths, I also teach English, History, and Geography up to GCSE and can prepare students for entrance exams at each level of education.

I teach all my lessons online, using Google hangouts which is a free video chat service. We are able to talk, type and send images to each other during the session as well as share screens to see what the other person is doing. This is particularly useful when a younger student is learning a new skill on the computer. Part of the first session is about using these features so the student feels confident.

During my experience as a teacher, I have developed my skills in this area to support a wide range of challenges. These challenges include Dyslexia, Social Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Dyscalcula, ODD, Depression, Dyspraxia, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

I am a friendly person and I do my best to ensure my students feel relaxed with me so that they are able to ask questions and make mistakes without fear. At the same time I believe it is important to set realistic goals that they can acheive in one session and through a course of sessions to help them reach their academic potential.

Every student learns differently and therefore I am very flexible in my tutoring, offering different ways of teaching to suit individual students and ensure they feel confident in their knowledge. This may include visual presentation of tricky topics, or using an audio recording to set homework or learn an essay topic. I am open with my students about this and encourage them to tell me when they find a technique very beneficial to their learning or if they find something does not work for them at all.

Many students feel great pressure to perform well academically and I aim to support them in their goals without letting the pressure become too much. I offer advice in how to deal with anxiety and maintain a balance between their school and home life. I want them to enjoy all aspects of their learning.

South West Teacher Training, PGCE Science with Chemistry, QTS 09/2012 – 07/2013

Bournemouth University, BSc Forensic and Crime Scene Science, 2.1, 09/2007 – 07/2010

Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School, A-levels, Biology (A), Chemistry (C), Physics (C), Mathematics (B) 09/2005 – 07/2007

Forest Training Centre, NVQ level two in Horsecare, Pass, 06/2005 – 08/2008

Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School, GCSE’s, Science Double Award (AA), Mathematics (A), Additional Mathematics (B), English Language (B), English Literature (B), French (A), History (A), German (A), Religious Studies short course (B)

Recent Tuition

I have been tutoring since 2015 supporting students from five years old up to adults preparing for University courses. This includes students who are Gifted and Talented in their subjects and those suffering from medical conditions which make full time education inaccessible. I also work with students with a range of learning difficulties and families who are home educating.


At the time, the student was four and preparing to start primary school. She needed a boost in her confidence due to an injury which meant having months off school leaving her feeling behind her peers. We played learning games to improve her memory and developed her literacy by reading stories and then asking her to tell me some facts from them. We spent time practicing conversations to ensure she felt confident in talking to adults as well as her peers. She was able to go into mainstream school full time and is improving in leaps and bounds.

KS2 Science

This Autistic student was fascinated with their body but was expressing this in an innapropriate way so their parent asked me to teach them more about themselves and the differences between male and female bodies. We also covered the importance of personal space with regards to our bodies. We completed a number of projects, each focused on a different aspect such as how the digestive system works. These sessions allowed the student to ask the many questions they had in a safe setting and taught them what was appropriate in a social setting. This has helped to avoid some of the awkward situations they were getting into and has prevented trouble at school with other students.

KS2 English

I worked with this student last summer to help them prepare for secondary school. They struggled with Dyspraxia and found organising an answer to comprehension questions impossible at the start. We worked on a method of breaking down pieces of text and identifying key points in each section. Then discussed why they were important. Once the student was happy with this, we used the discussion points to structure their answers. They found this method very helpful and their writing improved over the six week period. This student also had speech difficulties due to verbal Dyspraxia so the discussion helped them practise expressing themselves. I also encouraged them to improve social conversations which they found challenging.

KS3 English, Maths, Science, Geograpy and History

I was asked to home educate two sisters in the core subjects to ensure that they were ready for joining a mainstream school. We worked each day to cover a range of topics and I set homework in a style matching what school will set so that it is not so much of a shock. They assimilated very well and no longer need my support.

KS3 Gifted and Talented

This student was working above the level of their peers and was starting to misbehave in class because they were bored. I was engaged to go deeper into the subject and teach more complicated topics so that they could be moved up a year in the school without feeling overwhelmed. After six weeks summer tuition, they started the new school year one class above their peers and began to excel with no further behaviour problems.

KS3 English, Maths and Science

This student is suffering from Social Anxiety and Depression which prevents him from coping with mainstream school. He is often housebound unless he can go out with family who he feels safe with. I work online with him whenever he feels well enough, covering the core subjects. We make progress in each subject at a speed that he can cope with and I am understanding if he needs to stop a session early or asks to run a bit longer if things are going well. I stay in close contact with his family to make sure that I am not putting too much pressure on him as this causes a backwards step in his mental health.

GCSE Science and Maths

I began working with this student three months ago to help him prepare for his GCSE’s. He has had multiple wrist surgeries and struggles with chronic pain and fatigue. He had hoped to postphone his exams until he was recovered but this was not allowed so he gave up hope of any success. We have worked to build his confidence so that he feels he can acheive what he wants. This has meant proving to him that he can do something he was unsure about. Each week we pick a topic he is worried about, break it down into manageable chunks and then find out what he actually knows and learn about the rest. We practice exam questions on the topic until he feels he can cope with whatever is asked. We have an agreement that he can cancel last minute, or change the length of the session without making me annoyed with him as this is something he is anxious about. I have a chronic pain condition so am also able to offer advice about how to manage his pain and fatigue. This may include suggestions about a computer mouse for more comfort, or a more supportive pillow position when his wrists are bad. As I studied anatomy and skeletal anthropology I am able to explain what is happening to his bones and how the surgery will work.

GCSE English and Maths

This student is severely Dyslexic but has not received a formal diagnosis or the correct suport in school which has left him feeling stupid. He reached the point of being excluded so school asked me to step in and work with him online so that they did not have to exclude him. They hoped he might be able to take some basic courses but said he was unlikely to acheive any GCSEs. I realised that he was very bright but his fear of failure makes him reticent to say anything. We began to find things he could do, and I related them to his love of free-running so that he was confident in talking about it. Suddenly he was less confrontational, was completing homework for me and began to ask questions rather than pretending he understood. He is on track to pass GCSE Maths and English this summer with a grade C and I am incredibly proud of the progress he has made as a person and in his studies. He is now confidently working part time in a gym and is completing training to teach free running which he excels at.

GCSE History

This student is passionate about History but feels she is unable to access her exams as her Dyspraxia makes it difficult for her to prepare a structured essay and write neatly for long periods of time. We work on each topic for several lessons, breaking the question into short phrases and studying each part seperately. For example; What were the main events leading to World War One, and how did this impact the different countries involved?

This is split into separate events, so that the student feels confident about the order. Then we looked at all the countries involved in the war and they researched whether each event had an impact on them. This research information was then used to help build an essay answer. We practice a variety of these questions. I also help her to prepare for her school week. When she received her timetable, we made a plan of which books need to remain in her schoolbag and which need swapped in the evening to prepare for the next day. This plan is printed and kept where the schoolbag is kept, to help keep the student on track. We also prepared a homework schedule which she follows to avoid it being late.

AS Level Physics

This student is extremly bright and would like to read engineering at University in two years time. I work with him on Physics and Maths to make sure he has a deep understanding of both subjects and how they are connected. He is nervous about his exams this summer so we are working together four or five times a week depending on his exam schedule. He is able to ask me to cover a particular thing in each session and finish feeling like he ‘gets it’ now.

AS level Chemistry

I began working with this student when she was preparing for her GCSEs and we are continuing throughout her A-levels. She is very anxious about her studies and feels that she is not good enough despite producing nine A grades and two B grades last year. i work to build her confidence by showing her that she can understand the topics and developing her use of equations until it becomes second nature. I stay in close contact with her parents about her mental health and have also offered advise to the school about her access arrangements for exams. I taught her mum how to make a weighted lap pad which she is now able to take into school for her exams.

University level

This is an adult student who i work with periodically when they are writing coursework for their degree. They have dyslexia and find writing essays difficult so we discuss the topic and prepare some notes. Then I read each draft of their work and offer advice about the layout, where to include quotes and references and ensure that their writing clearly demonstrates their knowledge of the topic. We are beginning work towards the dissertation to be presented next year.

Hobbies and Interests

My family business is a Horse Riding Stables and I enjoy spending time with the horses and have been a rider since I was three years old. This is where I discovered my passion for teaching as a teenager. I used to compete in a number of different disciplines including Eventing and Polo. Now I ride for pleasure only.

Alongside horse-riding I also participate in other sports. I love to dance and swim, although not at the same time! I am slowly completing my scuba diving training at the moment.

I enjoy reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books and easily read one book a week. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett, and he is always my first recommendation to anyone.

I want to become fluent in a number of languages so I am currently using some of my free time to practice Spanish, French, and German.

I love all animals and like to take care of our cats, dogs, horses and cows. I am hoping to adopt a rescue dog soon.

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