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The Graduate Management Admission Test requires a great deal of preparation, with many finding the test more difficult than expected. Without a little dedication of time in the build up to the exam, a low score in the GMAT may jeopardise opportunities at top business schools. The GMAT tutors we work with have a thorough knowledge of the test. They will be able to provide full guidance on the Analytical Writing Assessment, Quant and Verbal sections, teaching you techniques that will allow effective and efficient answering of questions. In particular, they will identify and work on any weaker performances that could otherwise lower the median score.

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Iskren completed a degree in Management at Manchester Business School, during which he spent a year in Canada as an exchange student at McGill University. Iskren has since graduated with a Masters degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics. Iskren has been preparing graduate school candidates for the Quantitative section of the GMAT for two years. His strong Mathematical background helped him to achieve a maximum score on the Quantitative section, and an overall score within the 99th percentile. All of his GMAT students have achieved their target score, helping them into prestigious programmes in the UK, USA and Europe.



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