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Private Tutors for English Literature

We introduce English Literature tutors for GCSE, A Level, IB and beyond.

Whether your child is studying the works of Shakespeare, Chaucer or a host of contemporary writers, such as Carol Ann Duffy, Angela Carter and Kazuo Ishiguro, we introduce tutors who will bring English Literature to life. Every tutor we introduce has experience of all the main exam boards, including AQA, OCR, Cambridge and Edexcel, as well as an infectious passion for teaching that will inspire your child to explore centuries of rich literature. Our bespoke service will also match the right tutor to suit your child’s requirements and learning style.

To book a tutor and discuss these requirements in more detail, please contact one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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English Literature Tutors

  • Abigail K

    Abigail K

    Abigail is a specialist Law tutor, who can also support with English, History, French and Art tuition from Primary school through to Undergraduate.

  • Alex G

    Alex G

    Alex specialises in English tuition and is qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language. He can also support with Creative Writing and is a specialist online tutor.

  • Alex S

    Alex S

    Alex specialises in English and Maths tuition and has taught many of our home schooled students.

  • Alexander D

    Alexander D

    Alexander is a Science specialist, who specialises in Biology tuition. He also supports English and Maths.

  • Alexandra


    Alexandra is a qualified teacher with over 8 years experience, who specialises in English and Maths tuition. She also teaches Psychology, German and French.

  • Alice


    Alice is trilingual and supports with English, French and Spanish. She also specialises in Psychology tuition for A Level students, and teaches Maths at 7+, 11+ and 13+.

  • Amanda


    Amanda is one of our home schooling specialists, who has a particularly holistic approach to her lessons. She is also highly multidisciplinary at a range of levels and subjects including English and Psychology.

  • Amina


    Amina is a qualified teacher, who specialises in English tuition at secondary level up to A level, and History up to A level.

  • Amy


    Amy is an experienced private tutor who provides interactive and rigorous lessons, tailored to each student.

  • Andrea F

    Andrea F

    Andrea taught at one of London's top independent schools and is now a full-time tutor. She specialises in English tuition and has prepared students for many of the UK's most competitive entrance exams in English and Maths.

  • Anna V

    Anna V

    Anna specialises in English tuition, while also supporting with Creative Writing and Academic Learning.

  • Antonio


    Antonio is a Classics specialist, teaching Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Archaeology. He also teaches English, History and Philosophy.

  • Beth


    Beth is a highly experienced tutor who has worked around the world, specialising in English tuition.

  • Bryony


    Bryony is an English and SEN specialist. Additionally, she tutors subjects including History, Music and Religious Studies.

  • Caitlin


    Caitlin specialises in English and History tuition from Key Stage 2 through to A Level, and has taught both GCSE and IGCSE Exam boards.

  • Candy


    Candy is a qualified primary school teacher with over 10 years experience, specialising particularly in English, Maths and 7+ Exam Preparation.

  • Chloe S

    Chloe S

    Chloe specialising in English Literature and English Language GCSE tuition. She also teaches students in the years leading up to these exams.

  • Christine


    Christine is a qualified teacher, who is multidisciplinary but with a particular specialism in Geography. She also has a particularly broad range of experience with SEN students and preparing students for competitive entrance exams in both English and Maths.

  • Claire P

    Claire P

    Claire specialises in English and History tuition, as well as 11+ exam preparation for London's top independent schools.

  • Claudia


    Claudia is a highly experienced multidisciplinary tutor, teaching English, History of Art, History, Geography, Religious Studies and Media studies.

  • Declan


    Declan specialises in Economics and English tuition. He also supports with Maths, Physics and Politics.

  • Edward R

    Edward R

    Edward is an English specialist, working with students from primary age up to A-Level.

  • Eleanor C

    Eleanor C

    Eleanor specialises in English Tuition up to Undergraduate level and can also support with Drama.

  • Elizabeth E

    Elizabeth E

    Elizabeth specialises in English tuition, while also tutoring History, Drama and Maths up to 11+.

  • Elsa


    Elsa specialises in English Language, Literature, Creative Writing and French. She also prepares students for the modern languages interview at Oxford University.

  • Emma A

    Emma A

    Emma specialises in English tuition and is also qualified specifically in Dyslexia support.

  • Federica


    Federica specialises in Geography tuition, especially at IB level. She can also support students with Italian, History, English Literature and History of Art.

  • Flora


    Flora specialises in English Language and Literature. Additionally she tutors History, Geography, History of Art and Classical Civilisation.

  • Gillian


    Gillian is a highly experienced tutor who specialises in English and Maths tuition, particularly entrance exam preparation.

  • Harry


    Harry has native fluency in four languages and specialises in French, English, Spanish and Greek tuition.

  • Heather


    Heather's specialist subjects are English and Drama. She also tutors Mathematics up to 11+, History and Creative Writing.

  • Hugh


    Hugh has an MFA in Fine art, and specialises in this and English to Undergraduate level. He also teaches Maths for the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ exams.

  • Isaac


    Isaac specialises in English, Philosophy and Maths tuition, while also supporting with History, Drama and Science.

  • Isabella


    Issy specialises in English Literature and tutors the subject from 11+ up to A Level. She is also experienced in teaching English as an additional language.

  • Jack H

    Jack H

    Jack specialises in English and Maths tuition for students up to GSCE level, including preparation for the 11+ and 13+ exams. He also prepares students for the LNAT exam and supports with Oxbridge applications.

  • James H

    James H

    James, a former English teacher at an independent school, specialises in Literature and English as a Foreign Language tuition.

  • Janet


    Janet is an Entrance Exam specialist, particularly with Science tuition, and a specialist online tutor

  • Jenny HE

    Jenny HE

    Jenny specialises in Classical Languages, including Latin and Greek. She also teaches English, French and Religious Studies and has been an external examiner for French A Level and IB exams.

  • Joe B

    Joe B

    Joe specialises in Geography tuition up to Undergraduate level and also supports with Biology and English up to A Level.

  • Joe E

    Joe E

    Joe prepares students for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. He also tutors English and Drama at all levels.

  • John D

    John D

    John is an English specialist, who also Biology and French Tuition. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford and supports students with Oxbridge applications.

  • John N

    John N

    John is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises particularly in Biology and History tuition. He also teaches Psychology, Chemistry, Physics Philosophy, UCAS, Geography, Maths and English.

  • Katherine


    Katherine is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, who supports with a wide range of subjects, including English, Maths, Geography, SAT/ACT, Business Studies and University applications.

  • Kieran B

    Kieran B

    Kieran is an Oxford Alumni, specialising in entrance examinations, History, English Language and Literature, and Oxbridge applications.

  • Kieron


    Kieron is a Cambridge Classics graduate, who is highly multidisciplinary. He is also very experienced at supporting students for entry to schools such as Eton College, in both English, Maths and Latin papers.

  • Lale


    Lale specialises in Primary level English tuition, particularly English as a Foreign Language tuition and SEN support.

  • Liam


    Liam specialises in English tuition from age 5 up to A level, while also preparing students for 7+, 8+ and 11+ entrance exams.

  • Lizzy


    Lizzy tutors English, History and Maths. Additionally, she prepares students for the 11+, 13+, 16+ and Ukiset Entrance Exams.

  • Lucinda


    Lucinda is a French, Spanish and Italian specialist. She also teaches English up to GCSE level.

  • Lucy FE

    Lucy FE

    Lucy is an English specialist, who can also support with Maths up to 13+ and Latin up to GCSE.

  • Lucy FO

    Lucy FO

    Lucy is an English specialist, who is currently completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge. She also teaches French, Spanish and Maths for competitive entrance exams.

  • Magdalena


    Magdalena is a qualified teacher specialises in German and French tuition, while also supporting with English, English as a Foreign Language and Maths.

  • Margaret


    Margaret specialises in English and Maths tuition, with a huge amount of experience with competitive Entrance Exams. She also supports with History.

  • Mariam


    Mariam is an experienced teacher and SENDCo. She specialises in English, Maths and Entrance exams at 7+, 8+ and 11+ and has a huge amount of SEN experience with primary and secondary school children.

  • Mark


    Mark specialises in Philosophy, English, History and IB Extended Essay Tuition. Additionally, he provides support with University Admissions.

  • Mathilda


    Mathilda is an IB specialist. She tutors English Literature and Language, as well as ToK and EE. She also tutors iGCSE English.

  • Matthew H

    Matthew H

    Matthew specialises in English Language and Literature. He also prepares students for entrance exams and Oxbridge applications.

  • Max


    Max specialises in English tuition from Pre-school to A Level and also supports with Entrance exams for students at 8+, 11+ and 13+.

  • Melissa


    Melissa is a qualified Primary School teacher who specialises in SEN support and teaches English, Maths and Science.

  • Michelle


    Michelle specialises in English and Reading tuition for students in Key Stage 1 and 2, and has a particularly nurturing style.

  • Minnie


    Minnie is a Primary Specialist teaching English and Maths, who has a huge amount of SEN experience. She also supports with Art and School Entrance Exam Preparation.

  • Natalia


    Natalia specialises in English and French tuition and is bilingual in both. She can also support with SAT Preparation.

  • Natalie


    Natalie is a qualified teacher and specialises in English from Key Stage 2 through to GCSE level.

  • Natasha S

    Natasha S

    Natasha specialises in English, Philosophy and Theology up to A level, and also guides students through the UCAS and Oxbridge process.

  • Nicole


    Nicole specialises in Primary level English and Maths tuition and 7+ Exam Preparation.

  • Nils


    Nils specialises in English tuition and is a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience. He has also supported with the 11+ and 13+ Entrance Exams.

  • Nina


    Nina is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge and is also a qualified teacher. She specialises in English tuition and Creative Writing.

  • Oliver F

    Oliver F

    Oliver has a DPhil in History from the University of Oxford and specialises in this up to Undergraduate level. He also teaches English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Spanish up to GCSE.

  • Olivia


    Olivia's specialist subject is English. She also tutors 11+, key stage 3 English, Maths and Science and A-Level Biology. Olivia has over 2,000 hours of teaching experience.

  • Omari


    Omari is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, specialising particularly in English and Maths for Entrance Exams from 7+ to 13+.

  • Oscar


    Having specialised in Shakespeare at the University of Cambridge, Oscar tutors English Literature from 11+ to A Level.

  • Robert


    Robert is a multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises in English, History, Philosophy and Geography. He also specialises in Exam preparation for the 7+, 11+ and 13+, teaching Maths and Science at these levels.

  • Romy


    Romy specialises in English tuition up to Undergraduate level.

  • Ruby


    Ruby provides 11+ and university application preparation. She also tutors English Literature and Language GCSE and A Level.

  • Rupert P

    Rupert P

    Rupert is a qualified teacher, who tutors a wide range of subjects including English and Maths. He has considerable SEN experience.

  • Sarah B

    Sarah B

    Sarah specialises in English and Philosophy tuition and is one of our specialist Home schooling tutors.

  • Sean N

    Sean N

    Sean is an English and Maths specialist, while also supporting with Entrance exams, American Standardised Admissions Tests, Science, History, Geography and Music.

  • Steph


    Steph specialises in English tuition, along with Drama and Theatre Studies. She also supports with 11+ Entrance exams, and Drama School Auditions.

  • Thomas B

    Thomas B

    Thomas has a first-class degree in English Language & Literature and an MSc in Chinese studies from Oxford. He teaches English and Mandarin.

  • Tom


    Tom specialises in English, entrance examinations and Government and Politics. He also teaches the SAT for US admissions.

  • Verity M

    Verity M

    Verity specialises in online tuition, with a particular focus on English, 7+, 11+ and UKiset tuition.

  • Wiebke


    Wiebke specialises in French, English, German, home schooling and 11+.

  • William B

    William B

    William is a Cambridge graduate and highly experienced tutor. He teaches English, Maths, German and Science and has worked with SLT for over 10 years.

  • William P

    William P

    William specialises in English, Politics, Psychology and Maths tuition, and has a vast amount of experience working with students with SEN.

  • Zoe H

    Zoe H

    Zoe specialises in English up to A Level, and also teaches Maths at Key Stage 1 and 2, including 7+, 8+ and 11+ Exam Tuition.

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