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We introduce Maths tutors for the 7+, 11+, 13+ Common Entrance, GCSE, AS and A Levels, IB and University.

Every Maths tutor we introduce has an unrivalled level of experience tutoring Maths, an outstanding academic background and a thorough knowledge of the main exam boards. These qualities combined with their passion for the subject will make even the most complex formulae and equations crystal clear for your child, giving them the confidence to reach their full potential in exams. Our service is also truly bespoke so you can be assured that the Maths tutor we introduce is suited to your child’s requirements, learning style and personality.

To find the right tutor for your child, please contact one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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IGCSE and GCSE Maths Tuition

With over two hundred GCSE maths tutors to choose from, we will match you with the maths tutor best suited to your child’s specific needs. Expert GCSE private tutors will help your child to develop increased independence and confidence in working at speed and under exam conditions. This may also include working with past papers and learning tried and tested techniques for maths revision.

We introduce the highest quality, experienced and trusted private tutors for the foundation tier and higher tier in GCSE and IGCSE mathematics. Your child will require a strong foundation in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, probability and statistics. The tutors have access to a wide range of GCSE and IGCSE past papers.

A Level Maths Tuition

Building from a solid foundation in GCSE or IGCSE mathematics, A Level maths tuition can be really valuable for those who find bridging the gap between GCSE and A Level particularly challenging. Personalised teaching from expert maths tutors can provide a confidence boost that will create a virtuous circle of engagement at school and a curiosity and determination to face the more challenging areas of the course.

Whether you are looking for private maths tuition to boost your child’s maths confidence, help with A Level maths revision ahead of mock exams or final A Level exams, or to guide your son or daughter with content they have missed at school, we will introduce you to an expert tutor to suit their specific needs. Should you need a team of A Level tutors to support with other subjects, we would introduce you to individual subject specialists or a physics and maths tutor since the two subjects are often studied together.

(IB) International Baccalaureate Maths Tuition

Finding the right IB maths tutor, is quick with our transparent and bespoke approach to introducing you to exactly the right tutors. It might be important to you that the IB maths tutor you engage is a qualified subject teacher, an IB examiner or a former IB student (who has scored at least 38+ Diploma points). We only work with expert tutors who provide home maths tuition and will provide structured support in learning the maths skills required to excel in the challenging IB course.

One-to-one IB maths tuition will boost your son or daughter’s confidence so that they can approach the full course, including their maths Internal Assessments (IAs) independently and with enthusiasm. We introduce private tutors to guide IB students on any of their Group 5 choices; mathematics HL, maths SL, maths studies SL and further mathematics HL.

Whether you are looking for private maths tuition to reignite a passion for the subject, to help with maths revision ahead of mocks or final IB exams, or to guide your child with content they have missed at school, we will introduce you to an expert tutor to suit their specific needs and learning style. If you are studying maths as part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) we will also be able to introduce you to a suitably experienced tutor meet your specific needs and provide home maths tuition at this level too.

To book an IB maths tutor and discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

Pre-U Maths Tuition

Pre-U (CIE) Mathematics and Cambridge Pre-U Further Mathematics students are required to acquire skills in Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics that they will be able to apply in a wide range of contexts.

Pre-U maths tutors at your home will teach at a pace that works best for your child and help with revision and wider learning. The expert private maths tutors we introduce will be building from a solid foundation in GCSE or IGCSE Mathematics and help to bridge the gap to this much more complex and challenging curriculum.

We work with talented mathematicians who are expert private tutors and can also help your children to prepare for the university admissions process, including The Test of Mathematics for Cambridge University admissions and Maths Admissions Test for admission to Oxford University.

University Level Maths Tuition

The expert mathematicians and private maths tutors we work with can help students seeking guidance with any part of their undergraduate maths course. Usually private tutors will help you to get you back on track if you have slipped behind with your studies, if you are struggling with undergraduate study skills, or if you have transferred from a different course.

Your work with a tutor can focus on computational projects or the examinable course content including vectors and matrices, differential equations, probability, vector calculus, dynamics and relativity, optimisation or variational principles. To unsure expert advice is provided we may introduce you to more than one subject specialist.

Common Entrance Maths Tuition

We introduce the highest quality maths tutors who will guide your son or daughter through their Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) Common Entrance curriculum. The experienced Common Entrance maths tutors we work with are all familiar with the entrance criteria for the leading schools, including City of London, Eton, Harrow, Westminster, St Paul’s and King’s College School.

Preparing for the Common Entrance ISEB examinations as part of your child’s progression to their senior school can be a very challenging time. An experienced private tutor will help your child to prepare for the rigorous exams. They must be confident in all areas of the maths paper, including algebra, problem solving, number, calculations, handling data and shape, space and measure.

To ensure your child fully benefits from their course of tuition, it is important that they work with a tutor who compliments their character and learning style. Our bespoke tutor introduction service is guaranteed to match your child with a tutor who is the right fit for them.

London Maths Tutors

Maths Tutors are in particularly high demand during the run up to 11 Plus and GCSE and A Level examinations, so we recommend booking one during the Spring or Summer holidays, when their diaries are clearing. We are able to introduce maths tutors to families living in central London locations such as Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill, Westminster and Mayfair. For families who live further afield, tutors can provide lessons in person (but it may take longer for us to find a tutor who is willing to do this). More typically they ask that students meet them at a central location such as a library or quiet cafe, or they offer to provide lessons online.


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Meet Typical Maths Tutors


Rory graduated from King’s College London with a first class degree in Mathematics. He has a wealth of experience tutoring GCSE, 11+, 16+, IB, A Level and AS Level Maths and further Mathematics, working with students of varying abilities in one-to-one contexts. He also has experience working both privately and as a specialist Maths tutor in schools. He is an enthusiastic and patient teacher who is passionate about helping students realise their full academic potential. He has always found helping students to understand and enjoy Maths an extremely rewarding experience, particularly if they have previously struggled with the subject.

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Xanthi is a creative tutor, keen to see the individual personality of a student and find the most suitable way of getting him or her interested in the subject. She encourages children to see the learning aspects in all their activities and to apply their school-work to daily life situations. She is a sole teacher for a Year 11 homeschooled pupil. She has been responsible for drawing up the Scheme or Work and following this, introducing past papers and exam style questions as appropriate. With this student, they are working on confidence boosting in addition to core content. Maddy is a very able student but regularly doubts her own ability and struggles to work independently. She achieved a B grade.

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Max’s specialist subjects are Maths and Physics. Most of his experience has been teaching these subjects to ages 15-20 (GCSE to University).  Max motivates students by using real examples they can relate to when explaining a topic and showing them applications of what they are learning. Once he becomes familiar with a student’s strengths and the way they learn, he can adapt how he teaches to take advantage of this. He encourages understanding before memorisation because where memorisation might help for an exam, understanding will help for the exam and his student’s future.

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Simon’s specialist subject is Maths, although he also teaches both Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. He uses his student’s strengths to help build on areas they find more challenging and create work which pushes them without damaging their confidence.  He has experience tutoring Maths at 11+, and working with younger students on the 7+ examinations. He is also confident in his ability to teach Maths for 13+ and even GCSE maths. He has a strong grasp of both Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Simon is committed to being a great teacher and prides myself on his work.

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Gregory is a passionate Maths tutor who has been registered with Simply Learning Tuition for several months. He believes that learning Maths is a vital life skill that is also deeply rewarding and satisfying. Generating the intellectual curiosity of a student is inspiring, and a positive feedback loop will invoke both satisfaction and enthusiasm. He has great experience with tutoring University  Maths, for example he spent many hours with Liza, a first year Maths student at a London University, going over a diverse set of subjects, including Analysis, Calculas III, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, and Statistics. He also taught A Level student Albin weekly by focusing on improving his facility with differential and integral calculus, especially integration techniques.

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Joana is a Maths tutor specialising in home schooling and children with specific learning difficulties. Being a mother of three young children (12, 9 and 3) she understands the pressures of wanting to give youngsters the best education, supporting them and helping them succeed. She started tutoring young children when she was doing her GCSEs and A Levels, helping my friends and neighbour’s children. She has also worked with adults teaching them Portuguese (her mother tongue) at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Newcastle where she did her PhD. Recently, she took a SEN Teaching Course, which will support her in working with children that need that extra hand.

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Ellie has a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Cambridge University. Before university, she achieved 4A’s at A Level in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and History. She has over 400 hours of tutoring experience across more than 20 different students at Primary level.  At Secondary level (up to 16 years old) she has completed over 100 hours of tuition, both through a range of one-off revision sessions as well as ongoing long-term tutoring relationships. She also has experience teaching GCSE (AQA and Edexcel) and iGCSE.

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John uses his extensive experience and deep knowledge of Maths to really help students to improve their maths grades as well as building their confidence.  He has delivered over one thousand hours of maths tuition, working with more than 30 clients and 35 students. He teaches a range of subjects at different levels from Key Stage 1/ primary level to degree level. As a former maths teacher and with a PGCE I specialise in curriculum design and home schooling John is well placed to help children of all abilities.

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Nils’ specialist subject is Mathematics and she covers the following curricular: Maths 11+, Maths KS2, KS3, Maths GCSE (Edexcel; OCR); Maths IGCSE (CIE and Edexcel); Maths IB (Higher and Standard Levels); Maths A-Levels (Edexcel; OCR) and Maths Pre U. Mathematics is a maze of many concepts. Too often students try to memorise them which requires intense hours of repetition with little understanding. Instead, Nils likes to bring these concepts into an understandable reality so that the student does not have to memorise.

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Matt’s specialist subjects are English and Maths at Key Stage 1 and 2 level. He can also teach Philosophy up to A Level. He is a thoughtful, friendly, patient and committed person who is passionate about inspiring children and helping them improve. He also has a natural empathy for young people and an ability to explain difficult concepts in language that’s easy to understand. He has a good sense of humour and firmly believe that great teaching always has an element of fun. He won the inaugural ‘Tutor of the Month’ award in April 2014 from Simply Learning Tuition.

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Nicolas has been registered with us for several years and in that time he has tutored both students and adults alike. This has encompassed teaching Maths, Economics, Statistics and Quantitative Methods at various levels. His approach to tutoring is to motivate his students and make the subject exciting and interesting, while at the same time providing lots of examples and exercises for the students to practice and build up their confidence. He is very patient and able to adjust to students’ needs.

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Her specialist subjects are Maths and English to GCSE and she also teaches Geography, History, Drama and Art. Mayaan’s specialism is in using colour, rhythm and visual techniques to render ‘difficult’ subjects more accessible and enjoyable. She has experience of private, small groups and classroom teaching to a variety of ages, and to a spectrum of learning styles. As an anthropologist currently studying an engineering Masters, she straddles both the Arts and Sciences.

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Nehaal’s specialist subjects are History and Maths, and she also teaches English, French, all Sciences and Sports Science. What makes Nehaal a good tutor is her willingness to try several new approaches to teaching a topic if one doesn’t seem to be engaging, as well as enjoying working with children. She decided to start tutoring because she finds helping people to master challenging topics rewarding, and she believes that everyone can find learning interesting if they are helped to approach it in the right way.

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His specialist subjects are Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies which he typically teaches up to IB or A Level, although he can  teach these at higher levels upon request. Darius believes learning should not be simply confined to the arbitrary boundaries set in the curriculum. The most effective learning comes from studying beyond these. This helps a student master the subject and to perform well in classwork, homework and exams. He believes that each student needs to be tutored in a unique way suitable to them, and as such take an innovative approach with each student.

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William’s specialist subjects are Languages and Maths, and he also teaches History, English and Verbal Reasoning. Throughout his life he has loved learning of all kinds, from Maths and History to French and Physics. Last year this culminated when he graduated from Oxford with a first class degree in French and Italian. He now wants to spend time conveying his love of learning, and especially of language and numbers, to those still on their educational journey.

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Leon has several teaching qualifications, but the main core of his teaching is his integrated liberal arts approach. He is a friendly, intelligent, supportive tutor who helps students fulfil their potential. He has nearly 30 years’ experience tutoring and teaching learners of all ages, from kindergarten to adult education; in sixth form colleges and on graduate courses, in state, private and home schooling environments.

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Michael’s specialist subjects are Maths and Physics. He also teaches some coding. With an academic background of top exam results (top 0.3% of students in Irish state exams) and extensive research experience in Maths and Physics (recently published in Nature) he has a deep understanding of Maths and Science, what makes a good scientist, and how to sit an excellent exam. Through years of tutoring throughout university, he has a knack for making complex ideas understandable to any student.

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My specialist subjects are Maths, German, Russian and History as well as English, French and Science to GCSE (including 7+,11+ preparation and 13+ Common Entrance). He brings a passion for intellectual inquiry, a keen interest in the process of learning, and genuine desire to help people achieve their academic potential and overcome lack of confidence they may have in a given subject. He believes that the best way to do this is in an approachable, flexible and considerate manner, which balances the demands imposed by exam criteria with the aim of providing lessons which are stimulating and rewarding.

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Lyndsay’s specialist subjects are Science and Mathematics up to A Level including Forensic Science courses. She loves being able to help her students to succeed in whatever they wish to do, particularly if they face learning challenges that make it more difficult for them. During her period as a full-time teacher, she discovered that she was able to connect with these students and help them to get past the barriers they face so that they can learn.

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Felicity specialises in Maths up to and including GCSE level. She also teaches English, and Primary Science. She believes Maths is a great subject to teach and she is particularly interested in the various ways it can interpreted by students. So far she has found that students have varied ways of understanding and approaching mathematical problems. Because of this she tailors each lesson to meet the students’ understanding and approach.

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Claire is a full-time qualified primary school teacher and enjoys tutoring for a small number of additional students. She has experience of teaching both KS1 and KS2 and currently has a year 2 class. She recognises the importance in celebrating the individual. Every child has their strengths and talents and this diversity should be recognised, and reflected in the way that content is accessed and explored. She believes that the tutor’s role in engaging children fully and actively begins with building a strong, personal relationship.

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Zora is a qualified teacher, specialising in secondary Maths and the Sciences. She teaches these subjects to GCSE and A-level, but also have tuition experience with KS3 and KS2 students. At KS2 and KS3 she can also teach English. Her primary strength is in producing interactive lessons, using tools from poly dice, to multi-timers, to kitchen scales, building sessions that are both entertaining and educational. She promotes an environment in which pupils feel free to question and to contribute to guiding the lessons, solidifying foundations and encouraging extension work.

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His specialist subjects are Maths, which he teaches at all levels up to GCSE, including preparation for the 7+, 11+ and 13+ entry exams. He is a young, dynamic, relatable and enthusiastic tutor that loves to teach and gets a great sense of pride from my students success. He also has plenty of references saying that he has a way with kids and always builds up great relationships with my students.

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Luke’s specialist subjects are Maths and Physics, and he also teaches Economics and Chemistry, and Biology to GCSE and for sixth form admissions. Additionally, he helps students prepare for Oxbridge Admissions (100% of applicants he has supported progressed at least to interview, 11+, 13+ and UKiset. His success rate for Cambridge is twice the national average and 100% for Oxford and Imperial) and Common Entrance. He thoroughly understands the subjects he teaches, having experienced success through hard-work, drive and a multi-directional approach to learning.

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Dario’s specialist subjects are Mathematics and Physics from Common Entrance to A/IB level. He also teaches Chemistry, Biology, Italian and Spanish to GCSE. His aim in tutoring is to stimulate interest in the subjects being studied. He tries to make his lessons enjoyable by relating the subject at hand to interests or knowledge the student may have. He is very patient and has learned how to adapt to students’ individual needs.

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His specialist subjects are Mathematics (A Level) and Economics (A Level, undergraduate). In his past teaching and tutoring experience, what he found most rewarding was seeing students’ growing confidence with new ideas and concepts leads to excitement about achieving results with them, and enthusiasm about the subject. It is important to Senthuran to pay careful attention to students, so that he can tailor his approach to their individual needs, and help them build the self-belief to achieve the results they are capable of.

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Katherine’s specialist subjects are English and History and she also teaches Maths, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Business Studies, Geography, and Politics. Having tutored since the age of 15 (her first students were eighth graders when she was in high school), she has extensive experience teaching young people, whether in the American or UK systems. She has lived on three continents for roughly a third of her life in each (Asia, USA, and Europe), she can bring a unique perspective to my students. She is equally at home teaching the history of the Jazz Age in America as she is demonstrating the solution to an Algebra problem or talking about language in Shakespeare.

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Mustafa’s specialist subjects are Maths and Science. He also teaches English, Persian, Arabic and Economics, as well as prepares students for their 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams. He has had a deep interest in teaching from a young age. He has always been happy to teach friends and family when requested in certain subjects or in the lead up to their exams. Mustafa also received support from top class tutors throughout his GCSE and A-Level studies and believes tuition is important for developing a student to achieve the understanding and grades at the standard he or she ought to be at.

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His specialist subjects are Maths, Latin and Ancient Greek. He gained a PGCE in 2013 and has several years’ experience as a classroom teacher in both the state and private sector, during which time he taught Maths, Latin and Classics to learners aged 11-18. From his time as a teacher, he developed an understanding of how to cater for diverse needs and learning styles. In his spare time and at the weekends he has provided individual tuition in his chosen subjects to students who needed targeted instruction for 11+, 13+, GCSE, AS and A2 examinations.

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Having grown up in Yorkshire, Claire completed her secondary education in Spain where she received a scholarship to study Maths, Physics, Biology and Geography A Levels at The Lady Elizabeth School. She then graduated from Imperial College in 2011 with an Engineering degree and she is currently in her sixth year of teaching Mathematics at a leading Church of England school in Ealing. She is currently the Lead of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics, and has previously been a Head of Year 12, a Key Stage 5 Mathematics Coordinator and a Key Stage 5 Guidance and Extended Studies Coordinator focusing on Oxbridge applications and the Extended Project Qualification.

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Zubin’s specialist subject is Mathematics, which he teaches at all levels from primary school to postgraduate. After graduating with the highest average exam and dissertation marks across all mathematicians in Oxford University, he became a tutor, lecturer and Fellow at the university. He has since taught at all stages of the education process from primary school children through to postgraduate students at university. He primarily teaches at Oxford, where he has tutored nineteen different courses since 2011.

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