Maths Private Tutor: Joana

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My focus as a maths tutor is on children who are being home schooled and those who have additional learning requirements.


About Me

I have been a maths tutor with Simply Learning Tuition since 2009. This is an experience I find extremely rewarding. It gives me great satisfaction to see young people progressing and achieving better results and becoming more confident.

I have a BSc, MSc and PhD all in a Science related area (Organic agriculture).

2001-2005 University of Newcastle, UK

PhD in Organic Farming

1998-1999 Wye College- University of London, UK

MSc in Sustainable Agriculture

1993-1998 Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal

5 year full-time degree in Agriculture (crop production)

I have been tutoring since 2009 because I love to engage young minds with Science. Tutoring allows me to have more time to be with my own children too and support their learning the same way I support the children I work with.

Recent Tuition

Homeschooling – AQA Science

I started working with J in September 2016. J is deaf (but has cochineal implants), suffers from ADHD and dyslexia. He is an amazing person with astonishing artistic skills. Concentration is something J struggles to achieve therefore a very patient and engaging attitude is crucial. It has been a great opportunity to work with J, adapting to his needs and help him with his learning.

IGCSE Maths and Science Home Schooling:

G and I have been working together since the Spring term of 2015, covering IGCSE Maths and Science. G really enjoys his lessons but has had a difficult time at school over the last few years which has led to the decision of home schooling. G is currently being assessed for potential Aspergers/Autistic Spectrum. He has difficulties in concentrating however he is an amazingly bright young man and when he is focused, he learns very quickly (has already sat the Foundation Maths GCSE one year in advance). A calm approach and being very patient are two important factors to captivate G’s attention. I will continue working 2 days per week with G until his GCSE exams in June 2017.

IGCSE Maths and Science Home Schooling:

I have tutored J since December 2014 and he has recently finished his exams. J is a footballer and has to juggle the demands of his training alongside his home schooling so it was important that we worked efficiently and effectively in the 2 days we spent together each week, yet take the time that J often needed to revise and consolidate his learning. J has dyslexia and anxiety issues so a calm approach with lots of praise to boost his confidence was crucial. I ensured that J took regular tests (both formally and informally) to monitor an adequate progress and to build up his exam skills.

KS3 Science Home Schooling

In the past year I worked with S who suffers from Autism. He needed a very delicate approach and lots of reassurance. Small noises that don’t mean anything to us in general could be very disruptive for S. Although our sessions could be a bit challenging, S is a super bright boy and the same way I taught, I also learned a lot from him.

Maths Primary:

I have been working a lot with a variety of primary school children (mainly KS2) and can proudly say that all of them finished last year with top marks in maths. The focus of a lot of this work is on developing confidence and helping them believe in their own ability.

Luiza – GCSE Chemistry and Biology:

Luiza is a very bright young lady who doesn’t love sciences and therefore lacked confidence in this area. I worked with Luiza preparing her for the 2014 GCSE exams. She achieved an A in both subjects.

Sophie – IB Biology on a fortnightly basis:

Sophie secured a place at Oxford University after reaching her target grades.

Pavita: A-level Biology tuition:

I helped Pavita over the last year with her B2 Biology so that she could achieve at least the requested B grade to be admitted at Reading University.

Jasvinder: Regular A-level Biology (B1) tuition in preparation for final exams.

Flora – GCSE Chemistry on a weekly basis.

Fynni: A very bright 15 year old who was extremely intelligent and interested in environmental issues. I spent an hour every week for a year discussing topics related to the environment (deforestation, global warming, global cooling, ocean acidification, etc.) in order to improve her knowledge on these issues.

GCSE Biology:

I tutored Martha for about 3 months on a nearly daily basis. Martha had anxiety problems and she required someone very patient to help her with Biology (GCSE level). She dropped school the year before due to health issues and therefore her confidence was very low. Her aim was to go back to school and my job was to help her achieve her wish by tutoring her using as many resources as possible to stimulate and make her gain her confidence back.

Adam: Biology GCSE tuition in preparation for the final exams.

Paul: Tuition with this boy was for a short time. I supported him in his IB Biology exam preparation.

Hector: Year 6 Maths tuition in preparation for an Independent secondary school´s exams.

Ellyss: is a year 5 girl who I have been tutoring Maths over the last year. She is very bright but needs extra support to boost her confidence. She performs very well with me but at school she was not showing her knowledge because she lacked confidence. In the past year she developed a lot and has improved her maths level.

Hobbies and Interests

I love running, listening to music, going to Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. I also love coffee!! And dogs – although I don’t have one, its very common for us as a family to dog-sit our friends’ dogs.

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