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About Me

My specialist subjects are English Literature and Language.

I also teach Essay Technique, Interview Technique and Entrance Exams (11+/13+ Non/Verbal)

I have 6+ years of experience as a tutor and education consultant. I have taught around the world, from weekly tuition to full time home schooling. I enjoy working with students across a range of ages and abilities and have experience with a range of additional learning needs as well as preparing ‘gifted’ students for some of the most difficult scholarship exams at Eton and Winchester. I tailor each of my sessions to the unique educational context of each new student and their family and always first focus on confidence and enthusiasm, without those two vital ingredients it’s very hard to make progress.

2011-12: The Oxford School of Drama, Postgraduate Acting

2008-11: St. John’s College, Cambridge University, History and then English MA (Hons)

2005-07: Magdalen College School, Oxford, A Levels: English A, History A, Spanish A, Biology A, History AEA Distinction.

2000-05: Magdalen College School, Oxford, GCSEs: English Literature A*, English Language A*, Maths A* (taken a year early), Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, French A*, Spanish A*, History A.

Recent Tuition

IELTS: I successfully tutored a 17 year old for their IELTS text to gain a place at a top British University. The student struggled with more complex language syntax and we worked through a whole range of sentence creation techniques. Sessions took place both online and in person, over two months.

13+, GCSE, University Applications: I tutored two brothers for several years, one from GCSE to University Application, the other for 13+. Both successfully applied to multiple schools and Universities. (Schools: St. Paul’s Boys, Westminster, Winchester, City of London Boys. Universities: Harvard, Princeton, Bristol, Imperial, & Durham.) This was a long-term position with regular weekly sessions either in person or online, with periods of intensive work over the holidays both in London and abroad.

13+ Winchester Scholarship: I travelled to India to tutor two boys for the Winchester Elections Scholarship exams, both went on to win scholarships at the school. Much of our work was on exam technique, confidence of expressing your own ideas on paper, which can be hard coming from a very different teaching system, and essay layout.

13+ Preparation: I worked with a thirteen year old boy taking the 13+ for Eton, Harrow, and King’s College School. He won places at all three schools and remains in contact to support him now he is boarding in the UK.

Undergraduate English Literature: I supported a finalist at Bath University Studying English Literature with their termly essays, coursework, dissertation, and revision for exams. Much of the work looked at devising a thorough editing process, proofreading, and clarity of written English. The student achieved at 2:1 up from a predicted 2:2 after illness the previous year.

GCSE Homeschooling: Teaching English Literature, Language, History, R.E., and Biology. The student started the year predicted two Cs, one D and two Es, and with some quite serious health concerns but achieved two As, two Bs, and one C. She went onto successfully rejoin mainstream schooling for sixth form and start University in 2016.

A Level English Literature: I tutored an eighteen year old student for her English Literature A level and English Literature Advanced Extension Award exams. She achieved an A* in her A level and a distinction in her AEA. She then took a gap year and with support has since completed an English degree at Oxford.

IB English SL, Student British International School: I tutored this student over the course of the entire academic year, with support covering essay structure, analytical reading, note taking styles, and revision techniques, as well as homework help, and essay feedback. We covered Romeo and Juliet, along with comparisons to films and stage versions of the play, as well as a poetry anthology of translated texts. The goal-based writing was key to this students success, keeping sight the purpose of the writing and remembering to use it as a powerful tool to persuade, excite and engage.

IB English SL, Student at a Belgian International School: I worked with this student for 5 months with support mainly consisting with language help due to English being this students 5th language. We worked on increasing fluency in reading, writing and oral presentations, tackling the speed of their use of language from all angles. Some of the more traditional texts covered were particularly tricky given their archaic syntax but we broke everything down to the simplest level before rebuilding in all of the complexity and beauty of the language.

Oxford Applications: I have supported two students during their Oxford applications, helping to prepare them for the Thinking Skills Assessment. One student was applying to University College to read Economics and Management, and the other was applying to Brasenose to read PPE.

Hobbies and Interests

I work as a writer and presenter, and organise literacy programmes in Southwark with the National Theatre and Southwark Playhouse.

I am a keen skier and snowboarder having over 50 weeks experience and worked a season as a Ski Guide during my gap year.

I have written plays and short stories and am currently writing a YA novel.

I enjoy travelling and have visited over 40 countries and am very keen to make that 50.

I play tennis regularly, horse ride (learning horse archery and swordsmanship) and am currently learning to surf.

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