Maths Private Tutor: Ellie

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My specialist subject is Mathematics. As a tutor as I am very intuitive, adapting the material and the methodology so that it suits individual tutee’s learning styles. I really enjoy tutoring and imparting my love of the subject to students of all ages and ability which makes for a more fun and interactive session.


About Me

With younger children I look to harness their natural love of learning, relating mathematics in a way that makes sense to them and is meaningful. I aim to make mathematics fun, helping them to discover the fundamental building blocks they need to underpin future mathematical learning.

With older students my focus is more closely on examination paper technique and practice. I work with my students enabling them to quickly identify the correct formulae and use them to solve unfamiliar problems as often presented in exams.

I have a passion for tutoring, which underpins my academic interests for Maths. I now work full time as a tutor.

Recent Tuition

Janet 6: she is in a lower set for Maths and her Mum’s not confident assisting her with Maths. She really enjoys doing the maths is make good progress in core concepts and accuracy (Twice weekly, Oct 12 to present).

Alexandra 6: she is struggling with Maths at school and easily distracted. In our first session I taught her the 2x times tables through a variety of approaches to make it both fun and relevant as well as increase her core understanding. (1hr weekly, Jun 13 to present)

Two home-schooled sisters Amy (7-8yrs) Year 3 and Izzy (5-6yrs) Year 1: Amy is very able and I enjoyed stretching her through mathematical puzzles and introducing her to harder mathematical concepts. The sessions were extended been extended to include Logic and Philosophy.

Izzy is also bright and through using a range of creative techniques and games she progressed well from only counting on to confidently adding any two single digits using a range of modern techniques including bridging and near doubles. We also worked on multiplication as well as sharing, symmetry and other mathematical concepts which she engaged well with (3hrs twice weekly, Oct-12 to May-13).

Gus, 7: he had recently moved school and was lagging his current classmates. Much of our work focussed on helping him understand and use patterns to enable him to use more sophisticated mental maths techniques, and so helping him to move on from always counting on. He loved the sessions and showed his work to his Mum with great pride. (Weekly, Oct-12 to Mar-13)

Jean, 11: holiday tuition to assist him in his move from the French to English education system (4.5 hrs., Mar 13)

Will 6: tuition preparation for 7+ exam (Fortnightly, Oct-12 to Dec-12)

Joseph, 10: who has dyspraxia, he was initially extremely reluctant to have tutoring but I managed to participate in the lesson and leave the bathroom. In teaching I used football which he was mad about, and his family to help teach him concepts such as probability and ratios. I took advantage of what was familiar to help in order to assist him in forming abstract concepts which was a major area of difficulty as highlighted by his mock SATs (5 hours tutoring).

Emma, 8: who was behind her peers in Maths, we worked through her workbooks together. She was good at mental arithmetic but didn’t always do the correct sum so I worked with her in increasing her understanding of mathematical concepts. (Weekly, May-Oct 12)

Annabelle, 6: her Mum had been advised by the school that she needed tuition. I worked with her on basic Maths concepts to help build her building blocks using a selection of age appropriate aids. From an initial extremely rudimentary understanding her grasp of core concepts e.g. odds and evens, tens and units and addition all greatly improved. (Twice weekly, May-Sept 12)

Senior School Tuition

William, 13 [Year 9]: he had suffered from poor teaching and initially had a very low ability. Under my sessions his confidence has dramatically improved along with his results, he scored top in his set for his end of year Maths exam with 89%. He has been told if he works hard he can get an A* in GCSE and is now coping well in a higher set at school (Weekly Term time, Sep 12- Present).

Dina, 15 [GCSE Edexcel Maths]: She has recently moved from the French to the English education system and so had been struggling at school due to not having been taught or taught in a very different manner large portions of the syllabus. During our sessions both her confidence and ability have improved dramatically. She is now planning on studying mathematics for A-Level and achieved an A* in her November mock (10hrs, May – Present).

Alex, 15 [GCSE Edexcel Modular Non-Calculator]: One-off revision session to a student with Dyslexia, he was extremely pleased after our session as I he really ‘got’ several syllabus areas that he previously had not understood well enough to retain (2 hrs., Jun 13).

Lana [GCSE AQA]: An unconfident student who was visibly anxious about Maths when we first started working together, this markedly improved by her final session as I gave her advice on how best to approach exam questions (8hrs, May 13).

Ismail [GCSE Edexcel Maths]: Past paper review and exam technique (8hrs, May-Jun 13).

Catherine, 16: preparation for Westminster entrance exam. Intensive tutoring over half-term in a range of problem solving and AS Maths Level Questions (10 hours)

James, 16 [iGCSE Higher]: holiday revision sessions with a student with dyspraxia to fill in significant gaps in his knowledge and understanding (Dec – Apr 13, 13.5hrs).

Secondary tutoring (A-Level and Equivalent)

I have over 700 hours of experience tutoring at this level. Qualifications and exam boards taught include: Pre-U & Further Pre-U Maths, IB (Standard, Higher and Maths Studies), A-Level Maths, Further Maths and Statistics (Edexcel, OCR, AQA and WJEC).

Colette, IB Higher Level resit

She initially started studying standard level and then switched to higher level upon learning that she needed this in order to study Physics at university. This meant that her teaching was disrupted as she had to move class, she is also diagnosed with ADD. She was resitting as the level 3 she achieved was below the level she needs to gain entry to university. The first lessons focussed on filling in gaps in her syllabus knowledge and she her understanding was very superficial in some areas as she had only had limited teaching due to moving classes and had tried to memorise how to do exam questions without core understanding. As the IB can ask very challenging questions I worked hard on deepening her understanding and hence both improve her knowledge and the flexibility in which she could apply it, a critical ability in order to be able to succeed in the exam. Once we moved onto past papers the focus shifted to identifying both key words and general themes to aid in identifying the best methodology. Improving accuracy and the quality of the workings was also a core element. [Aug-13 to Nov-13, 45 hours]

Ali – IB SL Tutoring of a student who needed assistance as he had recently changed schools and was not doing as well as he had hoped to be doing. After a couple of sessions he was very happy with how we had progressed, he came top in a class test on logarithms, he decided he no longer needed weekly tuition [Nov 13, 5hours].

Miki – A2 and AS resits [Edexcel C1, C2, C3, C4, S1 & M1]. She came to me as a demotivated student having not worked hard enough, lost pace with the class and gave up in her AS year. She subsequently switched from studying sciences A-Levels to Sociology and Photography which she was to complete in a year, only continuing with the Maths. They were looking for a mentoring figure as well as a tutor.

I worked closely with Miki from Sept-12 until her final C4 exam forging a close working relationship through this time. In the run-up to both sets of exams she worked diligently completing at least 5 years worth of past papers for all her modules. After her AS year her grades were D,B &D (C1,C2 and S1 respectively), her final grade was a high B (just 13ums away from an A-grade). [Sep-12 to Jun-13, 106 hrs]

Tom – Further Maths A-Level [Edexcel FP2 & FP3]. A very able mathematician who is a ranked junior tennis player and had scored highly in his previous modules with an A* in A-Level Maths. He needed tuition due to missing large portions of teaching due to attending international tournaments.

The disruption to his schooling meant that he needed teaching from first principles of the majority of the syllabus. Without this he had been struggling to do exam level questions with his previous tutor as he had no cohesive idea of how to approach a given question. His confidence increased dramatically during our sessions and he produced some extremely good exam scripts.

He averaged 79.5 in FP2 and FP3 just off an A (80) which was his overall grade. This result was a marked improvement from the E he had scored in his mock for the paper “A lot of the students in my class did much worse than me so the work we did together was definitely really helpful, thank you so much again” [31 hrs].

Matthew – Conversion from IB to A-Level

He scored highly in HL IB but following a year out he wanted to take the Full A-Level [Edexcel C1, C2, C3, C4, S1 & M1] in preparation for studying Physics at University. Intensive tuition and exam preparation with 50 hours tuition over 2 months, he required help refreshing his Maths as well as converting to a different board and syllabus. He achieved an A in A-Level Maths (Apr-June 13, 50 hrs).

Rory 17, Pre-U Maths

2hr pure revision session in which we ran through the full syllabus, filling in any gaps as well as giving exam technique advice. Teaching included a standard trigonometry exam question which he had not understood at all before which came up in his exam. Following his first pure exam “he was ‘ecstatic’ about it! He felt it was his best exam so far…”, a direct quote from his mother.

We also spent 6hrs revision on applied (Mechanics and Statistics), which was his weaker areas where we reviewed tough exam scripts, with exam technique advice, as well direct teaching of syllabus areas he did not understand including Permutations and Combinations. He gained a D3 in maths, equivalent to an A at A-Level [May-Jun-13, 8hrs]

Sooyun [AQA Statistics S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6]. This was a rebooking of a student who I previously taught AS Maths. He was failing when I started teaching him and disorganised and confused with the material, his improvement was such in some of the modules that his teacher initially thought he was cheating [Feb-Jun 13, 34 hrs.]

Sophie – Maths Studies IB. Revision sessions in the run-up to her Maths Studies exam, following the exam I received the following in e-mail “I just want to tell you that the maths exam went really well. Thanks for helping me with a subject that I find considerably difficult and being patient enough to explain things to me” (10 hrs., Apr-May 13)

Ivan 17 [Edexcel S1, C1, C2, C3 & C4] Initially booked as a 10hr S1 Intervention section as he only achieved E in his mock exam. Subsequently I was rebooked for Easter Revision and then the Half Term break. [Dec 12 – Jun 13, 40hrs]

Kate – IB Maths SL: An unconfident student who wanted revision help, we worked through past papers together [Apr 13,6 hrs.].

Kidist 16 – Pre U First Year: I assisted her with hard mechanical and statistics questions which her textbook which she had not been able to do (4hrs, Apr 13).

James 19 – A Level resits [Edexcel C2, C3 & S1] He worked diligently and looked on track to increase 2-3 grade boundaries in the modules he was resitting with consistent As achieved in past papers. (Sept 12 to Jan 13, 30 hours).

Floris 16 – AS [Edexcel C3 & S1] Invention section as he was a straight A student at AS but only achieved an E in his A2 Mocks (Dec 12, 8 hrs.).

Catherine 16 – AS [WJEC C1, C2 & S1]: Intensive three day revision course over the Christmas, rebooked for Easter revision plus Skype Tuition. In both sessions great improvements were seen in her understanding of the syllabus, much of which had to be taught from the basics. Catherine achieved a B in her C1 January exam, prior to the Christmas revision session she had achieved a D in her class mock (46.5 hrs. tuition).

Ella [C1 Edexcel]: Teaching to fill in gaps as the student had moved school immediately prior to taking A-Levels, she had followed a different syllabus prior to moving and hence had gaps (Mar 13, 4hrs).

Andrea [Edexcel C1]: I taught a one off intervention session to a student struggling with transition from GCSE to A-Level (2 hrs.).

Jenny [Edexcel C1 & C2]: She was struggling to do past papers and do effective revision from them, her teachers were more accustomed to teaching Pre U so her Mum called in last minute tuition. With guidance she was approaching papers successfully and revising efficiently (Mar 13, 6hrs).

Ivan [Edexcel C1, C2 & S1]: A bright student who only achieved an E an AS due to a failure to appreciate the step up from GCSE to A-Level and uplift in work required (Oct 12 – Nov 12, 30 hours)

Sooyun [Edexcel C1, C2 & S1]: self-taught student who achieved a B overall despite little over a month’s total work on C2 & S1 and sitting at the same time as A2 papers. (Apr to May 12, 16 hrs.).

Haya, Foundation Maths (A-Level equivalent): Haya had achieved below the 40% required for her university course. After taking the exam she was really pleased and confident of easily achieving the required mark [Aug 12, 6 hours].

Adult / Further Education

50+ hours tuition as detailed below

Two First Year Business Studies students, Quantitative Research Methods:

Q&A session covering a range of topics including; correlation and regression analysis, basic probability and Bayes Theorem plus various distributions including Poisson and Binomial (2hr session, May 13).

Marcelo 47, Post Graduate Finance: Maths tutoring to assist with revision for a post graduate certificate in Finance at Birkbeck (Dec 12, 6 hrs.)

Accountancy revision session for three MBA Imperial Students: Teaching included cash flow statements, Balance Sheets and Income Statements (Dec 12, 3 hrs.)

Zeyd 24, Maths for Business: Weekly sessions for a student with very little confidence in Maths who had delayed a first year module until his final year. He consistently achieved As in class tests which formed part of his final grade [Sept – Dec 12, 24hrs]

Tom 31, MBA Entrance Test: Intensive preparation for Maths prerequisite exam for an Imperial at MBA [Aug 12, 17hrs]

Rhys 22, Birkbeck returner to education: a very able student but with a disrupted education which led to zero algebra knowledge. He subsequently successfully gained a place to study foundation Maths and Physics at Birkbeck [Aug – Sep 12, 6 hrs.]

Kerry 20, Aptitude Tests: Tutoring of a student whose mathematical knowledge was basic despite being a good student in other subjects [Sep-Oct 12, 4 hrs.].

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work I enjoy kayaking and have run several white water rivers in the UK and regularly play canoe polo, playing in a national female league. I have also travelled a fair amount; teaching English in India and taking part in a conservation project in Madagascar. Most recently I travelled to South America, learning salsa and Spanish in Cuba both of which I am continuing now I’m back in London.

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