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I am a relatable and experienced maths teacher with a solid approach.


About Me

I teach very methodically in a “brick by brick” manner. I always teach in a way that builds on the last lesson and make sure to do on the spot revision tests to make sure previously learnt material isn’t lost. I am known for my in depth, color coded cheat sheets that summarise topics in a clear and easy way that – when needed – I give to students as a nice reference for practicing exam questions. I not only tailor each lesson and overall structure to optimise performance, but also provide various techniques to convert daunting learning areas into fun and rewarding challenges.

I inspire students to want to impress me, which often gives them a newfound sense of self motivation that continues permanently.

My goal with tutoring is to catalyse independence, not dependence as most tutors do, in each student by showing students their own potential through helping them reach their academic goals. I always endeavour to be the best tutor I can be and provide the best results for my students.

University of Western Australia ( Feb 2011 – Jun 2012. Feb 2013 – Jun 2013. Jul 2014 – Nov, 2014.) Distinction average (equivalent of 2.1) BSc in Engineering Science.

New York University on Academic Scholarship. ( Jul 2013 – Nov 2013)

University of Sydney on Academic Scholarship. (Jul 2012 – Nov 2012.)

Sacred Heart College High School. (Jan 2005 – Nov 2010) Received an ATAR of 91.40 (better than 91.40% of all students in Australia in their exams for that year).

Recent Tuition

I have been a specialist Maths tutor for 4 years now and have over 375 hours of 1-1 tutoring experience helping students achieve A/A* grades and acceptance into the most prestigious schools. Below are some recent clients:

7+ Preparation

– I worked with a student for 6 months in the run up to his assessments for Haberdasher’s Boys School. He struggled particularly with the word-based maths problems, which we would practise regularly to resolve. He was successful in gaining a place at the school.

– Regular lessons for 10 months with this student to help them grasp the more complex maths questions and graphs. They were successful in gaining entry into Highgate.

8+ Preparation

Sam (7) – 1.5 hours a week in Maths in preparation for the 8+ who has seen a 30% increase in his pursuit of Kings College Wimbledon.

Age 9 Maths

1 hour a week in Maths in pursuit of the top Maths set which she has now achieved along with certificates for her achievements and even asked to represent her year group at the Lambeth Math Olympiad Tournament.

Age 9 Maths

Max (9) – Four hours a week of tuition in Maths to a boy who really wants to push himself in Maths, he is already working at least 1 academic year ahead and wants more! He is aiming towards top schools such as Eton and St Pauls.

Age 9 Maths

Rose (9) – Weekly tuition for 8 months converted her fears in Mathematics to something she looks forward to which brought her Maths grades from C to A-.

11+ Maths

Luca, 10 – Weekly tuition in Maths for a gifted boy who has his heart set on prestigious schools such as Eton, Westminster, UCS, City of London and Highgate.

11+ Maths

Thaisa, 10 – Weekly tuition in Maths to a girl who used to never like Maths but has now found comfort in it through her newfound ability, she has become so confident that she is now aiming towards St Paul’s Girls!

Age 11 Maths and School Entry

Elizabeth, 11 – Twice weekly tuition for 9 months provided newfound confidence in Science and Maths to the point of a career change, as well as additional support to learning English and acceptance into the coveted Perth Modern School in Australia.

Age 12 Maths and School Entry

Franz, 12 – Twice weekly tuition for 15 months helped extend his mathematic abilities from the standard Maths class to the extension class, as well as assisting his acceptance to the prestigious Sydney Grammar School in Australia.

13+ Common Entrance – Maths

Salman, 12 – Weekly tuition in maths in preparation for 13+ in Trinity, Whitgift and Royal Russel. Practice test results have increased from 60 to 80% and he is expected to receive a place soon.

GCSE Maths (SEN)

Alexis, 15 – Twice weekly tuition in Maths to a boy who was diagnosed with a learning difficulty in regards to short term memory loss. He used to get C’s and sometimes D’s, but now after applying some of my methods has improved to a B grade and we are now aiming for A/A*!

GCSE Maths

Oliver, 15 – Twice weekly tuition for 13 months reestablished his mathematic fundamentals, moving him to extension Maths after being awarded the Maths award for “most improved”.

GCSE Maths

Tallulah, 16 – Twice weekly tuition in preparation for Higher iGCSE Maths paper. Her results have improved from a B- to an A and she is expected to achieve an A/A* based on past papers.

A-Level Maths

Chris, 16 – Weekly tuition in Maths to a boy who was uninspired in Maths sitting low on a B grade. Now Chris is on an A grade and has even broadened his horizons to more prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge!

A-Level Maths

William, 16 – Weekly tuition for 16 months settled an obstreperous child into a focused ambitious academic with his hearts set on NASA, progressing him from the lowest Maths class to the highest Maths class.

A-Level Maths

Nafisah, 18 – Weekly tuition for 9 months assisted her into being admitted into University College London by alleviating doubts of subpar Mathematic abilities.

Hobbies and Interests

When I’m not tutoring I’m learning! I’m a big reader and love learning new skills. I’m also a musician (pianist, guitarist, singer), sportsman (surfer, footballer, gymnast) and love to draw and even cook! When I’m not doing the above I help run my father’s family international property business.

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