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I am an experienced maths teacher with a fun and flexible approach to teaching.


About Me

I have been a maths tutor for the past four years. In this time I have tutored a wide range of ages and abilities. I have also mentored students on a one to one basis and in small groups. In addition to this I have also done voluntary tuition working with children in inner city schools.

My background is in Architecture and research (I studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge). I am passionate about Art and Architecture and since University have been involved in workshops aiming to get children involved in these subjects. I use this experience sometimes in Maths tuition to make the subject more engaging.

I have found one particularly effective method of learning how the student interprets the problem is to get the student to pretend to be the teacher. This gives the students an opportunity to explain back to me the concept which reinforces their own learning in a way that is fun.

It can be difficult to keep younger students engaged, to combat this I like to keep the lessons fun by using other resources online or by using physical objects such as lego. I also find visual methods, colour and art to be useful for some students that find maths difficult to engage with.

My experience to date has given me strong awareness of the various exam boards. I have good knowledge of IGCSE, AQA and Edexcel. I recently taught intensive Maths for a group of students as part of extra tuition from their school which has reinforced my experience.

I enjoy being a private tutor and working with young people. I believe the one to one relationship has huge impact for the student’s learning. Working with students is a fun and dynamic process that I plan to continue with in the future.

Sept 2013 – Sept 2016 University College London, MPhil in Sustainability and Resilient Engineering

Sept 2012 – Sept 2013 University College London, MRes in Engineering

2006 – 2009 University of Cambridge, BA Architecture (2.1)

2004 – 2006 Sir John Deanes College, Cheshire, A Levels: Maths (A), Physics (A), Government and Politics (A), Art (A)

2002 – 2004 County High School Leftwich, GCSEs: Maths (A*), Statistics (A), English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), French (A*), History (A*), Design and Technology (A*), Art (A*), Photography (A*), Religious Studies (A*)

Recent Tuition

Please find below examples of students I have worked with:

Olivia (11+): Olivia needed extra support with her maths learning to help her pass her 11+ exams. Using feedback from her school we worked on a list of topics she struggled with to help improve her understanding in preparation for the 11+ exam.

Ivan (Year 9): Ivan is a bright boy but has a short attention span, we worked together to help hm concentrate and focus on the maths problems at hand.

Millie (Year 11): Millie really struggles with her maths. We established that this was mainly down to a lack of confidence in her ability. We worked hard to improve her confidence in maths to allow her to work through problems on her own.

Mubarak (Year 5): Mubarak needed a tutor during the school holidays to help with his Maths. We used lego to learn about key concepts for the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

Farida (Year 9): Farida wanted intensive Science and Maths tuition over the school holidays. We established the subjects she found the most challenging and worked on these. Farida liked using her whiteboard to explain back some of the concepts she revised as part of this tuition.

Sabrina (Year 6): Sabrina needs help with her Maths and is a little shy. We are working on her confidence so that she feels well supported for the remainder of year 6.

Michael (Year 11): Michael required tuition for the final weeks leading up to his GCSE exams. We worked mainly on past papers to help establish areas he needed to work on while also building his confidence before the exam.

Omari (SEN): Year 11, Maths. Omari (16) is a very bright boy with high functioning autism. I am supporting him in preparation for his GCSE’s by nurturing confidence within him and making sure that he feels fully prepared.

Lucie: Year 9, Maths. Lucie (14) is a bright student and she is currently schooled in the French system. I am helping her learn maths according to the English system, reinforcing the basics, in preparation for 14+ entrance into Francis Hollond.

Saif: Year 10, GCSE Maths and English. Saif needs help with his English, particularly punctuation and prose. In maths we are covering all material for his future GCSE exams. Saif loves football; we try to sometimes incorporate this into lessons, particularly when looking at the statistics of ball possession.

Achana: Year 11, Maths. Achana is determined to dramatically improve her current grades in Maths. We are going through all material she is struggling with using past papers.

Francesca: Year 9, Science. I have been tutoring Francesca since January 2013 in Science every week, her confidence has improved and she has gone up a set at school. I will be helping her prepare for her GCSE’s when she starts year 10. She is passionate about space and would like to apply to Oxbridge to study natural sciences. We try to include space exploration as part of the lessons and I’ve learnt a lot about the future collision of galaxies from Francesca!

Muhini: Year 11, GCSE Science. I tutored Muhini intensely in the run up her to GCSE exams. We worked on all three Sciences and focused on content as well as exam technique.

Pranita: Year 11, GCSE Science. Pranita and I worked together on a weekly basis for her final GCSE Summer examinations. More emphasis was placed on Physics as Pranita felt this was her weakest subject.

Hobbies and Interests

I love music and enjoy playing the piano and the accordion. I’m very interested in community gardening and sustainable architecture. I also like singing.

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