Maths Private Tutor: Gregory

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I am a tutor specialising in Mathematics up to and including undergraduate level, and Physics up to and including A Level. I also teach 11+ and 13+ admissions.


About Me

I believe that engaging enthusiasm in a student using a tailored approach is key to providing conditions where learning is fun as well as highly effective.

Consequently I like to emphasise the beauty of the subjects I teach and convey the sheer pleasure of learning as an activity.

It is important to seek feedback from the student continually to ensure the concepts are being understood. It is also vital to maintain a patient focus on the fundamentals which can then lead to great progress as confidence increases.

1978 – 1982 University of N.SW. (Sydney, Australia), Postgraduate research in Mathematical Statistics.

1974 – 1977 University of N.SW. (Sydney, Australia), Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics. First Class Honours.

1968 – 1973 Jannali Boys HIgh School (Sydney Australia). Dux of The Year in 1973.

Recent Tuition

A Level Physics – Paul is an A Level student at a top West London school. He has excellent mathematical skills but is seeking to improve his physical intuition and problem solving skills in Physics. We have worked to date on Gravitation, Electric Fields, and Thermodynamics..

AS Level Maths – Anne is an AS student at a top west London private school. She is a very capable and enthusiastic student and I am helping her develop her mathematical technique and rigour to go along with her strong mathematical intuition. In the 2 months I have worked with her I have noticed a marked improvement in her mathematical exposition and her understanding of the key concepts.

IB (SL) Maths – I supported a student through a few intensive sessions whilst she was home in London from boarding school. We worked to go through the topics she was finding challenging.

Sanjit is an AS student who struggles to convert word problems into a mathematical structure. I am helping him formulate an effective structured method to approach his formulation problems. I am able to introduce more rigour into his mathematical expressions to reduce the chance of error.

James is a GCSE student with whom I I have spent time polishing his approach to his mathematics problems. His approach had been too vague, and I have been stressing mathematical technique in order to facilitate understanding and clarity.

11+ Dee is doing her 11+ in 2017 and I have been spending time with her mastering Mathematics and non-verbal Reasoning techniques.

11+: I taught my daughter Madeleine throughout the 11+ process in 2009. We focussed on the entire portfolio of subjects, namely English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. She did well and was granted places at Latymer Upper School (which she subsequently attended), Wimbledon High, Francis Holland, amongst others.

I also taught my son Mark in all subjects during his 11+ process in 2010. He performed exceptionally well, and received offers from both St. Paul’s Boys School and Kings College Wimbledon, as well as a reserve place at Westminster.

Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics: Additionally, I was also a tutor in Mathematics and Statistics at University (U.N.S.W) whilst doing postgraduate research in Mathematical Statistics.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a great interest in History, Science, and Geopolitics and read extensively on those subjects.

I enjoy playing tennis and skiing, and have a passion for most sports, including horse racing.

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