I am an experienced maths teacher, who is flexible and engaging in her approach.

Private Tutor for Maths

About Me

I recently completed an MSc in International Relations Theory at Royal Holloway. Before that, I worked at a small company in Oxford for a year after finishing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Recent Tuition

Macsen (10 years old): Homeschooling twice a week, with a focus on science and humanities, to supplement his teaching in maths and English.

Mimi (8 years old): An hour of Maths per week for six months, focusing on times tables, decimals, capacities, time, and money.

Alexander (11 years old): Exam preparation for end-of-year tests in Year 7 in English, Geography, History, Latin and Science, with a view to preparing for the 13+ Common Entrance exams the following year.

Avi (16 years old): Pre-exam preparation for 16+ entrance exams, taken in Year 11.

Harriet (18 years old): A month of AS- and A-level Chemistry revision for June AS-level resits and A2 exams, to bring up AS grades in line with a University offer. Harriet sat the OCR Salters’ exams.

Lauren (15 years old): After-school French conversation in preparation for her GCSEs, focusing on improving listening and speaking. Some work on grammar and tenses.

James (17 years old): Pre-test sessions for the SAT I and SAT II (subject tests) for US University entrance in Maths and English. Worked on approaches to different types of question, and strategies for time management and scoring.

I have also taught English, sports science, and conducted sessions on Health and Youth Issues with classes of over thirty students, ranging from the ages of 7 to 18, while volunteering as a teaching assistant in Kenya for two months teaching daily.

Hobbies and Interests

Apart from teaching, I enjoy rowing, running, and cycling, as well as watching films, reading, and travelling.


“Nehaal only met with my daughter for two hours, to help prepare her for Sixth Form entrance exams. But those two hours were impressive. Nehaal came well-prepared with various types of material based on information I had given her. More important, I believe she taught my daughter more about how to structure an essay than my daughter had learned in over four years of secondary school. “My daughter has been called back for interviews at both schools she applied to, and in at least one case has been shortlisted for an academic scholarship (as of this writing both interviews are still in the future). Of course we cannot say this wouldn’t have happened without Nehaal’s help, but even if it would, I regard those two hours as time very well spent.” Mrs B-G, London.

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