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We work with English tutors for the 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, AS and A Level, IB and beyond.

The English tutors we recommend all have experience with leading exam boards, such as AQA, OCR, Cambridge and Edexcel. This expert knowledge combined with their passion for English will not only give your child the tools they need for essay writing and exams, but it can also kindle a love and enthusiasm for correctly written and spoken English in all parts of their lives. Our bespoke service will match your child’s personality and learning style to the right tutor so that they fully benefit from their tuition and will deliver outstanding results.

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GSCE English Tuition

IGCSE and GCSE English Literature students can often find the depth and breadth of study challenging. Many families contact us for help with set texts such as, Tennessee Williams’ ‘A Street Car Named Desire’, or Christopher Marlowe’s, ‘Doctor Faustus’. In other cases, student’s thematic analysis skills may need development and this can be done effectively over a sustained period of 1-1 guidance, to further build independence and skills in literary criticism.

A Level English Tuition

Building from a solid foundation in GCSE English Literature, your child will need to be confident in exploring their drama, prose and poetry at an advanced level to perform well in their A Level exams. The expert private tutors we introduce are experienced with all set texts and with pre-1900 prose and contemporary literature. So whether your child’s teacher has chosen a Shakespeare comedy like The Taming of the Shrew or a tragedy like Othello, we will introduce you to the best tutor to help hone their skills in literary criticism across a range of genres.


We regularly introduce IB Language A private tutors who teach both Literature and Language. The tutor will support your child’s comprehensive exploration of literature from a variety of cultures, genres and periods. Whether your child is studying Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) Literature (or the Language and Literature course), we can introduce you to a passionate tutor who will help your son or daughter achieve the best grades. Set texts and areas of expertise range from Ian McEwan’s Atonement to .

Undergraduate English Tuition

From Early Medieval English Literature to the literature of the Victorian period and of the 20th century, you will be studying at a fast pace at university.  Undergraduate and Masters English Literature specialists can help guide you if you are feeling overwhelmed with your studies or need to be empowered to get back on track to working independently. Whether your lecturers preference is for Anglo-Saxon poetry or contemporary literature, we will introduce you to a passionate tutor who can share their expertise in a style that works for you. Learning with a private tutor at this level will improve your grades and empower you to approach future work independently and with confidence.

Common Entrance English Tuition

We introduce the highest quality of English tutors to guide your son or daughter through the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) Common Entrance curriculum. The experienced Common Entrance English tutors we work with are all familiar with the current entry criteria for the most competitive schools, including Eton, Harrow, Westminster, St Paul’s, Sevenoaks and Oundle.

Preparing for the Common Entrance ISEB examinations is an integral part of your child’s progression to senior school – and it can be very challenging. An experienced private tutor will help by instilling confidence and refining the key literary skills that are needed to excel in the exams. For example, your child will need to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of the set texts and keep their writing relevant to the question they are being asked. They will need to be able to complete a close examination of literary prose and to demonstrate a good understanding of poetic technique and personal responses to such texts.

Mastery of comprehension is important for the comprehension section of Paper 1. Examiners will be assessing your child’s vocabulary, inference and evidence skills. A clear explanation of the style, language and purpose of a piece will be vital for your child to demonstrate that they have fully understood the text. In other questions, they will be required to compare and contrast texts, with confidence. A good tutor will help your child develop the skills needed to read and annotate effectively, and put this into practice in the exams.

English Tuition in London

We introduce specialist English Tutors to all parts of central London, particularly Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill and other areas within Zones 1 and 2. Further afield, we should still be able to introduce to you an experienced English tutor if you are willing to take lessons online, or if your child can travel to meet their tutor at a more central location (possibly their school, or a quiet cafe).

Private tutors in London are in high demand and the best tutors tend to get booked quickly. However, because we work with a relatively large number of private tutors, it is likely that we will always be able to make a recommendation that is a perfect match for your child.

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