My specialist subjects are maths and physics.

Private Tuition for Maths

About Me

I teach by using real examples that students can relate to when explaining a topic. I then show them how to apply what they are learning. When I’m teaching I like to be flexible e.g. showing a student different methods of tackling a problem or different ways to understand or remember a concept. I can provide help with study or exam techniques that will help across all fields of study as well as advice on further education.

I’m currently writing up my PhD thesis. My work lies between robotics, mechanical and biomedical engineering.

In 2012 I obtained a first class master’s degree in mechanical engineering from King’s College London.

In 2008 I completed the international baccalaureate full diploma at ACS Cobham International School. I excelled in both English and Spanish literature at native level (A1) and was awarded the bilingual diploma.

Recent Tuition

iGCSE Mathematics

– I gave weekly 1 hour tutorials in Mathematics to a 15 year old student ahead of her iGCSE exams.

iGCSE Mathematics

– I worked with this student over a period of two years. Initially we began lessons to help the student prepare for their final iGCSE maths exams. The lessons were a great success, and the following year we worked together again for their maths A-Level studies.

GCSE Mathematics and Physics

– I had 2 hour lessons twice a week with this student to cover materials for GCSE maths and Physics ahead of his final exams.

A-Level Mechanics

– I worked intensively with a 16 year old student at Roedeane School in Brighton to support them with their A-Level Mechanics

IB Mathematics (SL) and Physics (SL)

– I worked with a 17 year old student for an hour and a half every week on his Mathematics and Physics to help him keep on track with his studies, and revise for his final exams.

IB Mathematics (SL)

– I worked with a 17 year old student attending ACS Cobham International School ahead of their final IB maths exams.

IB Mathematics (HL) and Oxford Interview Preparation

– Weekly hour and a half lessons with a 17 year old student ahead of their final IB exams. We also worked together in preparing them for the Oxford interview exams ahead of their university applications.

Spanish Baccalaureate – Mathematics

– I worked for 2 hours a week with a 17 year old student ahead of his final Spanish Baccalaureate exam (selectividad). The student went on to achieve 70% in his exam,

Undergraduate Mathematics

– I supported a student studying undergraduate Mathematics at UCL with his Vector Calculus

Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering

– I worked with a student studying Mechanical Engineering at UCL to give them support with understanding Fluid Mechanics.

Lab Demonstrator

– I prepared the labs for the Robotic Systems MSc module at King’s College London where I was teaching the students (in groups of 8) how to program and use the Khepera robot.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside teaching, I like playing chess and sports such as tennis and football, I also play guitar for myself, my friends and occasionally an open mic night. I enjoy dabbling in metaphysics, travelling, and learning new languages and culture. I have been involved in many societies at King’s College London trying out things like badminton, skydiving and rock-climbing and spent my last two years at uni as sports officer of the engineering society, organizing and participating in pool, poker, counter-strike, 5-a-side football and badminton tournaments.


“I genuinely recommend Max as a tutor. I was failing maths with a very low grade in the baccalaureate since I did not have a good enough level. When he started tutoring me I knew this was a great idea because in a short time he made me understand maths so well that I obtained 70% in my final exam. I think two things were very important for me, the self confidence he gave me and his patience when explaining things, and it shows that teaching is something he is really passionate about.” [Victor Asenjo Marí, Spanish Baccalaureate tutee]

I was lab demonstrator for the robotic systems MSc course at King’s College London in 2013, and after the labs had been completed I was congratulated by Prof. Althoefer, the lecturer, and handed 50 anonymous feedback forms from the students. The feedback was outstanding across the board, and the students especially noted I was very audible, clear and patient. They also liked how I had organised the lab and the pace at which I lead them to meet the learning objectives.

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