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Private Tutors for International Relations

A specialist International Relations tutor provides the high level of knowledge and skills needed to critically analyse the political systems, relationships and behaviours at work in the international arena. Covering all topics and ideas, from classical realism to neoliberalism, the tutors we work with will reveal the key theories, ideas and thinkers that permeate mark schemes. All of the International Relations tutors we work with have an understanding of university exam boards, so they can create an individual programme of tuition that improves essay writing and exam technique, as well as covering key concepts. This ensures full preparation for exams, with grades that reflect full potential.

If you are trying to find an International Relations private tutor for your child, please call one of our consultants today or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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Here is a selection of the most popular articles from our Advice for Parents section that covers a wide variety of topics and questions we have encountered advising families since 2009. You can access more articles on our Advice for Parents page by using the link below.

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